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just to let you know the words for the s g are small i thought
just for some of youu fishes it may be to many games airead on pc or lap top i know for my pc every few months i take off some of the older to make room for new ones then if iwant to play one i droped i put it back on this game the d/l for took about ten minutes for mine off to buy then off to b ed while it does its thing then have fun when i get up in the am hope what i said helps some of you sweet fishes have fun night all its late sorry for typ ooooooo any ??? just send me a pm
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 12 12:24 AM
d/l now just want to say awesome sp job hondo all can be happy this time its out for both pc &mac way to gooi bf devsnow picmaN &HONDO HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVEING you both deserve it picman hope your back up &running sooooon.have a great thanksgiveing fishes sorry about the caps did not see wonder if thats because of the excitment around the pond hummmmmmm off to bed wlile it d/l will come back later with what i think.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 15, 12 11:08 PM
hi fishes will try this again as we all do at times i hit the wrong thing & poof went my post oh well maybe this time hummm can you please send me the info on the trailer cant find the blame thing rrrrrrr thanks for the help fishes. have a great nite will come back later to see very sneak to find hondo
 posted in Botanica: Into the Unknown Collector's Edition on Oct 21, 12 2:59 PM
you are soooooooo right lilly214 as soon asi saw it was boomzap iknew it was a buy for me also a ce for 9.99 now thats the cheery on top if you ask me .boomzap keep them comminga big thank you to you &bf for this game have fun fishes
 posted in Amusement World! on Oct 17, 12 7:43 PM
hi ruffrider join the club lol i am in the same spot as well. ok you smart fishes or modsany help would be great thank you . hope you are all having a great week i will swim by later to see if there is any info off to dreamland its been a longggg day nite all
 posted in Hidden Mysteries®: Gates of Graceland® on Oct 13, 12 3:15 PM
just want to saythank you juliejay you are so right about thehidden object part what you said is so right on good one. have a great weekend fishes on count down for ce that comes out at 2 am my timealmost here lol
 posted in Hidden Mysteries®: Gates of Graceland® on Oct 13, 12 10:33 AM
hi fishes love this game . it has all that we exepct from this dev if you dont like hog it may not be for you this my kind of game . you have to stop &think what next.yes love the scens of raceland are well done.i think if Elvis were a live today he would like it as well. this is abuy for me love the music &old time movie/tv shots thanks dev keep up the great work i like the door puzzle itss just one of many fun ones in this game this game can give those who dont know Elvis what he really was like in mho thank you bf you made my day have fun fishes more later
 posted in Amusement World! on Sep 24, 12 2:31 AM
you are soooooooo right shadowfax44 its nice to see a game thats fun for alli was hooked from get gonice to see this kind of game the balloons is just one of many things you do&look for dont want to give away to much.hope this dev comes back with moore gamesthat are bright fun and well made its nice to know there are dev out there who make games like this it shows they dont have to be dark /ocult every time imho have fun fishes off to buy then to bed why it d/l my cat is telling me its time for those with fur babys you know what i mean joey
 posted in Amusement World! on Sep 24, 12 2:12 AM
hi fishes this to me is anew dev . just like to say welcome to them. i enjoyed this game nice bright colors has lots to do mimns so far are fun it has w s for me it has to play modes voice overs at times were well done.for me this game is well done. nice to see a upbeat kind of game love the eye candy and the candy shopyummy. this is abuy for me hope to see more from them.i will say the hour flew by fast you get all the goodies in this se i think. nice to see the dev swim in the least try the demo if we want more upbeat /fun games like this the dev need to know it have fun fishes ps when it comes to the balloons not as easy as you think with all there is to do i think it will bea long game also two modes means twice the fun. have fun fishes i am off to buy i give this a 5 rember its ase not ace
 posted in Gothic Fiction: Dark Saga Collector's Edition on Aug 31, 12 4:40 PM
