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 posted in Mystery Valley on May 7, 12 8:22 PM
bought it - aww it didn't stay scary.
The story is good now but I miss the anticipation and dark halls and absolutely creepy sounds.

Something to build on, eh?
 posted in Mystery Valley on Apr 20, 12 12:56 AM
I get the feeling this is an old game. A lot of the images and puzzles so far are pretty simple and at times the hidden object puzzles aren't very cluttered.
But the use of Silence makes this game creepy and the use of near Silent Hill background ambience when I'm in a darl wet basement - splendid.
That's just the demo which I was too tired finish more than 39 minutes of.

I am buying this.

 posted in Mystery Case Files: Huntsville ™ on Aug 8, 11 6:46 PM
Ditto, I'm sure this is just a very old game. But sometimes I like to click on something and then click on the next item.
6 clicks later, I've managed to click on the next item.
Disabling clicking while the icon of what I clicked it expanding and contracting and spinning to a little wav file is a bit aggravating.
 posted in The Hidden Object Show: Season 2 on Jul 30, 11 4:43 PM
Definately get the combo pack if you do not have the 1st as well as the 2nd.

However, they are very different games.

2nd Season comes with a light feeling, a bigger sense accomplishment and faster gratification. It's also set as fun in an amusement park.
I will be buying this one.

I already own 1st season which has a completely different plot and an incredible replay value. So if you don't have 1 - get the combo pack.
 posted in Epic Escapes: Dark Seas on Jul 18, 11 8:18 PM
I can't stress this enough. Play the demo FIRST.
 posted in Epic Escapes: Dark Seas on Jul 18, 11 8:17 PM
The premise seems fine but the text would go by way too quickly so I missed some of the story. When the little girl is talking - the text shoots by. When I wait for the waiter'stextto shoot by, it just sat there.
It was apparent my journal wasn't really catching anything. Infact, the first item that I put into my journal - Rime of the Ancient Mariner - appears to be missing.

And my hands are suffering from all the clicking because the game is SuPeR finnicky about clicking. Mixing the medicines was horrendous because I could not get the game to let the bottle pour in.

I still have 20 minutes on the demo.

Sorry. Deleted. Carpal tunnel not my thing.
 posted in Dreamland on Jul 10, 11 1:02 AM
Played the demo and I am hooked. A Definate buy for payday.
Some of those seek and finds are TOUGH!

Though I was a bit irked: when in the demo was it going to tell me to collect starfish and marbles? I just clicked on one out of frustration.
 posted in Detective Agency 2: Banker's wife on Jun 28, 11 5:30 PM
"Meh" about sums it up. Sorry, I'm just not liking this game and I'm so glad I got the demo first. Bless Big Fish for those.

In order to get the last item on a scene, you have to go to ANOTHER scene to get something to assist you in getting that last item.
Just not sure I like that process. I can see it working in say - a Murder Mystery in a Mansion.
But it just doesn't fly in this, it kinda belly flops.

Spoiler: Please don't say "I need to move this cat" and have a cat toy behind the cat - but that isn't the item needed to move the cat.
That's just inane.
So's releasing a butterfly inside your client's home to get their cat moving.
And shutting the power off to the entire house just to get a single light bulb.
 posted in Sinking Island on May 29, 11 9:08 AM
I guess this would be why there isn't a "try before you buy" option.
 posted in Mystery Novel on May 28, 11 7:45 PM
Played 31 minutes. Ugh.

Music is nice
Art is nice
Plot I think might be good

Back and forth running to artificially extend the game's play time was taken to the limit here and beyond.
Go to Police station to notice Object. Go down street to get Object. Go further to use Object to open Object to get object to run BACK to the Police station to get the Object.
There is no real link to many of your actions.
No LOGICAL explanation, either.
"Aigh! I just aged 30 years - I'd better tell the police. But first I must repair this stool...."

Agreed on the dialog going by too fast.
And this thing will wait before acknowledging your click.

Not a recommend. Could have been so much better.
 posted in The Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital on May 17, 11 6:06 PM
I purchased "The Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital Collector's Edition" and I had to write you.
This was fantastic and I sincerely hope to see more like it.
The research done on the items in the scenes was surprisingly good. You didn't just throw a lot of random clutter on the scene, you worked out what would normally be in that room during that time period. The art was excellent. Music was great. Plot was very good (a theme I see occasionally in really good dice rolling role playing games).
Normally I leave this praise for the forums, but I went to look for your company to see if anymore "The Agency of Anomalies" games might be coming out.
I see your website is under construction. As a modder for Unreal - I feel you there. Mine's just a forum.

