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 posted in The Island: Castaway 2 on Dec 14, 11 8:57 AM
Thanks Tex! I bought it untried but I know I'll love it. I loved the first one! I don't want to start it yet as I'll be away from this computer until Monday and I don't want to start it and not be able to finish it! I have LOTS of free time next week so I know what I'LL be doing!

Wonder why it was a soft release?
 posted in Mushroom Age on Nov 25, 11 12:35 AM
Great game...and LONG!!
 posted in The Chronicles of Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet on Nov 7, 11 5:50 AM
Funny...if you google it, the walkthrough is still there, but there's no "buy" button and it says there is no trial for the game!
 posted in Virtual Villagers: A New Home on Oct 27, 11 11:15 AM
Actually, it doesn't matter which game you start with. The games are kind of a progression but it doesn't really matter where you start.

I like VV: The Tree of Life best because I could choose my "peeps". But if you've never played before, you might not choose the ones that give you the most "advantage".

Actually, I love ALL of the VV games and have replayed them over and over again. They're not the "finish the game in a couple of hours" type of games. You have to be patient and figure out strategies as you go along.
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 11 7:26 AM
I did the beta for this game and my reactions were:

Too much hand holding! Sheesh! I really DO know that the "eye" icon means "look" and the "hand" icon means "pick up".

Sparkles sparkles everywhere...even when you don't want them. Even after you've clicked on an "information" sparkle, the sparkles still remain.

Don't know if they've fixed it, but the dialogue (written) went by WAY too fast! I'm a VERY fast reader and I had to click on objects 2 or 3 times to read the whole thing.

Objects were fairly easy to find, hints seem to reload at around 30 seconds.

I'm not a big IH0G/Adventure player but I do like the occasional one. I wouldn't take this one if they gave it to me for free! And at a CE price? What were they thinking?
 posted in Tiger Eye - Part I: Curse of the Riddle Box on Oct 20, 11 9:45 AM
I'm NOT a huge IH0G/adventure player but I really liked this game. The story is NOT something that's made to fit the game. The game is made to fit the story! Oh sure, there are some "cheesy" moments, but it was worth my credit when I bought it...and for SURE it's worth the $2.99 for the DD!!

Looking forward to the sequel!
 posted in Best in Show Solitaire on Oct 19, 11 5:27 AM
I really wanted to like this game but for some reason, I found it hard to see the numbers on the cards...and I have a big monitor!!
 posted in Faerie Solitaire on Oct 7, 11 8:33 AM
As a HUGE fan of FS (I'm STILL playing it...not every day but at least once a week!) I can sympathize with your problems. You still have a lot of FS fans out here...and we're still hoping for FS2!!

Good luck in your new ventures!
 posted in Fluttabyes on Sep 29, 11 11:03 AM
Hondo!!! You're not a new mod!!! How can you POSSIBLY move this to the soft release game is....thread???

Honestly, how can this thread POSSIBLY be a help to anyone looking in release game name...thread????
 posted in Fluttabyes on Sep 29, 11 7:34 AM
I think the new mods are a bit "move happy". They get the "list" from BFG management and move anything that looks suspicious. The wonderful mods who have been here for some time know that just because we mention a game in a thread, it doesn't necessarily have to be moved to that game's thread.

The other day, someone mentioned a game they played when they were bored...and IMMEDIATELY one of the new mods (not mentioning any names here! ) moved it to THAT game's thread.

New brooms sweep clean...or so they say!!

BTW: I tried today's soft release...and while I'm a HUGE M3 fan, I just couldn't find a reason to keep playing it. It IS pretty though!
 posted in Luck Charm Deluxe on Sep 29, 11 3:16 AM
This is one of my all time favorite M3 games. I'd forgotten about it and came across it today...totally addicting!

Yes, it's timed...and while I hate timed games, this one (except for the higher levels) seems to give enough time per round.

It's a "line" type M3. The goal is to remove all of the coins from the field by matching whichever token is on top of it. You can go up, down, sideways and diagonally. Plus, if you match more than 4, your "pot of gold" fills up. Once it's full, you get double the points.

It has (if I remember correctly) 100 levels...more and more challenging as you go. The leprachan's (sp?) voice can get annoying but you can turn him off (which I do).

If you've never tried it, do!! Lots of fun!
 posted in Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention on Sep 28, 11 6:10 AM
Not sure why this thread had to be moved to Chronicles of Albian! It's about being BORED!

Maybe if we suggest some other games, it'll be moved back??

When I'm bored, I go to my BVS Solitaire game and hit "random". Sometimes I find some great ones!

What do YOU play when you're bored?
 posted in 4 Elements II on Sep 27, 11 7:59 AM
I'm so amazed that this game is a soft release!!!! What were they thinking?? If I were the developers I'd be on BFGs case so fast!!!

As a rule, soft releases don't generate the kind of $ that TGTs do.

 posted in Artist Colony on Sep 22, 11 9:50 AM
Wow! I started this thread over a year and a half ago and it's still going strong! Amazing!

gudgrl87 I SO agree with the suggestion about having the artists come in random order after the first 5 or so. If you've played the game more than a couple of times (which I have!) it DOES get boring having the same people show up in the same order.

I haven't played AC in some time...I think it's time for a re-visit!
 posted in World Riddles: Secrets of the Ages on Sep 19, 11 8:16 AM
cottoncandy2 wrote:I really enjoyed the World Mosaic games but I don't care for this one. I find the different coloured tiles confusing. I don't know the purpose for it but it's annoying.

The reason I DIDN'T like the first two was because the tiles were so bland! Different strokes I guess! I'm downloading this as we speak...pretty sure it'll be a buy for me!
 posted in DragonStone on Sep 4, 11 12:09 AM
First, click on the crown in the opening screen. Then click "Start New Game". You have to get into the game before it will let you enter the new profile.

Also, you can only have 3 different profiles. If you want an 4th, you have to delete one of the 3 that are there.

 posted in Crime Solitaire on Aug 29, 11 4:36 PM
The blog walkthrough says 52.
 posted in Crime Solitaire on Aug 29, 11 2:35 AM
I saw that there was a Blog Walkthrough for this game. It kind of puzzled me as this is a CARD game. Why the heck would you need a walkthrough?

Well, I clicked on it and all that came up was " Posted on December 31, 1969 "

 posted in Crime Solitaire on Aug 29, 11 12:33 AM
Wow! This is a really fun game! It's the typical golf-type game (Fairway/Faerie Solitaire style) with a twist! You play different buildings to find clues to eliminate suspects and earn cash to serve the warrant.

I've only played about 10 minutes of the game and had to buy it.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life on Aug 26, 11 2:10 AM
I've also found that if you switch which male you use for the father it sometimes helps.
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