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 posted in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air on Jul 8, 10 2:36 PM
I agree with the general consensus here, and what is so shocking for me is that I absolutely adored the earlier DC games, and this one seems to have no connection to them. Who is this girl with this annoying voice, and what happened to the storyline?

And yeah, I'm a really slow player but based on the demo I'm thinking it's not even worth the price, and I can't believe I'm thinking that about a DC game!

I'm sorry for those who bought the CE. I really wanted it but knew not to expect much from the reviews, but still didn't think it would be this disappointing. Maybe this really is a DD game. I'm astonished.

As I don't care for predominantly HOGs, aside from the recent quirky little Puzzle Bots I haven't found a game I could get immersed in since February. Either I've become pickier or quality is going down or both. Please bring back some quality puzzley adventures that aren't dark and gloomy -- like what this should have been. Thank you for listening.
 posted in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air on Jul 8, 10 2:19 PM
I've only played the demo so far and, based on the walkthrough I can see that the game is terribly short, though that's never as much of an issue for me as what the game is like.

And that is truly disappointing for me. Who is this girl with this strange accent and a storyline that has nothing to do with the first three chapters?

 posted in The Fifth Gate on Jul 5, 10 5:33 PM
As I mentioned elsewhere, when installing it says I need Flash which I absolutely positively have 10.1, Dr. Felix and CS confirmed this (and everything else being up-to-date) a few days ago, but just for "fun" I rebooted and tried again same thing happened, I let it reinstall but installation still failed. I'd really like to get this on sale so if anyone had an answer today I'd be very grateful. And to address ideas I addressed elsewhere, no I never beta tested or otherwise played this game. Thank you in advance for any help!
 posted in The Fifth Gate on Jul 5, 10 12:16 PM
There is no profile to delete -- the game failed to install twice. I give up on this one.
 posted in The Fifth Gate on Jul 5, 10 2:28 AM
thanks but i never beta tested or otherwise played this one.
 posted in Vault Cracker on Jul 4, 10 7:42 PM
uhm this thread is under the wrong game, thank you in advance mods for moving it back i'm gonna report my own post so this is seen, please don't ding me for it i'm trying to help
 posted in The Fifth Gate on Jul 4, 10 7:40 PM
as reported elsewhere the game wouldn't install without wanting me to install flash off of IE -- i already have it fine from Firefox. rebooted and same thing happened, did it just for kicks but it still didn't work! i stay away from anythine Exploder except windows updates thank you, and it didn't help anyway. strange.

p.s. i am up-to-date on Firefox Flash, 10.1, even Dr. Felix told CS that last week...
 posted in The Fifth Gate on Jul 4, 10 7:36 PM
CheerfulDragon8 wrote:I recently downloaded a game that said I needed to install Flash - can't remember which, sorry. I also have the latest version. The problem turned out to be the browser. I usually use Firefox. I downloaded and installed Flash from Internet Explorer. The game ran fine after that.

Other than that, try CS again.

Thank you. I will notify CS but won't change my Flash to Exploder's version, seems odd to have to do that for a game, but I do thank you for sharing your experience
 posted in The Fifth Gate on Jul 4, 10 2:03 AM
I just tried installing it and it fails saying it needs Flash, which I definitely have and use all the time, 10.1, Dr. Felix and CS even verified I'm up-to-date just two days ago. Rebooted and tried again, same thing, just for kicks I reinstalled Flash but the installation still failed. Not a good start. Any ideas? Thank you.

P.S. I verified my Flash Player is still current. Something appears to be wrong with the game installer.
 posted in Hotel on Jun 26, 10 4:26 AM
The old version worked fine for me. I updated and now she won't use her cell phone, no matter how or where I click. Does she just not need it anymore? Usually in these games it is a source of help.

I wrote to CS but really want to play this weekend. Please help. Thank you!
 posted in Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition on Jun 24, 10 11:09 PM
Like so many others, I thank everyone for your comments and reviews. I was so disappointed that I can't afford the CE when all I'd want is the bonus play, and to find out it's just one little puzzle, well, I don't feel badly now, for me.

I'm sorry for the fishies who feel ripped off, though.

I hope the developers will take note that most (no, not all) players seem to care most about gameplay for all that extra money. I LOVE this series but it sounds like this package was a big mistake.

 posted in Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition on Jun 24, 10 10:49 PM
Classicaljazz wrote:And I'd like to add this note to the game developers: Many of the people who are unhappy with the cost of the Collector's Editions state that more generous extra game play time is what would make them more likely to invest in CE's. This being the case, why don't you release them with much more extra game play INSTEAD OF all the wallpapers, concept art, screensavers, soundtracks, etc.? I feel that your sales of CE's would skyrocket if you did this.