How this game was researched and worked out and put together? Do it again.

Now a Fan
Eileen Heath

Dear Eileen,

As the game producer of this title and in behalf on our team I’d like to express our gratitude for all your kind words!

It is very important for us as a developers when players enjoy our games. In fact, this is the highest award which inspires us for a new titles!

For now we have started working with Agency’s sequel, and I hope you’ll like it as much as the first Agency.

Also, please follow the BigFish Games portal – Orneon is going to release another titles this summer.

Thanks again and see you in the next games!

With best regards,
Sergey Bigas
Game producer
 posted in The Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital on May 17, 11 6:04 PM
I think I might know why ....

I emailed Orneon and got a reply!
I'll post it in it's own thread.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dream on May 3, 11 7:20 PM
Thanks Mcurty! That is exactly what I was looking for. Apparently I missed snagging Haunted Hotel!

I do so love sequels to games!
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dream on May 3, 11 5:54 PM
I've got Haunted Hotel: Lonely Dreams and Haunted Hotel II: Believe the Lies

When I launched "Lonely Dreams", there's a door that says "Haunted Hotel II: Believe the Lies" that the main character is standing behind for a second and then the screen where I choose my name.
Then nothing but references to "the last game".

I even exited out, reloaded to make sure I was clicking on the right game, then relaunched it to confirm the title that came up.

Now, I know Time Travel is involved - but is "Lonely Dreams" the first? Or "Believe the Lies"?

Or is there a prequel I don't know about?
 posted in Millionaire Manor: The Hidden Object Show on May 2, 11 6:42 PM
Well the replay value is high. I apparently won the game with only 37% completed. I bought the game after the hour demo ran out - only to find I only had 2 more goals to accomplish. I had already accomplished 3. So the game could stand to be longer.
However I did say a high replay value.
That's because when you click on Extended Play, you can see which rooms you completed which puzzles in. You can click on a white star to basically play the game you skipped in that room.

Plot: not so much. Though I did crack up when the villain said "Do you know how long it took me to get all those items?!"

The real selling point to this game was the huge variety of games inside! More than just a list of items (LIST) you locate.
Letter Getter is quite fun in that you find the letters OR the objects they're spelling.
Each turn of the wheel randomly picks a new game type for you.

So this was fun. I was banging my head on RavenHearst and took a break with Millionaire Manor and I was really pleased.
 posted in Millionaire Manor: The Hidden Object Show on May 1, 11 9:02 AM
Under Extended Play, you can complete the maps you missed.
I finished the game at 37%

I didn't think that was possible. I guess it's because I used skip chips.
 posted in Millionaire Manor: The Hidden Object Show on Apr 30, 11 9:13 PM
Weird! I just got through with the demo. The Magnifying glass just came up automatically in lieu of the cursor.

edit: Oh, these posts were from last year. I guess a patch got applied.
 posted in Millionaire Manor: The Hidden Object Show on Apr 30, 11 9:12 PM
The lead voice actor in this game sounds a lot like the cop in the "Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy" game.

Though they really try to give him twerp lines, ya know - cuz he's a villain.

Am I right or have I heard him somewhere else? He's really familiar sounding to me.
Annnnd I finished. Glad I bought the collector's edition. I can play even more.
The ending wasn't what I thought.

I was so driven by the story that I forgot to collect the postcards which are present in a lot of places.
8 out of 20 was my last memory - maybe I grabbed a few more, maybe not. But at the end, I said to my husband, "Aw crap - forgot the other postcards!"

Incidentally the addon map the collector's edition brings you isn't as fun and there's a lot more running back and forth.
A crap ton.

All in all - a good game.

 posted in Fallen Shadows on Apr 29, 11 11:46 PM
Sorry, ThatStom, that actually happens in a lot of these games.
Like one of the Puppeteer games, in fact. I had 10 minutes left. Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven - I still have 22 minutes left!
But whenever I reload it, it goes straight to the end scene unless I want to create a new character.
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