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 posted in Mountain Trap: The Manor of Memories on Feb 4, 13 12:58 PM
manticore wrote:In the demo, I made the mistake of adjusting the brightness (in Options). At the end of the demo, all the Game Manager entries came up as bright yellow instead of green.....demo had ended so couldn't re-adjust the brightness......Ended up having to do a 'System Restore' to get everything back to normal

This happened to me as well - I've never had this happen before.
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom on Jan 16, 13 1:51 PM
Cherb was right on with this one. Ignore the first 15 minutes of play and don't give up as the story opens up and less talk. Definitely not a TM more adventure and so far very enjoyable. Put on your magnifying glasses as some things like bird eggs and mushrooms very small. Loved to fish - brothers were very creative. They do need to hire a truly English interpreter for the game or have it beta tested. No real violence and no magic - thank goodness. Definite buy -
Based on trial - 4th in a series (I own the other three) and this one so far hasn't disappointed me.
Three modes of play
Choice of Cursor
SG only showed 2 chapters but I didn't need it as game play flows nicely.
View but not sure if when you buy the game the bonuses are immediately available or not. Worthless if screensaver isn't - only time I use them.
HOGs so far are both find the shape and named item (with interactions) - not difficult but some with eye problems might find at least one blended together making it a bit more of a challenge.
Mini puzzles have been varied and very enjoyable - not tedious but not necessarily easy. Have to put your thinking cap on.
Occult: so far nothing disturbing - in one area SPOILER you must find parts to a windup toy fortune teller and ball to get an item - silly and they could have just as easily used a rabbit in a hat.
Voice overs are good - the "villian's voice" is quite comical - one would think he'/she's afraid of you.
Arthur is a wonderful companion and very useful in helping you track down clues using his nose.
Loved the animations.
it will be a buy for me - just not sure if CE or SE - need to know length of bonus.
I agree with the deja vu - but the graphics are really nice and a lot of thought has gone into the game. The characters are very well done and the music is not overwhelming. The clicker and the click penalties were a bit maddening.

Definitely need a map as my shoes are worn out. Warning - in the first 15 minutes there were 3 pentagrams. No interactions with them though. Since I was almost through the second chapter and was unable to use SG and there are only 5 chapters it may be a very short game. I will wait to see what others say as to occult items and length of game. Sale SE if ok - not sure the CE would be worth it at $9.99 - maybe a member's half price sale.

 posted in Phantasmat: Crucible Peak on Jan 6, 13 8:03 AM
Valdy did an awesome job as usual on reviewing the game. I agree ERS - did a lovely job on completing part two of Phantasmat. Just a few additions for game players and violence warning. I would not suggest the game for children because of it's content and storyline. The first game was less violent in it's tone.

We (my 85 year old mother and I) really enjoyed the game play and the various mini-games were not just the norm which made them and tasks fun. The ability to switch to match 3 was very nice. Definitely the setting was a wonderful change from other games and very very imaginative - kept you involved in the storyline even when you surmised the truth of what happened. Many surprises along the way. The majority of the various people's stories and whom you helped were really wonderful. However some of the cut scenes regarding one person was visually troublesome, very sad and went a bit overboard. Some of them could have been removed and the story would have flowed just as well.

All in all a very good game and no occult overtones.

 posted in Fishdom 3 on Jan 1, 13 11:04 AM
Exdir - I was having the same problem and finally one of the large round grey bombs I managed to get into the bottom center of the top part (last set of boxes above the jewels and blew it up. That took out the jewels.
My game downloaded in about 3 minutes. Played for the first 30 minutes just fine - but when I reached the gazebo for the second time and looked at the bells there was an access error code. Then the game froze. I beta'd the game and had issues with it then. Do love the storyline; the puzzles and HOGs for replay! No map though which I felt was needed during beta. Will purchase CE when they get the bugs worked out.
Based on trial : You are sent by Brother's Grimm to find missing children from 100 years to present time. Storyline is another puppet story with a mad magician stealing children's souls and making them into puppets. The puppets age accordingly. You are to meet up with the Silver Magician but he is distraught over his daughter being stolen and so you must find her as well.

Visual effects are dark and gloomy and graphics are mostly ok. Please developers some nice light and bright games! Hidden Object Scenes (HOS) were dull in color and made it slightly more difficult to find items. This game has many many HOS - most are very easy to find items by simply clicking around with no penalty. Hints are plentiful on casual and you can set your own time limits as to length when hint or skip can be available in custom.

SG - shows 4 chapters plus bonus. No zoom makes it a bit harder to see but so far I haven't had to use it since game play flows easily. Game play Casual, advanced and custom.

Graphics are mediocre. Expect more of today's developers.

Could have used an interactive map! A lot of shoe leather used. Mini-games are not difficult.

Occult: Game based on magic; a few pentagrams pop up in background from time to time but so far nothing that objectionable to play game.

Not CE worthy - will probably buy when it comes on sale in SE.

 posted in My Farm Life 2 on Nov 23, 12 10:11 AM
Spoiler - If you have tried everything including taking jam to machine and bread to jam machine - you probably are using the bread machine and not the croissant machine. The bread machine came up but I didn't have quite enough to purchase croissant machine so it did not show up until the next round. This really confused me for a bit.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 12 3:44 PM
Based on Demo - First a question - where are the creators of the original 4/5 MCF games. Suggestion - find them and hire them back quickly - they had some real talent and imagination.
* Causal and Expert - filled screen with no black lines.

