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 posted in Busy Bea's Halftime Hustle on Feb 6, 11 5:58 AM
That's great to hear! I hope that in 44 years, I will be blessed with the dexterity and reflexes you have now
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sassylassie wrote:
lackoo wrote:Excuse me , but i can't read what you wrote . All i can see :


Thanks .

What does it matter if it can be read or not. The game is junk.

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dizbizbangle wrote:(removed by moderator)

(removed by moderator) The purpose of mentioning my age was to: 1) Let people know that the latter half of Generation X plays these games, and 2) I have been an avid gamer for 30 years. (Since the Atari 2600 in 1981.) Really?

Did it bother me that much? Well, you hit the nail right on the head there- no denying that, It did bother me. Why? Because in the past year HOGs are over saturated and they are being released every single day, where quantity is being focused on rather than quality. Time management players, for the most part, are being ignored, Time management games are the second best selling genre,and are not being produced because they are much more difficult to program than HOGS. FACT. For the record, the last 12 out of 20 credits I have used here were on HOGS, so I am not a HOG hater at all- They relax me when I need it.

Am I an expert reviewer? I would say that's quite a subjective question. I have reviewed games on other sites, but the only aspect that would potentially qualify me is an expert is that I have been in the casual games scene for 7 years now, and I have purchased close to 400 credits here at , in addition to other portals....I own more casual, iPhone, portable, and console games that you care to know.

I beta'ed the release candidate for Busy Bea's, and it was fantastic. When I play the final version later, I will give it a glowing review, or perhaps I won't...
 posted in Busy Bea's Halftime Hustle on Feb 6, 11 4:28 AM
Thanks for your review, gmac... I am going to try it out later and give the final version a spin...

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bluesruley2k wrote:Just an over-complicated version of "Movie Madness"...Don't even waste your time!

Please, don't bash a game when you don't even like the genre.....(removed by moderator)
 posted in Busy Bea's Halftime Hustle on Feb 6, 11 4:23 AM
I changed the title of my post at the attempt to not offend (removed by moderator)

The beta was great-perfect for time management players, I am going to play the final version later when I wake up again and give it an honest review. Hopefully others, (who like this genre) will post their thoughts as well...

 posted in Shop It Up! on Jan 27, 11 4:38 PM
Shop It Up! has 75 levels and it's available now on the devleloper's website, so google it. It's from the developers of Build a Lot, and it's well worth it for $9.99...

 posted in Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips on Jan 2, 11 10:23 AM
A little extra info on Aiport Mania 2

The original Airport Mania had 84 levels. Airport Mania 2 CE, in essence, has 230 levels. As in the first one, you had the ability to pass a level (no stars), get expert (1 star), master (2 stars), or supreme (3 stars).
In Airport Mania 2, once you beat an entire stage, you have the opportunity to go back to that stage and replay all of the levels for a 4th star which is called "perfect".
Basically, you have 115 levels which you play to get supreme score like in the original. After all of the levels in a particular stage is completed, regardless of how many stars you earn, there will be a new bar at the top available called perfect score. This means you have to do even better than supreme.
Playing through the game alone (115 levels, each level once doing the best you can) will take you around 8 hours. Replaying these levels and aiming for a perfect score on all 115 will even take you longer. I would estimate over 20 hours of gameplay with this title where you don't feel like you are doing something repetitive.

[removed by moderator] reviewed this game quite accurately and gave it 4.5 stars out of 5, which is rare.

Don Keizer
 posted in Club Paradise on Dec 19, 10 8:29 AM
Totally a winner IMHO....Like the previous poster said, there is a lot of variety...
 posted in Soap Opera Dash on Dec 14, 10 3:09 PM
Imberis wrote:I love Dash games, but I don't like this one. It's really easy, yet there's way, way too much going on at one time. I didn't find it difficult, just annoying. Choosing hairstyles, outfits, and makeup takes away from the game, since another little screen pops up asking you to choose correctly. I don't get this part of the game. It's not fun or difficult. It's also kind of irritating having to go to every station (hairstyle, changing booth, makeup) and do something. It disrupts the flow of the game. I like that they tried to do something new and different from the typical restaurant dash games, but I feel like it didn't quite work out.

You love dash games? Cool...just interesting that almost all of your 300+ posts have to do with hidden object games lol...
 posted in Soap Opera Dash on Dec 14, 10 12:52 PM
Im halfway through the game and the difficulty picks up around the 19th level. Very glad I bought it, and additional replay value added because not only do you try for expert, but you try to get all green checks on each level by meeting smaller objectives. When you click on a level to replay it, you see if you got all of checks. For the first 15 levels or so, it was easy. However, it becomes challenging by level 25, so I am wondering what it will be like in 10 levels or so...

 posted in Fisher's Family Farm on Dec 10, 10 4:06 AM
Honestly, I think this game is great. I don't believe it's a Farm Frenzy knockoff. There are similarities and differences between the 2, but this game is actually more polished and has a few innovative twists and turns that make it stand out. I'd write more but I am off to work.

