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 posted in Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad on Oct 13, 15 1:28 AM
It is not similar, it is the same and should have been call Monument Builders Railroad. Just not as good as the others.
 posted in Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad on Oct 13, 15 1:25 AM
Another rubbish game from BFG. The star drops off before the timer gets to the end of the gold, try and select the broken line in level 3 and it will not allow this. So how are you supposed to get the round finished and 3*s?
 posted in Monument Builders: Golden Gate Bridge on Oct 8, 15 1:13 AM
Reddlass2 wrote:Im on level 14 and need to improve the factory, i have the materials and click on improvement, the check mark appears above but no progress is made and unable to go forward in the game.

I am using win 7 pro 64 and have not had this problem. I cannot get 3* yet as the timer is very short but you need to improve the office first and start ordering wood. Try doing it that way and see how you get on
 posted in Sweetest Thing on Oct 7, 15 2:37 PM
moved the page as i was going to repeat my message
 posted in Sweetest Thing on Oct 7, 15 2:32 PM
If they have not deleted my post look on the moderator page ( Sweetest Thing) where I have explained a few home truths to them, it should make a difference in the future, but like the devs I am dreaming surely? and will it make any difference to the way this game is playing??? I doubt it very much as they seem content taking our money every month and we Tm players hope there will be a good one coming out that is really different and then get disappointed BADLY. I have found no secrets as I did not know about them until I came here and I found that there are 2 speech boxes empty and as I play with sound off I have no idea what I am doing except I just build every thing and kill or remove all obstacles. if this game would not have the faults and as one fish said it has been out on another site and still nothing has been fixed then I do believe we ALL need to complain to the BFG so called customer service and reject their scripted replies and ask them to give a human response and to read our problems properly and NOT blame our computers as we are all using different types of graphics, different windows versions and get their TM games into the 21st C. instead of the 60s like this game. It must have been made while the Hippies were on something that made them "happy". It could have been a really fun game as it is slightly different but with all these faults and the fact that a Jelly Factory produces Chocolate is very mind blowing.
 posted in Sweetest Thing on Oct 7, 15 2:21 PM
To finish off as I used up all my allowance. -Cont- You always blame my computer first and my poor computer starts to cry and asks to be shut down as it has been insulted by BFG so called customer service personnel. So please in future read the many complaints, read the email properly and play the game fully, all the way through to make sure everything is running right on ALL versions of windows and you might just get a game that works without a fault, which would be a miracle.....
 posted in Sweetest Thing on Oct 7, 15 2:16 PM
I wonder if you played this game bfg flounder/moderator??? It seems there are a lot of glitches in this game and I found that 2 dialogue boxes were empty and if you play silently like me you do not know what heck is going on. I did not have any problems playing the game for a change, but I have not reached level 10 where one fish said there are 3 bees to kill and only 2 show, so I will see what i get. It seems that the fishes who pay your wages are not a happy bunch with this game as they seem to have different problems. I did not even know about the secret find as it did not say anything in the 1st dialogue box. Who developed such a really weird game that could be good if there were not so many faults with it. I am sure they were on Magic Mushrooms or something similar, as it seems that you have a jelly factory producing chocolate, now that is really "way out man" I mean this is the 60s again and we are all high on "Hippy food" if you get my drift. it really is a shame you have allowed this to be released without playing it ALL the way through and then tell the devs what is wrong with the game and then TELL then that if they want you to take it on then fix it, but it seems you are so weak in your enforcing and your technology is falling way behind the times that I do believe you are still in the 20th C. and have not caught up with the 21st C. which you must have realised after 15 years into this "New" Century you would have been much better than you are. What with scripted replies and NOT reading the forums properly, for when I contacted one rep he said he did not see anything negative so I copied and pasted some of them and then you get passed to someone else and all you ever get is an answer of "Sorry for the trouble you seem to be having, I can surely help you with this", and "Here's a free code to use on any game". You see I do not even have to open my mail box to know what you are going to say. Also I find that most of the staff who deal with us fishes DO NOT READ the emails PROPERLY, and yes I will shout to make you wake up and smell the coffee. And if you do not like my comment you can always Moderate it and not publish it or remove it as you do sometimes when it is not to your liking, which is the truth about a fault. Another thing they usually tell me is send a Dr. Felix report and the will look at it but when you have a driver booster that updates all drivers and patches there cannot be much wrong this end, so it MUST be the actual game.
 posted in Country Tales on Sep 29, 15 3:31 PM
Great game, I am really enjoying the challenge and the ease of working. Two things I would have done is - The farm could produce more food and when items are collected they could count straight away instead of waiting for the workers to go home with the items. Just a thought you might have over looked. Would make the game faster and the building etc easier to gain the gold stars and diamonds.
