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 posted in Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen on Jun 22, 12 12:33 PM
BSF0819 wrote:I downloaded the game but it told me that my trial expired even though I haven't played it before. I forgot how to fix that.

I've had that happen a couple of times on games. For me, I just uninstalled and reinstalled and it was then ok.

I have a slow cursor too. Really slow on the game cursor and when choosing system cursor, it moves better but it didn't change the cursor, just the size of the hand and the gears
 posted in Shaban on Jun 19, 12 2:37 PM
Thanks prpldva!!!
 posted in Shaban on Jun 19, 12 2:21 PM

Just finished about 29 minutes and it is a lot like Tiny Bang Theory, Machinarium and Samorost! Love those "thinking" games! Definite buy for me. Love the little sheep, and felt so sorry for the little guy who lost his sheep!
 posted in Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice Collector's Edition on Jun 1, 12 10:40 AM
Hi Classicaljazz! I was hoping to "learn more" too. I have the SE so I was wondering about getting the CE. Usually it does link you to a page of info. Maybe a mod will swim by.
 posted in Dark Heritage: Guardians of Hope Collector's Edition on May 31, 12 8:50 AM
lovely62 wrote:I bought the game after 15 minutes loved everything about this game it is totaly awesome..Thx DEV'[s for your game and the special offer..Thx for all your hard work and many hours you spent on this wonderful game..Thx BF for everything you do..

Just played 16 minutes and really love this one! I like how the real fades into the graphics, and even after that short amount of time there looks like lots to do. Love the special price. Was going to let the one punch go for this month but looks like I am going to go ahead and purchase and add a couple of pcc's to fill it up.

Thanks !
 posted in Antique Mysteries: Secrets of Howard's Mansion on Apr 23, 12 6:14 PM
I just finished the demo and ended up just a small bit into the second chapter. So I figure that it would take me closer to 6-7 hours to finish if the chapters are about the same size. I am not a fan of a lot of H0 scenes, but I didn't have a lot of trouble finding the objects and the hint button filled really fast. I really enjoyed the hour I spent on this, a nice change from the darker, scarier ones. This one is a definite buy for me.
 posted in Phenomenon: City of Cyan on Apr 1, 12 12:13 PM
Totally agree with everyone here.....

Love the game, but I played the video again and still said, AND THEN....?????
 posted in Life Quest® 2: Metropoville on Apr 1, 12 9:28 AM

Game worked fine on laptop, so bought it and wanted to play it on desktop and it won't fit on the monitor correctly on any resolution. Worked best at 800 x 600 but still not right
 posted in The Tribloos on Oct 10, 11 7:34 AM
Thank you for mentioning it is a builder game, love these now!
 posted in The Last Express on Oct 5, 11 11:28 AM
Da_Wordmama wrote:An amazing game that came out in the golden age of adventure games (circa 1995). Brilliant, and moving, and gorgeous, and challenging. It's the only game I ever played that really does play out in real time -- that is, a half-hour piano concert really does take 30 minutes, during which time you can either sit there and enjoy it or leave the room while others are listening. No hidden object scenes, no sudden attacks of chess puzzles or maniacal riddles; just real-life puzzles, like how do I finagle a key for this locked room, or how do I get this fussy child to stop crying. Marvelous!

Couldn't say it better, great review! Love this game, got it when it came out, and has always been a family favorite!
 posted in The Last Express on Oct 5, 11 7:39 AM
One of my daughter's favorite games when she was a kid, we still have the disc. It was really different because characters moved around the train and with each time you played it, it was different where you found people to continue with the story. We loved it, an excellent adventure type game especially for 1997.

ETA, checked out the other site and forgot about the multiple endings
 posted in Fairway ™ Collector's Edition on Oct 3, 11 5:31 PM
Cptduzer wrote:so if you, like me, already have and have just about worn out the first fairway - you really aren't getting much a bonus then? If they are the first game, they are 9 and 18 holes ... but I think I will pass since I already have the first, what would be the point???

I do agree. It isn't 81 new courses then, but what I already have and have played over and over? I did enjoy the beta and now the demo, would have like it to be all new courses. Sigh......
 posted in Fairway ™ Collector's Edition on Oct 3, 11 9:44 AM
Thanks Solice!

I beta tested and enjoyed what I played. I loved the first game as did my husband who doesn't play much games. We are both looking forward to purchasing when the credit comes in tomorrow!
 posted in 4 Elements II on Sep 27, 11 9:20 AM
ajuma wrote:I'm so amazed that this game is a soft release!!!! What were they thinking?? If I were the developers I'd be on BFGs case so fast!!!

As a rule, soft releases don't generate the kind of $ that TGTs do.

The first one is one game I have played over and over. In fact, both new games today are ones I have been looking forward to and don't know if I want to wait for punch card credits
 posted in Youda Fisherman on Sep 14, 11 6:24 AM
I don't play TM games, and haven't played a Youda game. But I was sent this one as a beta. I have tried some of the building type ones and found some that I can play. Youda Fisherman was quite enjoyable to me, and I encourage you to give it a try even if TM isn't usually what you play. It was just right to me in the hour or so that I played, and the way it is played is new to me, so I enjoyed something new and different.
 posted in Crime Solitaire on Aug 29, 11 6:11 AM
grsloop wrote:
jojo_the_joyful wrote:
The first time I played any game of this type was only a few days ago when I beta'd the new fairways golf game, which I enjoyed.

Be still my heart! Is a new Fairway Solitaire coming soon?

Yep, beta'ed it and loved it! Hope it comes out soon!
 posted in Triazzle Island on Aug 25, 11 4:50 PM
Thanks Triazzledan! I will continue to check back on this. Looking forward to the fix!
 posted in Triazzle Island on Aug 16, 11 7:41 PM
Thanks triazzledan, looking forward to the updates to the game and will be buying when it happens!
 posted in Triazzle Island on Aug 15, 11 9:00 AM
LizzieK wrote:All BFG has to do is have someone there play this game on a PC. It only takes about 15 seconds to play the first puzzle in the tutorial. Then exit the game and go back into the game and you will see that your profile is still there. Then exit the game, go to your internet tools and delete your cookies. Then go back into the game and your profile and progress will be gone.

Someone at BFG can do all this in under a minute.

Would have loved to buy this game at sale price, but didn't because of this
 posted in Triazzle Island on Aug 11, 11 7:54 PM
I just finished the demo. I enjoyed the puzzles, although the timer thing really did bug me. I almost just quit, but I opened up the endless play and I was far happier playing it than the other timed part. I think I will end up buying but sure would love a relaxed mode to play. The other side puzzle was for some reason really stretched my brain and will take a lot more practice to get the hang of it. But I do love the Triazzle puzzles, just don't want to worry about the time. I need to place the pieces to see how they fit, can't picture it in my head from the side, so it takes more time. Plus I just hate to worry about how long I am taking, just want to relax and enjoy.

I have helped students at school with these cardboard puzzles and enjoyed working with the puzzles. Thanks for a fun concept in puzzles!
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