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 posted in Townopolis: Gold on Aug 6, 09 12:01 PM
Townopolis on Hard? No way....I like my hair just where it is! It's hard enough to do it on the easiest setting! :o)
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess on Aug 5, 09 12:28 PM
THANKS ARMYMOM! Finally passed this level! Whoo hoo!
 posted in Hotel Mogul on Jul 31, 09 5:03 PM
Thanks so much, Sherri! I completely forgot about that feature with the real estate office!
 posted in Hotel Mogul on Jul 31, 09 5:27 AM
To get to 500 customers, you have to build a museum and run an exhibition.

But I need HELP!! I don't know if it's a bug or what, but I can't buy the mall or 1/2 the properties I need! They NEVER go up for sale! I've played this level for hours and hours. I uninstalled/reinstalled the game luck.

Is there something I'm missing here? Or is it a bug?
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