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 posted in Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer on Aug 21, 10 9:11 AM
Thank you fishes for your comment's you save me time and money. Keep them coming. Lots of time i down load a game to try and after waiting with excitement to play my hour 'free' game, it comes up-- Trial expired- so i get on line AGFs to see if its worth reporting... After reading your reviews i guess not

Again, thanks fishes
 posted in The Great Pharaoh on Aug 10, 10 11:27 AM
Thank you all! I thought there was something wrong with me I just couldn't get the drift of it. Sorry on this one... And 'PuppyDogMom1' You crack me up with your comment and 'gimmegames' answer. I needed that.
 posted in Mystic Diary: Lost Brother on Jul 27, 10 11:13 AM
Jossy2, that why i always play free trial and read comments on the 'foum' first something goes wrong with downloading or freezing. Now with this game I downloaded for the free trial twice it came up "Free game over" and I haven't even play the game yet. There the first clue... or if I did play it in the past and didn't buy it. I ether didn't like it or had trouble with I delete and see what tomorrow.brings
 posted in Caribbean Hideaway on Jul 25, 10 9:51 AM
Hi all. When I finally left level 30 I only had 2 buildings left to buy I now have the last building left and still on lever 35. I don't know how anyone get beyond level 40 let alone to 100. If I EVER get through this game, I don't think I will play this again. Dose anyone else feel the same?
 posted in Caribbean Hideaway on Jul 21, 10 7:39 AM
Me again, I found the tips and tricks on page 52 in gamezebo. I been on chapter 30 for more than 3 hrs and I'm going back after I take a break and clean for an hour. Also pay attention to my kitten.
I hope U all luck
 posted in Caribbean Hideaway on Jul 20, 10 8:51 PM
who ever gave me tips and tricks at gamezebo is there a way i can find it without going through 100s of pages to find Caribean Hideaway game, i really need tips and tricks for chapter 30 which i try 9 times i cant even get any of my resource's and i don't get all the sharks or clear the board in the time allowed. I sure can use your help fast.
 posted in Caribbean Hideaway on Jul 20, 10 7:20 PM
Hi everyone I see there a lot of finisher out there, OK my problem is. I finally got enough money to build the jail now how can I get those crooks in there they keep robing of my gold. I'm only in level 29 and love it, the game. not necessary the level this is my 3rd try. I all so bought the cannonball bag a couple level ago. dose it mean that i can buy 2 balls each new level and if I buy the 2nd BAG of cannonballs I get to buy 3 balls each new level?
 posted in Time Dreamer on Jul 18, 10 9:00 PM
yesI had the same problem I try putting on the floor where you think it would go but I found out to place it right under the shelf. good luck! I just finish the game and love it. I found out you can't miss a step, I don't like to go to the 'cheat' mode [walkthrough] but I was in the 3 rooms conect to the office for days with that rat running up an down steps.I only had the soporific left in my pocket. I notice in the walkthrough It went in the cup on the window sill. I thought I needed a time peace to go through time. They trick me up. Great game, I am going through it again but this time NOT the easy mode
 posted in Faded Reality on Jun 15, 10 4:08 PM
Thanks to Mr_Russ I found the problem .
 posted in Faded Reality on Jun 11, 10 11:09 AM
I been trying for days to find IN chaper 8 to find the 6th selves down a clue? Is the bookcase on the right, left or center of office?
 posted in Monster Quest on May 26, 10 3:30 PM
What is 'Hog's' I still learning the email language. ;>
 posted in Monster Quest on May 26, 10 3:12 PM
I need help! I can't finish at the circus; I get the newspaper, broken lock. Than the remote agent pops up, I go to map and press storage, I found the first aid, bandage an basketball I press the hint button it show me the yellow fabric and cut with the shear I had inventory. I press hint again and this time remote agent pops up. I go back to map the only thing still there is circus and storage That's it and I still have OPITICAL CLUES left; vet receipt, key.[in green] egg shells, egg crate and hair.[in blue] I go back and forth to circus to storage to see if i can find any more clues.. I press hint each time and it give me 'appears all items have been located here'... NOW WHAT!!! and every time I leave this game, and than come back on It has start all the back to the beginning of the Werewolf.
 posted in Azada ™ on May 11, 10 9:12 PM
Thanks Keinjor I went to Google azada walkthrough and I found the device and the tomb I got it, figure it out... Now I can sleep. Zzzz
I see they posted this at 9:12 pm Its 12:12am here Pa
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