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 posted in Love Alchemy: A Heart In Winter on Dec 31, 13 8:59 AM
thank you for a great REVIEW,i even laughed a bit happy new year to you
 posted in The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms on Feb 4, 13 1:28 PM
no thats not my problem i cant seem to get the mallet together ,its still up where the broken wood is above ,so i have no mallet and cant get one.
 posted in The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms on Feb 1, 13 7:12 AM
please help .i have tried every thing ,but i guess the right thing the red part of the mallet ,when i click on it does nothing ,but its checked off in the inventory so how do i get a mallet to move on is the ? thank you
 posted in The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms on Jan 31, 13 4:02 PM
i dont know what it is but i tried every thing so i cant move on ,i cant click on that RED thing which is suppose to be part of Mallet. so i cant move on .any idea what this is . thank you
 posted in Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition on Aug 16, 12 3:40 AM
hello ,i would also like to play this game but it wants me to buy ,there is no free trial when i downloaded the game ?? this has never happened to me lol thank you
 posted in Pirates of New Horizons: Planet Buster on Jul 30, 12 3:09 AM
this is really bad,time to move on
 posted in The Book of Desires on Jul 28, 12 8:51 AM
well i have finally had time to finish some of my games and this was one of the Best games i have played in a long time ,the story was good ,there were lots of things to do ,the hints were just enough ,i loved the puzzles they were different,plenty of HO,s .this game was well worth the money ,please make some more games like this .
 posted in Syberia - Part 2 on Jul 24, 12 3:02 AM
and i thought i would have a new game to play today!!
 posted in City of Fools on Jul 6, 12 8:30 AM
what can i say i just love this game lots of fun ,i was shocked when i got the pooped ,now i had to figure how to get rid of it and them annoying Flys lmbo i had to buy it just so different ,so tired of the spooky murder kidnaped games ,we need more fun these days thanks for the laugh

hi,my game freezes dont know why ,when i already played the demo on the other site with no problem now i cant play at all as soon as i click play it stops ,but i can click on the options and the guide and no problem ,my drare all up to date ,my computer isnt even 6months old ??
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Feb 13, 12 5:59 AM
well i really loved this game all though it was very slow some times i enjoyed playing it ,i did need the wt a few times because there werent any hints ,the game was well worth the price i have to say it has been 1 of the best games ive played in a long time thanks
 posted in Mother Nature on Feb 13, 12 5:13 AM
hi,i didnt care for the game either not worth the price ,very slow moving any way have a good day every 1
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Feb 11, 12 4:54 AM
hi,well i have been moving this coat of arms for 2days every which way and it dont seem to want mine so im giving up and going to a new game .inless theres a magic way to put this in the lions mouth im done .i really liked this game too.
i really like this game and i am buying it ,i think every 1 covered the rest so what can i say it is a good game
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart Collector's Edition on Jan 26, 12 5:31 AM
hello every 1,i really dont know what to make of this game i played half of the 60mintues,and to me its very mixed up i think theres to much in 1 area ,not sure which way im going ,the story is ok ,itjust didnt grab me so im going to finish it and see if it gets any better .??
 posted in Red Crow Mysteries: Legion on Nov 29, 11 5:44 AM
im stuck my crowbar and weights will not stay together i click on front of car ,try putting them together before i go to open hood it wont do any thing ,i have the key,wires,vaves in inventory with the 3weights and bar ,is there some thing im missing thank you
 posted in Mysteryville 2 on Nov 1, 11 4:00 AM
this is a joke ,its not worth a credit ,i lost out this month with my credits because of games like this BF put out ,i dont want to waste the time or space for junk .so i have to take a lose on my credits .theres nothing i want to buy ,besides the CE ,which i think ill start waiting ,so i dont have to lose my credits and my hard earned money . have a nice day every 1
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 11 3:38 AM
goodmorning,same problem game stops down loading.this is not good if its happening to 90% of the members
i also had the same problem no Tex and game froze and caused my computer to crash .i never have problems with games here .no buy for now
 posted in Vagrant Hearts on Sep 13, 11 3:00 AM
are you kiddin BF??
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