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 posted in Kingdom Chronicles Collector's Edition on Sep 2, 13 4:46 PM
The same thing just happened to me. Everything else is complete, the green check mark appears on the wharf, the ogre and the other creatures go there but do nothing. Just stand there . . .! Help!!!
 posted in Burger Bustle: Ellie's Organics on Jul 22, 12 9:26 PM
I'm having the same problem as dianail in the survival mode level with the chicken, rice, steak and hotdogs. The server will deliver the cotton candy and the candy flowers but will not serve the dinners.
 posted in Build-a-lot: On Vacation on May 21, 12 9:02 AM
I have tried everything and cannot for the life of me get the supplies to build fast enough. Any help will be appreciated!!
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Nov 11, 11 6:32 PM
I have gold on everything on this side of the game but this one. I feel I've tried everything and just cannot get gold. HELP!!!!
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 9, 11 9:21 PM
I guess I'm pretty illiterate when it comes to this sometime. I have green check marks on all 3 worlds in adventure and green check marks in all three in the standard mode and it is still showing I have not played all the levels.

Please help!
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 4, 11 5:44 PM
I have made gold on all 7 levels that the game has allowed me to play. The two doors on each side of the middle play area have locks on them. What have I done wrong that they have not unlocked? HELP
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Ancient Rome on Feb 9, 11 3:21 PM
I own all of the Farm Frenzy games and the only one I hate is the Pizza Party . . . finished but cannot get gold on a lot of the levels on that one. However, I love a game that makes me use my mind, plan out what I need to do and sometimes take several tries to get it but eventually make gold. I love this game a lot, there's some challenge to it, not just the same old thing over and over.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Oct 23, 10 9:05 AM
Jajsmother, I finally got gold and beat the developer's record and had time to spare. The only thing I did different was upgrade my cottage sooner so I would have the extra help. Thanks so much.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Oct 17, 10 7:45 AM
ncbeck, thanks so much. Beat developer's record and got gold after a week of going back and forth trying to get the gold.

 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Oct 16, 10 7:40 AM
Vingilot, amazing. Finished in plenty of time to spare. Thanks so much!!
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Oct 16, 10 7:19 AM
ricoblade, worked perfectly. Thanks so much!
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Oct 16, 10 6:56 AM
Thanks, mangtina73. I had tried so many times to finish this level that I left it and went ahead and finished the game with silvers. This is great. I finished with a few seconds to spare. Great instructions.
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Russian Roulette on Jun 5, 10 7:17 AM
I have finished the game in all Gold except the 4 Astronaut Avenue. I feel like a "complete failure" as I don't usually have this problem . . . can anyone give me some new sight in what I am doing wrong and how they completed in gold?

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie on Feb 5, 10 7:38 PM
Haven't heard but can't wait. I know several of the other gaming sites have it but I am trying to wait until BFG gets it. However, hope it is soon!!!
 posted in Fix-It-Up: World Tour on Jan 31, 10 11:04 PM
Problem, Spongerob. I start out with the Bee, a superbike that needs to be painted, waxed and insured so it won't breakdown. At the same time, repair the horse you are given, totally mod it out, wax and insure, again so it won't breakdown. I do everything to the Bee and sell it so I can buy parts to repair the bikes and horses that are needed. Do everything I need to do to each of them, wax and insure them andI still finish right over the gold limit in the silver. During the game I either don't have the money to buy some of the horses as they want $500,000 for a broken down horse or they just don't come to sell their car in time. I give up. I'm going to bed and start again tomorrow. I'm not pulling hair but it is frustrating. I love time managment games and can usually figure out the strategy I need after a few tries and have finished the complete game in gold, like I said, except this one (Japan 2). Do I need to insure all the bikes and cars? It seems if I don't insure them then in less than a minute left in gold they break down.

Thanks for trying to help. I'll keep on it . . . maybe one day!! :-)
 posted in Fix-It-Up: World Tour on Jan 31, 10 6:40 PM
Spongerob, thanks bunches. I'll give it a try.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess on Jan 29, 10 1:05 PM
Finally finished all but 4.9 and 4.11. Been on them for a week now and still to no avail in reaching gold. Do not know what I am doing wrong. Using walkthroughs and still can't seem to make it.

Help anyone!!!!
 posted in Virtual Families on Jan 29, 10 12:55 PM
coolerb6, I had the very same thing happen to me however, I closed out, started back up and then used the weed bomb and it worked. If that doesn't work, sorry.
 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie on Jan 29, 10 12:51 PM
Hope so and soon!! Love 'em!!
 posted in Fix-It-Up: World Tour on Jan 29, 10 12:49 PM
I have finished all the game and bonus rounds in gold . . . EXCEPT . . . Japan 2. I can get everything but the $400,000 rent. Can anyone please give me some ideas, I've worked on this level FOR SEVERAL DAYS AND A NIGHT. I've tried everything I can think of and still cannot make gold. I'm ready to pull my hair out.

Thanks to anyone for their suggestions!! I am totally stuck on this Japan 2 level forever I think. :-)

Please someone . . . anyone . . . that has made gold on this level that is willing to share their ideas!!!
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