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 posted in Plumeboom: The First Chapter on Jan 7, 11 9:33 PM
I'm on my third round of the game, and so far, I can't get past the last level! BUT, I am improving SO MUCH each time I play!! I can't believe how child-like I thought it was starting out, and how rapidly it did become a challenge. I do think it's a 'type' of marble popper in style, and it's really fun!

I LOVE this type of time waster! I'm getting awesome, at it too! hehehe I'm expecting to finish the whole game this time.

I'm learning to 'save' my 'buys' for the more difficult levels when I'll need them most!! Was that a spoiler?? Gulp!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Nov 27, 10 6:28 PM
I played through it today with '0' problems! I had purchased it, and never played it beyond the demo and when I read all the problems folks have posted I was so afraid I'd made a bad choice---sooooo, I HAD to try and play it today!

I hope everyone else has their problems resolved because I'd hate for anyone to miss out on this game, especially if they are wary due to the problems many have reported having.

So--give it a try and maybe you'll be as fortunate as I--with no problems.

BTW--I love the quality of the artwork and the gameplay and the story-line was interesting enough that I didn't mind taking the time to follow along! I used very few hints, collected all the crows and came one short of collecting all the clovers!


ETA: I also exited the game several times with no issues of it not 'saving' my place and progress!! Whew!!!
 posted in Deadtime Stories on May 2, 10 6:53 PM
ples244 wrote: If you don't like a certain game, that is your choice, but don't make it mine. I have different tastes then you and would like the opportunity to make my own decision.

Of course, that's true for us all and no one has suggested otherwise, that I can see!

....... BTW, WELCOME TO THE POND ples244!
................. Hope you enjoy your swim with us!!
 posted in Deadtime Stories on May 2, 10 1:07 PM
I am taking the liberty to 'quote' what was said by 'lilprincess' in her thread and you tell me how this hysteria has gotten to this level--in this thread and another one that is having quite a field day and obviously at her expense?

Occult Games on the Rise??
by lilprincessred13 on Apr 29, 10 8:19 AM
"Why is it that every really well drawn game has to have a voodoo or occult theme? I like scary games, but you can do a scary game without incorporating pentagrams and the such!

A game can be well drawn, exciting and or scary without those elements. Not everyone likes them. Yet I would not want to deprive those that do, but I guess I'm getting jaded due to the tremendous dry-spell in casual games.

There have been quite a few games I have had to pass on because of this. I know, everybody says a game is just a game, but if it is MY money buying it.......

It doesn't have to be religious, just give me a good game, mystery or scary, that doesn't have the occult written all over it LOL

And, her other post in that thread:

"Sounds like a good idea to me badger ...

Oh and I would never want to take those games away from anyone who enjoys them!!! I just want a good scary game I can enjoy too LOL "

I used to have a tone of ideas for games, but I am drawing a blank today. CRS LOL... "


This isn't a case of someone 'mis-speaking', or launching an attack on anyone else, or a suggestion of censorship (speaking of lilprincess' comments) this is a case of many folks failing to read her post accurately and then launching a spin on what has been assumed she has said or meant and running with it, with no apologies for having 'assumed' she has meant other than she's stated!

Do we really want to become known for our piranha-feeding frenzies?
I hope not!

 posted in The Flying Trapeezees on Apr 1, 10 3:40 PM
Looking for more opinions of this game!
 posted in Bookworm Deluxe on Feb 18, 10 7:04 PM
I've really enjoyed this game!!! I looked long and hard for a good word game and this one is maybe not the best but it's a worthy offering!!!
 posted in The Sims Carnival BumperBlast on Feb 18, 10 3:19 PM
I posted earlier that I thought this was well worth $2.99--I wouldn't pay $6.99, though!! I've been having fun with it!

if you like Peggle type games this is of that sort, I would say! I'm glad I got it!!
 posted in The Sims Carnival BumperBlast on Feb 18, 10 8:24 AM
I found the game a relaxing and fun venture! Children should love it, and I'm thinking I might get it to do for a time of mindless fun!
 posted in Mahjong World on Feb 16, 10 1:04 PM
I'm thinking I just might try this one! I've never played Majong in any form and have been curious!

