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 posted in Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Jul 2, 11 10:24 PM
Use your rope on the hook and attach it to the rock. then use the bone for leverage. You have to push the boulder a few times, but you wll get there. I am stuck on the next puzzle, get there and let me know if you can "shed some light" on my dilema!
 posted in Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Jul 2, 11 10:21 PM
I am at the paper and candle puzzle. I have tries eveythig I can think of to put these pieces back together and I get butkis! I have tried holding the pieces of the candle and noting happens, I have tried just putting them together. I tried with eveything in my inventory (some of it was obvious it would not work, but what the hey! Nothing I seem to be doing is working.) Oh please, master fishies of the pond, swamies of the lake, help a lonely seahorse get past this 'puzzling' area! I am ready to scream, but I won't because it is awfull late!
 posted in Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice Collector's Edition on Jun 24, 11 10:48 PM
I am trying to figure out the fans! Should I collect them all when I see them or leave them until I come around again?. Essentially, will the number of hints I get increase with the number of fans, or, do they just speed up the remaing time until a new hint is available?

By the way.....LOVE this game! These are the kind of CE games that worth the money (or credits!) I really don't pay too much attention to what they say the story line should be "terrifying....kidnapped..." I look at the graphics, the **** portions and the mini puzzles. So far I must admit that the puzzles have been a bit on the easy side. I don't mind right now, because my week was yucky and it is nice to have a decent game to take me into the weekend!
 posted in Dreamland on Jun 15, 11 8:15 PM
Anything to help another fishey!!!!
 posted in Dreamland on Jun 14, 11 11:12 PM
Was messing around and hit the alt key and enter.
My game went from a small sreen to full screen. I do not know if it will work for you, but it is worth a shot!

The game has to be running for it to work. I must have unloaded and loaded this game a million times! Something so simple!
 posted in Dreamland on Jun 14, 11 10:26 PM
HEY! I just noticed! I am a seahorse! A cute little seahorse I might add!
 posted in Dreamland on Jun 14, 11 11:53 AM
Game only comes up in a small window. I can not get full screen no matter what I do!
You have to hit the ball on an angle.
 posted in Dreamland on Jun 13, 11 11:06 PM
Have heard great things....downloading it now! Can't wait!
Thanks for the FROG definition. Now that I know what it is....I really do enjoy those type of games as well. Sometimes I find myself clicking everything in the scene that just doesn't look right. Guess that's not the best way to go about it!
help me out...I like the demo, downloading the rest of the game now. I always read what others have to say, but this time, I am stumped! Maybe you answered it, but I did not go through 9 pages....what is a FROG? I know what HOG is but frog has me scratching my head. Help?
 posted in Tearstone on Jun 1, 11 9:48 PM
Stuck at the power cord for the elevator. I am really bummed cause this looked like a good puzzle. Hey CS, saw the answers for the clock (not looking forward to that!), what about an answer for us fishies stuck on the power cord? Anything? I am liking this game so it would be a shame to stop playig because of this. Please help us ASAP! I want to continue!!!
I just finished the demo and and waiting for the full version. They took out all the "sparkles" and replaced them with butterflies. I agree with many others that I wish there was a way to tone down the fairy, especially during the **** games. Doesn't she ever get tired? I loved the first game and could not wait for the sequel. When I am done I will "chirp" in about my final review. So good!
This is one of the best games I have played in a long time! All this week, no good games! Then BAM! I could not stop playing! The bonus section is fantastic....almost as long as the game! Loved the story! I kinda get tired of the "love story" types. Keep more games like this comming! Bought the CE, not sorry because the strategy guide came in handy a few times. I liked how you had to go to main menu. It wasn't too easy to get too (no too hard either!).
I am in awe of you guys who do the testing and the walk-throughs...I loved the 1st Flux family but cannot get out of the library in this new game...where is the lamp...I have all the pieces but can't get my hands on the lamp...any help please..bonnie112345
 posted in Lost City of Z: Special Edition on Sep 21, 09 3:12 PM
Cannot get wallet out of box in the jeep scene...have even restarted as new luck...any help? B
 posted in Department 42: The Mystery of the Nine on Jul 12, 09 11:09 AM
I cannot get the Skip Puzzle icon to shows only half full and I've never used it. When I go to skip a puzzle it dosn't because I really like this game...Bonnie
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