* Has a strategy guide that has no content - worthless; and you can't go to other pages. Does it by scene you are in.

* Map - a transport foggy map of sorts - not impressed

* Very cheesy videos and Leah Thompson - needs acting lessons and I really like her. Sad performance - laughable.

*Detective File - would be nice if you could read it - print font too small. This was the same in most of the objects and the top remarks.

*I think the game is trying to be spooky - very dull black and white/sienna colors.

*Story line - not getting it yet. Maybe we actually needed the hour of play to catch on.

after reading Gingergal's post on the whole game - I won't be buying this occult and demonic game!
Thanks Mono but tech support is closed - had issues with the undertaker as well. Will contact tech on Monday!
You are not alone - I posted in the technical support thread.
I just purchased and downloaded the game and when I throw the third dart it goes back to GM and tells me I own the game! Suggestions - apparently others have had this same problem a month ago.

Yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game. My drivers were updated on 7/3/2012.

UPDATE NEWS ON DART ISSUE: It took a week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday but thanks to a very patient customer agent Jamyl (many many thanks) - the issue was resolved finally by removing the saved file folder and restarting and playing the game. We actually solved playing issues for two other games as well as problems with Adobe Air; Adobe Reader 9; Shockwave; and ActiveX auto updates to my computer. One would not think one simple update in Adobe could cause so many malfunctions to today's games. (I have an older PC and I'm using Windows 7 (64)).
 posted in My Farm Life 2 on Nov 16, 12 7:27 AM
Even when I had enough money the barn never shows up so I can purchase it. I simply moved my original barn to the center of the screen and it saves time. Now if they could get a fix for the other technical items.
 posted in My Farm Life 2 on Nov 16, 12 7:25 AM
I have a couple problems - a few times I've gone to this totally black screen but some of the characters still move and react. The second problem showed up in Level 23 making the pickles - I made 22 jars of pickles and never left needing 8 jars of them - so I can't get the trophy. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no results.
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Undertaker Collector's Edition on Nov 15, 12 8:21 PM
Need to know before purchase -
Mostly I like the ERS games - however the last one had no ending and it really made us upset that it was so abrupt - so prior to buying I want to know if this has a satisfactory ending for an SE or must one purchase the CE for the ending.

I quite agree that the bonus should not be connected to the story and ending. It can further create depth to the story or a separate short story - but one should not be penalized and left hanging for not purchasing the CE. I do not use anything in the CE's - so it's the bonus value and if a developer is smart enough to offer the mini-games to be played after the game is played. I enjoy replaying and solving them - especially if I've skipped one.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Four Aces Collector's Edition on Oct 11, 12 7:48 AM
Finished the Demo and can't wait to purchase the CE! Elephant Mystery Tracker series is a delight and so far this is no exception. Glad Mr. Frog and doggie helper are back and delightful morphing animals! A couple of the puzzles have been really challenging. Will have to wait until the 14th when I get another credit. Thanks BFG and Elephant Games.
 posted in Where Angels Cry on Oct 9, 12 2:06 PM
I was really looking forward to a game with Angels, have seen good comments. I guess I'll have to wait for the walk through to see if it contains occult items as the trial only lasted 15 minutes and five of those was setup, and video. I'm not sure why the game ended so abruptly. After playing for 15 minutes I paused the game to tend to something and when I came back about 8 minutes later the trial had ended. I noticed there was a new release later then the one I downloaded so I uninstalled the game and reinstalled but it still shows trial expired. Thought I should let you know.

Thank you for coming to the forums it is appreciated.
Based on 45 min Demo: Dark Parables 4th in series of fairy tales by Blue Tea. As you've come to expect the graphics are beautiful and like Boomzap you stop and try to absorb it all. This has several cut scenes moving the story along. Caution if you don't like scary wolves - they can be spine chilling. So far it has not out done my favorite the Exiled Prince. Story is based on Little Red Riding Hood raised by woodsman and orphaned girls becoming a sisterhood to fight off a Wolf Queen. Didn't see any occult items or themes . Characters are lovely - except Wolf Queen of course. The bonus play appears to be separate like the Hansel and Gretel story bonus for Rise of Snow Queen. It's called "Boy Who Cried Wolf".

Three modes of play and Widescreen available.
SG not being available for preview.
No interactive/transporter map or at least pictures on map. This was a true disappointment for me as everything else is so well done and it was like you slipped back to the 1970's map in King's Quest. Just squares connected by lines.
FROGS - finding pieces was fairly easy.
There are click penalties but takes a long time before penalty.
Voice overs were good.
Puzzles were good, some unique and not so difficult that you give up. I think directions in a couple could have been better but overall thumbs up.
Morphing items
Story Book of Red Riding Hood Sisters to unlock with each chapter you must find a piece to hear the story. You also can turn off the sound and just read it if you don't like voice overs.
Hint button and skip buttons seemed to fill up fast in Normal Mode

Over all very enjoyable game so far and I can't wait to get into the castle!

Bought game 8/18 installed August 29th and game worked perfectly until the ghost ship and using the crow then it froze and froze my computer - wouldn't even allow me to use Control Alt Delete. Game has a technical issue that needs to be dealt with! I have a PC and running Vista with new drivers - BFG suggested.
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