This. Brilliant.

3x the gameplay would be worth 3x the price.

The other stuff, and one puzzle estimated to take an hour (but reportedly much shorter)? No thank you.

 posted in Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition on Jun 24, 10 10:47 PM
tarbarme wrote:I could have saved money on this one. The graphics and sounds are great but the game is too short and the "Bonus" level is a joke. All u do in the bonus level is unscramble letters or do jigsaw puzzles to see some concept art and a boring picture at the end. The boring picture is supposed to be the sneak peak of the next book. Its only a house in the middle of a desert.

Thank you, though I'm sorry it wasn't worth your money

I've been reading the same thing around the 'net and now I don't feel so bad about not being able to afford the extra
 posted in Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition on Jun 24, 10 1:39 AM
Until now I've been only mildly disappointed about the CE's because I didn't care that much about missing the bonus game play for those games (the strategy guide, previews, wallpaper, screen saver, etc. don't interest me at all.)

But I love the Dream Chronicle games so much, and can't afford the CE and won't buy it and am very disappointed. I wish I could pay a small amount just for the bonus play material and not the rest of the bundle. $20 is a lot of food or medicine for me.

Sorry but I had to get that off my chest. I'll wait for the regular version and try not to think about the bonus game play.

ETA: I do understand some games costing a lot like the ones my hubby gets but they last him many months. I don't understand the argument about the publisher or BFG needing to do this unless they were losing money on previous issues. Were they?

 posted in Hotel on May 23, 10 3:36 AM
ivanbral wrote:Hello,

my name is Ivan Bralic and I'm the Executive Producer / Production Designer in Cateia Games - the developer behind "Hotel".
I cannot tell you if the game is good or not, for it wouldn't be fair, right?
But, I can ensure you that this is a full-fledged adventure and not a HOG. You can compare this with Syberia or our previous adventure game The Legend of Crystal Valley.

Thank you for dropping in with that awesome news. I'm excited about this one!
 posted in Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba on Mar 21, 10 2:52 AM
divegal wrote:Thank you for what I'd been awaiting -- a well-tested glitch-free beautiful fun puzzle-based game!!! What a relief after that odd run lately.

Keep up the great work and I'll look forward to renewing.

Upon further play, I feel like I overrated this. I think my relief that it worked overshadowed my search for quality.

The puzzles -- my favorite thing -- were too easy, while the rest of the tasks, even if simple, were not obvious or logical as to what I should do. Except when they were way too blatantly spelled out. Very uneven.

And the theme felt kind of cliche, which would have been fine, if the rest of the game was better.

Just, meh. Like that darn bird, the game became annoying. I apologize if I helped convince anyone to buy this. I regret it.

Still seeking a puzzle-heavy game without major glitches. It's been ages since I can find one great game (for my taste) per month. Azada 3 please!!!!!
 posted in Joan Jade and the Gates of Xibalba on Mar 17, 10 5:58 AM
Thank you for what I'd been awaiting -- a well-tested glitch-free beautiful fun puzzle-based game!!! What a relief after that odd run lately.

Keep up the great work and I'll look forward to renewing.

ETA: Upon further play, I really changed my mind on this one. Explanation in a page or so.

 posted in Eden's Quest: The Hunt for Akua on Mar 14, 10 3:56 PM
In case this info was missed (there are so many problem threads for this game) I downloaded the game from ULose and it runs beautifully. Was up late playing it with no problems.

This was after wasting time with two BF CS reps, re-checking drivers, three downloads, six reinstallations, three new users, and a partridge in a pair tree.

I never had this kind of problem with a BF game until the new game manager, and since then there have been a few, but I only really pursued this one because I wanted the game so badly. I'm so glad I found a working version, but I sure wish it was from BFG. All that frustration when the problem was never with my computer after all, and so little time to waste on glitches that aren't in other versions, prompted me to cancel my 3+ year membership.

Again I plea that will reconsider the idea that many of these problems are not with so many customers' computers or their oddball configurations, but rather with the game manager or something. Why else would the another version work so well?

Thank you for (hopefully) listening.
 posted in Eden's Quest: The Hunt for Akua on Mar 14, 10 3:36 PM
MrLipid wrote:divegal,

I think you may figured it out.

It's not the game, it's not the player's system, it's the code inserted in the game by its distributor...

I'm glad my post was helpful but to give credit where it's due it was phatkhat who first shared the good news about the working version out there.

And while I'm here, please accept my belated welcome to the pond.
 posted in Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition on Mar 13, 10 3:13 PM
Oooh Oooh DC were some of my all-time faves -- this is WONDERFUL news!!!
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