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 posted in Silver Tale on Apr 13, 16 2:29 PM
you should be able to find everything to open paths if you clean out all the grass/dirt tiles. i did notice i had to buy a couple gold keys to get a few chests open. not really a lot to do with the gold tho, so no biggie.
 posted in Silver Tale on Apr 13, 16 2:27 PM
there are craftables later in the game to increase the amount of shields you get, to help you get commendations. replaying earlier, easier levels gets you more shields to craft other stuff than just for the horse lol.
 posted in Silver Tale on Apr 13, 16 2:22 PM
it's hard to craft other things when you always have to keep the horse's stamina up to get the bonus moves. the horse apparently uses up stamina away from the computer? i re-upped his stamina before bed, & when i turned the game back on today his stamina had dropped again. a complete waste of a royal commendation for crafting, & so not fun...

the bonus moves are good to have, i ran out of moves once & close to it a few other times. the game gets harder as you go along... getting close to level 50.

the game was clearly designed as a "free to play" format, fortunately it is not. but, not much to do with the gold except play the slot. wish i could use the gold for crafting.
 posted in The Far Kingdoms: Magic Mosaics on Apr 12, 16 8:43 AM
mosaics are boring & i don't buy them. sorry.
 posted in Legendary Mahjong on Mar 2, 16 10:34 AM
there are a million powerups & it's hard to keep track of what each one does by its icon... especially if you were playing at 2 a.m. & open the game the next day
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Jan 14, 16 10:29 AM
looks pretty mean to me. if anything goes wrong, including virtual money disappearing, nothing is their fault. it ties the hands the customers, if we don't want to deal with their new rules, we can only close our accounts & can't access our games on our accounts if we need to reinstall them. it's plain they don't like hacking, but if it happens it's not their fault. it sounds like if you get hacked playing a so-called FTP game, BF owes you nothing. if you don't it, you have to spend money for arbitration seems to be the gist of it. guess i won't be spending anything on FTP games in the near future. BF has gotten plenty of $$ out of my game club account for years don't know why i bother anymore when there's little but cookie-cutter HO games anymore.

the tone of these rules seems written by a lawyer who hasn't a clue how to deal with public relations.
 posted in Solitaire Stories: The Quest for Seeta on Nov 24, 15 9:00 PM
clicking cards you need sometimes does nothing, the card does not respond even after repeatedly clicking rapidly. however i found that letting it alone for a minute would let me click & use the card. this happens with a standard windows cursor as well. buggy, not ready for prime time.

overall gameplay is kind of slow as well, like the animation to turn over a card from the stock takes forever.

playing the demo/ so sorry, going to pass on this one.
 posted in Queen's Garden Halloween on Nov 19, 15 2:00 PM
bats or arrow bombs?
 posted in Egyptian Settlement 2: New Worlds on Jul 1, 15 7:18 AM
lym_1609 wrote:2 things I would like to suggest to BFG techs

1) DPI settings. It wouldnt run on my pc due to fact that I cant set off DPI. I cant even SEE my cursor and NO nothing wrong with my mouse. This happen again and again with many games since this year

2) What happen to link to forums? NO BFG "decided" internally within their own staff that they needed to "teach" fishes how to type on their searches. Thus u now have to search for forums, NO MORE LINKS to forums
Anybody irritated about that? You need to report an issue, click on forums to read reviews/read about other fishes issues/solutions coz u ran into issues yourself. What happens? Oh yea, first click on Game Forums from BFG drop down menu list. Then TYPE OUT at least the first few unique names for that game. So imagine if its a series? OH boy u even have to either type more not just eg "Dark Parables" but also the ENTIRE title of that game. If not, prepare to scroll up/down trying your eye's best to scan and search for that games forum

IF BFG do value their fishes, better sit up and do something! BRING BACK the LINK to forums as first step to making the tank a better place for us fishes!

Meanwhile speak to developers or whatever companies BFG get games from, or get their BFG techs to allow us fishes to set DPI via Game Manager. Its no longer cute not to be able to play games. I bought it somewhere else just so that it installs as stand alone and i can set DPI to play through!