Highly recommended IF:you like time management games, especially the Farm Frenzy series. I played the whole trial, and that made me realize that Fishers Family Farm was definitely worth the purchase.

 posted in Supermarket Mania ® 2 on Dec 3, 10 12:38 AM
Absolutely love it. Definitely one of the better time management games to come along in recent weeks. This is even better than the original. Has 80 levels and 48 achievements to unlock.
 posted in Time to Hurry: Nicole's Story on Nov 23, 10 8:07 AM
littleoracle wrote:First, this is NOT a time management game. I'd say that this is 95% HOG and I really wish that BF wouldn't advertise HOGs as TM sometimes.

Not much needed to use brains here. Basically it's a point and click for customers with the objects rotating around the room every level. With that in mind, it gets a bit monotonous easily. Also, there's a timer for the expert level and when I'm on the fourth level and I run out of time, I have no doubt it will end up being a stressful game later on.

Very basic play, sell lots of items to get Nicole ahead in life. Unfortunately, the game focuses mostly on selling junk to people, so why should I be interested in progressing her?

HOG lovers will probably like this, but I'll pass this time. Waiting for more gardening games with an optional timer is ideal.

Little Oracle- I couldn't agree more!! If Bigfish truly wants to me the King or Queen of casual games, they really need to step up their efforts in either creating or publishing time management exclusives. This is definitely a good game, but I can't believe it was advertised as time management.
 posted in Season Match: Curse of the Witch Crow on Nov 14, 10 10:39 AM
njewer wrote:
Faylyn wrote: (except for DragonStone which I love)


I know - off topic - but Dragonstone is one of my favourite games (and I am usually more of a HOG and TM person - rarely play match 3s) - been wishing for a sequel to Dragonstone since it came out!

Too bad we won't ever see a Dragonstone sequel, a wonderful Playpond game. They have gone HOG wild. Sellouts.
 posted in Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills Collector's Edition on Sep 30, 10 12:42 AM
Question to anybody that has gotten a chance to play it: How many extra levels are there in the CE?

PS: Obviously, I bought this game without trying and will try it tomorrow evening after finishing my lesson plans...

 posted in Hospital Haste on Sep 21, 10 10:06 AM
laeddie wrote:I appreciate DonnyDJ's comments and I admit to being a big TM game lover but I did'nt care for the Hotel Dash game even though I bought it. It was too fast/difficult for me so I probably won't care for this one BUT I will try it. One more thing let's all act like adults and thank BF for their excellent efforts to bring us a variety of games.

Thanks. Just so you know, you have a choice of difficulty levels

As for the hog lovers, Im a hog liker but nobody should complain about the lack of hogs. In the past year, over 200 have been released vs 40 tm games...
 posted in Hospital Haste on Sep 21, 10 8:38 AM

I don't appreciate your tone, which appears to be condescending and patronizing. I've been playing all types of video games since 1981, and thats before you were even born.

The two games, Hotel Dash and Hospital Haste, are quite similar but not the exact same.

Don K

PS People like yourself and Govegirl who love time management games should totally express their opinions. However, people who say they played the game under ten minutes or TM bashers should create their own forum.

Bigfish has been HOG country for years, and it's great to see time mgmt. Exclusives here.
 posted in Hospital Haste on Sep 21, 10 4:13 AM

I can't believe some of the comments I am reading here..

I played this game and that's why I am running late for work; I love it!

Most of the reviewers here above clearly prefer HOGs, based on looking at their previous discussion starters.

For those who say this is a Hotel Dash clone.....if it's a great game, it's a great game! How many farm games are out there where you are doing pretty much the same thing?

I can spend the entire day making a list of hidden object games that are exact clones of each other, yet nobody complains..

How about match 3 games...are many of those pretty much clones?

Anyhow, back to Hospital Haste...
50 levels, option to replay for expert, option to switch difficulty level during game, smooth game play, can play either windowed or in full screen, and challenging.

***Tip*** Do NOT get frustrated when you don't make expert. You are meant to replay some levels after purchasing items.

Ok, now off to work in NJ and I hope I am not late.

Highly recommended, IF you like time management games.

9 out of 10 stars from me.

Don K

Huge PS.....I love it how people say they play a game for one-ten minutes and then they write a review here.....
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing on Sep 1, 10 11:34 PM
Yes i am! Do i know you? I knew a guy named Paulie D from NJ but we aren't in contact..
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