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 posted in Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate on Dec 12, 09 6:40 AM

Can someone please tell me whether or not this is a 360° viewing.. .

I'm sensitive to motion sickness.. especially since there is no option to turn this off. I'm hoping its not !~

Please and Thank you!!~
 posted in Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon on Dec 11, 09 6:17 AM
I had never played either first or second part of this game..So for those who didn't, they may come to the forum to look for reviews..; I wish before I downloaded it..I would have looked to the other parts of the game, perhaps it was mentioned there..

That being said;

It should be noted..that although this game looks is made with panoramic views. the camera spins..Although u can slow this down..You can't change the option to play in First person...--which would be very helpful to those who get dizzy playing these kinds of games..

After waiting as long as i did to download..I couldn't get past the first made me really dizzy..and I suffer vertigo..If u suffer from any kind of vertigo and it can be triggered easily...You won't be able to play this game.. ...

That being said the game does look interesting..and I wish i could have played it..

 posted in Drawn: The Painted Tower ™ on Dec 7, 09 7:26 PM
WOW...All i can say is WOW....that is by far the best game i've ever played of this genre..This kicks a**....I have played hundreds of games..and there was always something that took away from the ambiance..or gameplay..But not this one..I have no idea what to play now..?...Nothing surpasses this game i.m.o...

Turn down the lights..and play this last..if u have other games to play.

Puzzles 5***** Clever very clever..but solvable

Gameplay 5***** Excellent...and I have a slow machine..with only 512mbs..It was a bit slow at loading scenes..but who cares..It was worth the short wait.

Ambiance 5***** Excellent..Truth be told..I make games..and I realize the work and sweat that goes into making one..There is an awful lot of work in this game..heart and sweat..imagination...the works.

Music..5***** Excellent

Over all..this game is long too..its the perfect length..You really get your money's worth with this one...Similar in length to MCF's Return to Ravenhurst....Each scene is fantastic...

Animations..are flawless..

This game is of a magical the fullest..

I.m.o...I can't say enough good things about it. I appreciate all of the hard work behind it...and I look really, really forward to a second part..and then some.

 posted in The Otherside: Realm of Eons on Dec 6, 09 1:02 AM
Is it possible that the game doesn't run on Windows7?
The game closes when I click Ok on the players name input field!
Even if I change the name or not.
Good game!..however short...not like the last one..Return to Ravenhurst...

Major CON!!~

It is ridiculous you can't EXIT out of the game at the end..but made to suffer through the long boring credits!...You should be able to hit ESC...X ..Q..alt and Q...anything at be able to exit from the credits...!..
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