Any reason not to start with this one, especially since it's a Daily Deal?
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera on Feb 15, 10 10:03 PM
I feel you pain, puckizzy ! I think you're probably stuck where I was stuck! At the big tree, on the right side of the screen is a tree with a pair of shoes dangling from a limb! There should be a sparkly under the shoes. Click on the sparkle and the limb will be magnified and you then can use your axe to cut off the limb which you will use to complete your bridge.

Did you use the prop door to start across the bridge initially?
 posted in Detective Stories: Hollywood on Feb 15, 10 4:30 PM
Thank you, Kathilisa--I did finally figure it out but I appreciate your willingness to help me!!!
 posted in Nightfall Mysteries: Curse of the Opera on Feb 14, 10 5:32 PM
I've retrieved the axe from the backpack but I cannot get it to do what it's supposed to on the tree limbs. I get the 'hand' over an area of the tree, but when I try to make the axe do something it springs back into inventory.

Also, according to the walk-thru, if i click on the limb in the upper left corner of the tree it will enlarge and that just doesn't happen!

Argh! I don't know whether to buy this or not!! Seems like it has lots of problems but many folks seem to love it at the same time!!!
 posted in Paradise Quest on Feb 14, 10 6:32 AM
Customer Service was very helpful in trying to resolve flickering issues I had with another game 'Kitten Sanctuary' but to no avail. Now, this game is doing the same thing but I'm wondering if anyone else is having the problem and if so how far into the game did you get before deciding you COULD live with it or NOT!

It doesn't seem to happen during the match three right now, just between games mostly and it's pretty significant at those points!

I guess I'm trying to decide if the flickering is an omen of ultimate crashing or just an annoyance factor I MIGHT be able to live with!!! I've never had this with any game, on this computer until these two! Coincidental?
 posted in Kitten Sanctuary on Feb 12, 10 7:22 AM
Me too, and I'd like to purchase it but don't think I can endure the flashing and fluttering--and those bands coming and going!

I think my grandsons would love this game--if that can be fixed, anyhoo!

 posted in Elements on Feb 11, 10 6:25 PM
I, too, love this game!! It is challenging, but in the relaxed mode option, it is also very therapeutic! It's also pretty unique!!!
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Everest ™ on Feb 6, 10 9:35 PM
I guess I'm not so distrubed by a 'grapic' that I know is not real but if I were going to be disturbed by 'skeletons' I would be also even more disturbed by 'human' skeletons!!

Baltimore Babe--are you less disturbed by the human skeletons?
 posted in Chicken Attack on Jan 25, 10 2:14 PM
Thank you 'Big Fish' Live-Chat (Llywellen ?) who suggested I install the game on one of our other computers and I have and SO FAR, it's fine! But--it was FINE for a long time on the other computer! She suggests that there may have been a change in our system that has rendered it 'corrupted', even if I'm not aware of any such changes!!

Hope it works long-term! LOVE this game!! Not relaxing, but sure is fun to me!!!
 posted in Chicken Attack on Jan 24, 10 5:24 AM
I really wish someone had some ideas about fixing this problem!!!
My grandsons and I love this game!!
 posted in Detective Stories: Hollywood on Jan 19, 10 6:50 PM
I made it through the western scene with the dusting, but this next one--a tomb (?) I just can't get it past the 46% degree before the time expires!!

Any hints about how to do it more efficiently! I guess you have to be good at it in real life, too!!!
 posted in Detective Stories: Hollywood on Jan 16, 10 7:32 PM
I found that you have to point the cursor tip right on the right spot for anything to attach to it's spot! For instance, a key picked up, will not be inserted like you really would do it, but by the tip of the cursor!! Hope that helps!!
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