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 posted in Eternity on May 1, 10 10:00 AM
im stuck on the keys that you have to press in order, it doesnt matter which one I press, i keep getting the message telling me you have to press them in order. HELP
 posted in Deadtime Stories on May 1, 10 9:01 AM
have just finished the demo - and will definately be purchasing this game.

love everything about it.
 posted in Cruise Clues: Caribbean Adventure on Apr 28, 10 5:40 AM
Didnt find this one too bad, must admit, I generally dont bother with the music - it all drives me mad, so turn the volume down - that way I dont hear it!!
The hidden objects were fairly easy to find, the puzzles were good, the explanation of what needed to be done was fairly straightforward.
Will probably use a game credit for this one.
 posted in Master Wu and the Glory of the Ten Powers on Apr 26, 10 9:52 AM
Just didnt like this one, skipped most of the mini games!

I usually love these types of games, but this one just didn't "grab" my attention - couldnt even be bothered to finish the trial.

Definately will NOT be buying this game.
 posted in Unsolved Mystery Club™: Amelia Earhart™ on Apr 26, 10 12:27 AM
Really enjoyed playing this, although was disappointed when after only half the trial play, I could only continue if I purchased the game.

Loved this game, will definately buy it with my credits.
 posted in Masquerade Mysteries: The Case of the Copycat Curator on Apr 20, 10 5:16 AM
yasure wrote:I've played 30 minutes so far. it's OK but I find it alittle boring. Right now I'm stuck looking for the screwdriver. The hint shows me where to use it but not where it is. Anybody out there who can tell me where to look?

I too am enjoying this game, but am stuck looking for the screwdriver
 posted in Love & Death ™: Bitten ™ on Apr 15, 10 5:13 AM
I have just completed this game, thought it was brilliant. Loved the story line, graphics and all the puzzles.

Im hoping there will be a follow up to this game, as the ending is just too sad. Hopefully he can rescue her in the next one.
 posted in Dominic Crane's Dreamscape Mystery on Apr 9, 10 6:45 AM
I found this game very frustrating. Am currently stuck at the pond with the crocodile - have completed everything else in this scene, but have no idea what to do next.

Won't be buying this game.
 posted in Black Circle: A Carol Reed Mystery on Feb 16, 10 1:46 AM
oh dear - im not going to be popular!

I thought this game was awful, bad story, bad music - just hated everything!
I had to switch it off after 5 minutes as it was just driving me mad!
Definately not going to be buying this game.
 posted in The White House on Jan 9, 10 5:04 AM
managed to download and start to play, then my cursor gets stuck as the bust and no matter what I do, I cant get rid of it. Only way to get out of the game is to ctrl, alt, del.
 posted in Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis on Dec 16, 09 2:23 AM
I am also receiving the access violation message at the coloured balls. Am going to try reinstalling, as I want to buy this game.
 posted in Lost City of Z: Special Edition on Sep 18, 09 3:16 AM
Hi I've got the same problem with the Z Cog and the game shutting down. Any Ideas apart from starting over??

I started over, and it worked fine. Quite enjoyed this game, not sure that I would buy it though, as I think I may have completed the majority of it during the free trial.
 posted in Drawn: The Painted Tower ™ on Sep 6, 09 1:30 AM
I was having the same problem, going to the purchase page, when I still had 25 mins left to play, I assumed it was because I had finished the trial section, and having just read the posts here, I was right!!

Really enjoyed this game.
 posted in I SPY™ Fun House on Sep 6, 09 1:18 AM
I've played this game for the 1 hour trial, it is just a question of I Spy!! Although I found it extremely annoying at times that there was no hints, as it has been mentioned previously, when you click on the ? for help, it just repeats what you have to do. However I did manage to locate all of the golden tickets and entered the 'fun house'. This was not that 'fun'.
I would say that this game would be ideal for kids, although they may get extremely frustrated at not being able to progress until they have found all the objects. My 8 year old son enjoyed trying to find some of the objects with me, but then gave up when it got difficult.
Definately would not buy this game.
 posted in Time Machine: Evolution on Aug 25, 09 7:14 AM
Got past the first age level and onto the second age level, but kept running out of time, which is really frustrating. I didnt really like this game - didn't really see the point of having to fire a cannon a the board to make matches. Won't be buying this game.
 posted in Relic Hunt on Aug 24, 09 6:25 AM
omg - truly awful. Have finished this game with 16 minutes to spare on the trial, so definately will not be buying this game!!!

As some of the others have mentioned, it definately has potential, but at the moment it is just too easy.
 posted in Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse on Aug 23, 09 11:23 AM
I bought this game, after playing the trial. Really enjoyed it, have played from start to finish twice!!! The fairy does remind me of tinkabel and you do get used to her voice after a while.

Hope there will be a continuation of this game.
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