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I would have to agree with you Poodle I just downloaded it to try for something different. I really don't like timers or management games but this was different in that it was just puzzles. I enjoyed it but I have to say that it was weird at first. Obviously you were playing for awhile so you can replay levels?? Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I also found this weird and lovable, just like me
Wow I wasn't sure where to look. Thanks Purplerabbit now that I know where to look it was easier to catch that. Good eyes Itsme.
Ok sorry to bring this up again but after listening to the ending of the video many times I'm pretty sure she's saying 1) I didn't turn it on...I'm sorry or 2) I didn't turn it off...I'm sorry. I just thought that it was interesting seeing as how they were doing a video dairy like thing. Maybe she didn't turn it on and someone is missing and they would have known what happened in the video recorder was on. Or something like that cause I'm fairly certain it's #1 from above.

I also noticed the red notebook on the bed.
I can hear her talking at the end of the video. I can't quite understand what she says first but I know she ends with "I'm sorry" Grrrrrr going back to the video now.
cadfael wrote:At the end of the video, where it says, Is it just a game?; look to the left and I think I can make out a face screaming.

I can see the face screaming too. Now I'm going to go watch it again and see if I can see anything else. Chasing something through the catacombs would be entirely creepy and I would love it. I'm happy I don't have any cats to jump on me while I'm playing. Though my DH would think it was funny to scare me so I'm not going to mention it to him.
WOW I just watched the video *groaning* I don't think I can wait til December. I also think you are on to something Emmyjayne. It's going to be creepy and I'm going to have to play it in the dark. lol
lol I agree Jbently it is bad
I just checked out the site as soon as I woke up and I don't see anything new. I took a screen shot of what it looked like yesterday so if they are being sneaky, like the spot the differences mini games, I'll have a pic to compare so it won't be from memory. I didn't want it to be like the Utube videos.
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I'm so hoping that soon means some time this year. Crossing my fins for a soon release of FS2.
Cre8tivemom2002 wrote:
lilgirl88 wrote:Maybe we are suppose to open or close an electric gate to stop her tirade. Perhaps someone is making it seem as if there was a banshee to scare people off for some reason which is why Dire Grove is closed for the season. Thus it would be a computer operated "banshee" and we have to turn it off. Just wildly guessing here.

Sound like an episode of Scooby doo

lol I didn't realize that's what it sounds like but now that you mention it, who wants to investigate with Scooby. lol must be my childhood coming to the front, I used to watch Scooby Doo all the time
Maybe we are suppose to open or close an electric gate to stop her tirade. Perhaps someone is making it seem as if there was a banshee to scare people off for some reason which is why Dire Grove is closed for the season. Thus it would be a computer operated "banshee" and we have to turn it off. Just wildly guessing here.
The lowest, most basic level of intelligence in silicon is what?

Combined with Silicon are what????

Do we need to open or close is the only question?


These are boolean operators commonly used in search engines and/or simplified programming. Therefore, since boolean operators are, by definition, software coding, then when combined with silicon in the sense of microprocessors, creates a simple task for a computer. In simple terms: a computer must operate within specific parameters (i.e. for-next, if-then, etc.) Essentially, since a computer operates in the binary 1 or 0 for on or off, then the computer must decide whether to open or close a circuit based on the information filtered through the afore stated boolean operators in its software coding.
Woohoo another clue Thanks Picman. Hmmm so not how it is made but how it enables intelligence.... pondering and will offer my thoughts in a bit.

eta: what I learned

What is silicon used for? Microchips/microprocessors. The microchip has replaced all vacuum tubes, transistors, didoes, and capacitors.

Why do they call it silicon valley? Home of all the major microprocessor manufacturers: Intel, Atheros, AMD

What did they use before silicon enabled intelligence? Vacuum tubes, transistors, didoes, and capacitors all have an effect on electrical current. Transistors reduce the flow to a specified minimal amount measured in thousandths. Capacitors store electricity. Didoes allow electrical currents to flow only one direction. Vacuum tubes preceded all and they modulated electricity similar to what transistors do.

From my DH who has an advanced degree in computer science. Just wanted to let you all know where I got my info from
emmyjayne wrote:I think the relevant part of picman's undergrad degree is "electrical" and not the occupation itself. If heat (electricity) is applied to sand it forms silica which is used in the process of making computer chips (it acts as an insulator on the chip) and computers which could be the "enable intelligence" part - like many of you have mentioned. But I wonder if the key point is the heat or fire. Banshees make it cold - so heat probably destroys them. So fire/heat would stop the tirade.

That's what I was thinking. Maybe it's not what we can make with the sand that will stop her tirade but if what we do to the sand to make it those things, heat/fire/melting that will stop Her. As in doing those things to the Banshee, if that is in fact the Her that picman was referring to. Just guessing.
I don't know if he plays all the games they release but he posted as if he had played MCF 6 saying how it was like the shining etc. I think it was figured that the last two clues were gaelic.
About 9 I think counting the one from last year and picman's comment after he played.
I have them written down here some where.

What do 1900's Russian Circus performers have to do with English nobility?

Why won't the car start?

It's very very cold. Strange for this time of year.

Think The Shining meets Blaire Witch meets The Ring meets...well Return to Ravenhearst.

The four O's and the Kavanaghs know why it is so cold... as did Patricia L. in her revealing 1980's manuscript.

Turkey Day ZAMAN can mean time or day or daily in Turkish.

Ravenhearst is gone burned to the ground... but Victor is not the only source of evil in the world. This is not raven or bates related.



Those were the ones that I have if I'm missing any or messed any up I'm sorry.
I hope this helps you Selina.
I know Windrose it's very sad. That's why I'm asking for another clue to keep us occupied until the release. Pretty pretty please.
You know I think we need some more clues. Please Picman pretty please. We've picked over the other ones and now we need some more. Anyone else think so too?
I just looked and it kinda looked like a face but I think its a log. I'm not sure so I'm going to attempt to enlarge the picture in paint to see if I can see it more clearly.
I also thought that The Ring connection could be your death is foretold = the banshee foretells misfortune or death. I could be wrong I dunno. I think we are searching for missing people possibly dead people. Just a thought
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