If BFG wants most players to end up doing so, continue with it! I have even almost blacklist the forums complaining a few times rgds DPI issues. And its not just my PC, read other fishes complain rgds cant see the cursor

agree on both points. i've had game club membership for the last 7 years. please keep your customers happy.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jun 7, 14 1:14 AM
i like it. i like the pete townshend guitar & have several riffs. water island is kind of blah for me, but it's improved with the blabbit.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Mar 11, 14 12:17 AM
i was done out of the reward for hatch & place a sox. done it, it's still in my to-do list tho.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Feb 28, 14 12:25 AM
try3cats wrote:Why do you want to put your monsters in a Wubbox? My monsters are 100% happy and are level 15 on Plant Island ( with some extras- like 5 Entbrats). They earn coins why would I want to lose this income? Why would I want to pay 75,000,000 for it? I am missing something. Confused?????

this is to keep ppl busy till the next update... ppl who have already completed everything in the game, i think. not everyone wants to buy 10 tub fountains, so it gives them something to do. me, i'm waiting for wubbox to show up on earth island.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Feb 28, 14 12:20 AM
a goal finished wasn't credited. the goal is to hatch & place a sox, which i did. it's still showing up in the goal list as unfinished & paying 100,000 coins. meanwhile my sox is cheerfully sitting on ethereal island, unseen by the game.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jan 20, 14 10:39 PM
i was not able to breed him either, not thru lack of trying. bought the small pack of diamonds cause i had almost enough, so was able to get him. but no guarantee of breeding, even if you try.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jan 15, 14 7:34 AM
i haven't been able to breed a yool. i spent a buck on the last sale to get me enough diamonds to do so, but i'm not happy about it. the breeding lags really put a damper on things.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jan 10, 14 2:52 PM
SnowBunnyB16 wrote:With the addition of the wishing torches has the probability of breeding 3 & 4 element monsters decreased if you don't use/have the torches? It seems that since the wishing torches became available I have not been able to breed anything over a 2 element monster, except for the hundreds of t-roxes I've gotten while trying for a Ghazt..

i'm wondering about this myself. i've been trying to breed a clamble (potbelly & drumpler) on fire island with no success for days. this is the only monster i don't have there, it's getting pretty boring since i'm about to hit level 30. i haven't done the wubbox yet, but i'm less inclined to get him if i can't replace the monsters he eats without a lot of hassle.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jan 5, 14 3:18 AM
NewMexShelly wrote:I finally buy an island that Congle fits on.....and he's not offered there! Where the heck would a crab be, but in the water?? Or how about Clambel, after all she's nothing but a clam head. I just don't understand their reasoning's

.....Grumpyre absolutely belongs with the lava flows of Earth, but nooooo let's sick him on the poor wispy Erthreals! What the hay's with that?

And then there's Reebro...he's where he belongs, along with copter heads....let's move him over to the Whisps too! Maybe their drapes and flows will get caught up in the whirling blades....HA!

I don't think the developers like the Erthreals, maybe their out to get em'.....I think there's some 'splaining to do Lucy.....hummmm? soapy box broke....I guess I'd better get off the wreckage and let you get back to moving your monsters to wherever the heck their moving to....

agree with you completely. congle belongs in the water & clamble too. why did they put congle on cold? & no idea what grumpyre is doing on cold either. however he sounds better there than on ethereal, where he drowns out the whisp.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jan 5, 14 3:12 AM
try3cats wrote:When you miss on the Shuga monster and get a Shugabush, you can sell him for 100,000 coins. That's not a bad price. OR he maybe your future stud.
Hang in there. They are all possible to breed.
If, you keep getting something other than a Shugamonster, maybe your Shugabush is a dud and needs to be replace. So, the next Shugabush, you get, you get feed him up to breeding level and see if he is a stud.
Don't keep using the dud, expecting success, when the dud is a dud.
Past results can help predict future results. Patience is not a virtue in this breeding, but a waste of time. 50 to 90 failures using the same monster is a waste of time.

i don't think this will make any difference, sadly. their code will just check to see if one breeding monster is indeed a shugabush, & they will not bother to check to see if he's a different shugabush. doing this would require a conditional check, basically an IF code. most sane programmers would consider this too time-consuming to write. & they would also not do it because it would not be streamlined code (i.e., eats CPU for no good reason). this is not to say it could not be done. there might be some valid reason in an RPG to write a Get Last Monster code, like if you needed to know hit points or something about a monster in a random battle with several monsters. but i really don't think MSM would tweak the breeding odds in our favor by doing this.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jan 1, 14 11:36 PM
congrats! i have only done that once so far.
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jan 1, 14 11:28 PM
i have a shugarock but am stuck on breeding the shugabush/oaktapus combo. just keep getting more oaktapi.
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