hi fishes my vote as well is Awakening by far . if you like bright fun lots to do as well as new things to do this has it all very very long gamefor me took 25 hours plus for main game. best part no demons / ocult thems at all ya hooooo nice to know some devs can do this. just wish more would oh well we can hope. hope this helps you cant go wrong with Awakening mho. off to play some more just thought it runs smooth as silk. has wide screen easy d/l this dev hit ahome run out of the park i think have a great nite any ? send me a pm as for the other one did 30 mimn & hit the delet to much ocult/devil for my taste
 posted in Awakening: The Skyward Castle Collector's Edition on Aug 24, 12 12:23 AM
hi fishes my thought is b z put the s g on menu page so we could enjoy the graphics sp in this game i have just one word for it wow. also this may be a spolier for some. take a look on the left side of game you will see a ? mark click it & it will give you a clue as to what youneed to do. check it out i love this idea. you get a little help just not the whole thing so you can go on&do the rest then if you need more help you can go to sg . super job bz this shows we can have super games without all thetrash/_________ you can fill in what you want in the blank. keep up the great work boom zap as so many fishes have said when i see its your game its auto buy for me have a great time fishes back to the game for me
 posted in Tales of Sorrow: Strawsbrough Town on Aug 19, 12 2:10 AM
hi fishes just did demo. enjoyed it so came out to buy it to me it looks like a longggg have not had to use hint yetfor those who like me have a cat just waite he / she may want to find the cat inyour house or swat the screen lol. smooth play . nice to knnow that some devls can do agame like this ¬use devil/demon in it for a new nice job well done this just filled my punch card super thank you bf &devls please keep the games comeing. also thanks valdyfor your posts. i always look for it.we seam to like the same games most of the time.have fun fishes i am off for a snack while i waite for the d/l to get done then back to the fun more later
 posted in Titanic's Keys to the Past on Aug 5, 12 1:24 PM
just say thank you for the help. i had my nose flat on the screen &did not see it you saved the day. it was one of those ohhhh thats what/where it was soo your not alone i was sure if i came here i would find what it was now i am back to happy lol have a great day off to nail that lock
 posted in Cases Of Stolen Beauty on Jul 29, 12 8:00 PM
hey fishes nice too know i was not the only one stuck on this onethanks for the tip .as for me i uniinstalled it.not worth my time or money at least for me i think as one fishe said the devs need strong coffeeor some major help in how to make games. it is 2012 right not 1902 lol have fun fishes off to play one of the many games i havemaybe the tgt for monday will be good we can hope thanks bf we know you try
 posted in Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 on Jul 13, 12 2:20 PM
hi fishes first this devls need to get a fix for all the gliches in this game.will not buy from them again just me bf as alawys was great i just got off chat &they gave me a codefor it for those that it works for have fun. just swiming by off to play the grim ce that came out thurs now thats a super game. i think this could learn from them again just mho have agreat weekend fishes
 posted in Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821 on Jul 9, 12 1:44 PM
hey fishes just swim by to say abig thank you could not find fuse as well.right under my nose hummmmm oh well looks like a good game nice to have a bright upbeat with no dark for achange happyhappy have fun fishes off to buy/play
 posted in Snark Busters: High Society on May 23, 12 5:10 AM
hi fishes justt want to say a big thank you to margieb for the fast fix great job also happy b day margieb hope you enjoy it glad to know if i get stuck this is here.have fun&a great day fishes. off to eat breakfast then play the game. hummmmmmmmmmi i think i hear the pancakes calling lol
thanks bf you did agreat job also to the mmod who was up alllast nite/ early am you did super as well hope you got some sleep today have a great weekend you all desever it. from one very happy clam ps this is why i buy from bf when something goes wrong it gets fixed not all sites can say that we fishes know who is first in cs always
hi fishes just came up for air.hajust want to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU to bf for the very fast fix on this game. yes i know that iam shouting.hope it goes across the pond that wayall of you at bf &avg did a super job on this.we fishes get to playing the games& for get to say thank you when you get it for the game it is well worth the waite as love miss lisa says fine swine &then some love the majong sp..for me play hog first then second game majong you get lots to do in this one you dont know whats next love it well have fun fishes if you dont see me for awhile i will be ona ship/island have a happy happy thankyuou dev &bf for this game keep them comeing one very happy clam
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