Just an addition as I have now completed the game in timed mode and now I am going to try expert. It really makes a change for a game like this to be able to play through the whole thing without any glitches. It has taken a while to come but I can say there is nothing wrong with the game and after the spate of "bad" games it is a pleasure to be able to sail through. Personally it is really not worth the extra money for an extra level, it could have more to it. But as I have played all the others, I do like the new touches, like looking for things to give you more points, the wormholes to transport you to different areas. It makes this one the best so far, so I am not sure if we will see another like this as they have added a lot more to it, it is like all three of the others together. But as I really enjoy these Hercules games and I will have something that I will not get bored with, only tired out as to me it is additive and I have to watch the time as it flies by. Thanks BFG for a TM that actually works....
Personally it is not worth the extra money for just ONE more level.
I like all the Hercules games and keep playing them over and over. With this one I am hoping that at the end there will be a full bonus level not just a bonus game like the others. This game sis a lot different as it has little extras to find like the jugs and mushrooms etc. plus I noticed that the items are more expensive than in previous ones, but the good added extras that instead of having something fly across the screen you have a bad Hercules to get rid of and also you have an exchange point where you can exchange food and wood for gold. nice new, little touch I may add. It is a buy as I did straight away as I do love this collection. One thing I have noticed, so far, that the puzzle pieces are quite easy to find. but I am sure they will get harder as I go along. I have only reached level 2 at the moment and enjoying every level. Have fun little fishes.
It just gives you extra points and has nothing to do with the star rating.
It seems that in some levels there is a very small sign post that tells yo what to collect just to get extra points. The next one was collect mushrooms. But even if you do not collect all the items it does not affect the star rating.
 posted in Gnomes Garden on Aug 19, 15 12:36 PM
What I want to know is how many times do you have to upgrade the stone mill??? I did it three times and still level one. That stops the game from ending...
 posted in Mushroom Commander on Jun 17, 15 1:29 AM
ElizabethR1533 - how you worked it out is a miracle. I tried the first level, one instruction at the beginning and then nothing and I tried all ways to get the water and star and kept dying. So I gave up. Very irritating....
 posted in Contract with the Devil on Jun 3, 15 11:48 AM
I tried the demo and found it played well I did not have the sound on so I do not know what they are saying. I was doing fairly well but had to wait an age for the hint to refill and if you want to know which way to go it uses the hint up where other games do not. I got to the place where you put the devil/imp or whatever he is called and found I could not get out of that area no matter how I tried, so like a lot of the others I have given up and it is definitely not a buy for me. Shame, could be a good game, but as I have mentioned many times to the Customer Services - they should play the games themselves before putting them on the market unless they are going to rewards us for the testing as we seem to be the guinea pigs doing their JOB.....
 posted in Monument Builders: Big Ben on May 13, 15 2:08 PM
I do believe the devs are trying to get our money and don't give a fig about the game play or how fast the timer is or anything but $$$$ssss. It will soon be the end to these games when we start to STOP buying the damn things as they are getting out of hand and not fun any more. The last few games have all had some kind of problem, either crashing, timer way toooo fast or a bug that they cannot be bothered the supply. If this goes on it will be a waste of money, even at half price as you cannot use a credit or you pay the full price. So all they are doing is pushing the games out without making them fun to play just really frustrating and really annoying.....
 posted in Monument Builders: Big Ben on May 13, 15 1:58 PM
I cannot understand why they have taken the star help away? On the last game you had a choice to use stars to get the delivery automatic and other things but not this game. It is really not a buy for me as level 12 I cannot find out how to help the policeman and the levels when you are looking for clues are really worse than the last game. I really felt completely lost in this trial and it will not be added to my collection. Sorry about that, but the games like this are getting worse as the technology gets better and the play is getting impossible and very, very, very frustrating and it is making me and a lot of other fishes here in this pond very unhappy fish.....As I KEEP telling BFG "Get Your Act Together" make the games what they should be, games, challenging but not impossible to ENJOY!!!!
 posted in Iron Heart: Steam Tower on May 6, 15 2:59 PM
So far no bugs with my Win 7 pro 64, but what does the future levels hold? The last few games have had bugs that either shut down or freeze or just play so hard that you cannot enjoy.....
 posted in Iron Heart: Steam Tower on May 6, 15 2:57 PM
Another ridiculous tower game. Not enough places to place towers, the distance travelled by enemy is really short and overall worse one I have ever tried. There is again no easy, hard etc. and definitely not a buy. When are the devs going to get the message that they cannot keep making games that targets are virtually imposable? Even on round three I had to replay and I cannot be bothered to fight something that is going so fast that the guns cannot keep up with. What is wrong with BFG allowing these games on the market before the non professional staff have not tried??? if this is the sort of games they are going to bring out then my membership will cease and this time I will NOT be coming back for more punishment and torment. I play the games to try to enjoy them not keep getting frustrated.....So once again I say and stress - GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!!!!
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