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 posted in League of Light: Dark Omens Collector's Edition on Jul 22, 13 2:29 PM
I've started replaying the game to see if I can figure it out. By the looks of it, your first bestiary scroll should be about the Dark Lord, but you don't seem to get credit for that one. The side-screen popped out when I collected the Banshee's scroll, and it said "2/11". So we're missing the Dark Lord scroll...hmmm. Let me continue and see...I thought I had clicked on all the pictures describing the rise of the Dark Lord, but I may have missed one. If I figure it out I'll let y'all know.
 posted in League of Light: Dark Omens Collector's Edition on Jul 22, 13 10:47 AM
blueeyedgirl1301 wrote:I can't get the last "fresco piece" for completing the achievements and it's driving me crazy... There's supposed to be 11 bestiary scrolls to find for an achievement, but there's only 10, at least in the main game.

I even read the ENTIRE strategy guide to see if I missed anything... please help anyone! I took so much time trying to get every achievement so I could get all 20 fresco parts for the mini puzzle at the end.

Is it in the bonus chapter? I'm on the very last scene in the regular game, but I don't want to finish yet in case I missed something and can go back for it.

When I read through the strategy guide for the BONUS chapter, it DID mention picking up a scroll, but it doesn't say "11th bestiary scroll" like the other ones, it just says "scroll", and then there's no more mention of it, so I don't know if it's just a read-only scroll that goes into your diary or if it IS the 11th scroll. It seems unlikely since all the other achievements, including the hidden owls are all in the main game.

Did anyone play the bonus chapter? If you did, then at least I'll know that scroll mentioned in the SG isn't the 11th "bestiary scroll". (Again, I find it doubtful, but here's to hoping!).

If anyone else has any info, can you please let us know!! Thanks in advance!!

Yep, blue, having the exact same problem. Wondering if there even IS a first scroll in the game. And, it's not in the bonus chapter that I could tell. Technical glitch from the developers, maybe? It frustrated me because that was the only thing I needed to get all the achievements!
 posted in League of Light: Dark Omens Collector's Edition on Jul 22, 13 10:32 AM
FudgeChi wrote:Ok, played the whole game again very carefully except for the last puzzle and NO 11th scroll I'm beginning to think they forgot it!!!!!!
Going to try once more in the bonus chapter but I was so careful with that the first time as I was looking especially for the missing scroll.

Editing to add: I realised that there is no mention of the first bestiary scroll in the SG, maybe it's that one we are lacking, the first one I found was 2/11 I'm sure. Not that I can find the first one though!

I noticed that as well...the first scroll you get is 2/11. So I'm curious if there even IS a first scroll, or is it a technical glitch in the game. It is irritating because it held me back from receiving all the achievements!
Oh my stars, do I feel stupid (hits self on head). I had forgotten that I had disabled DirectX Draw and 3D for one of my previous games. All I did was change it back and I was in! Right click on your desktop, go to Properties--)Settings--)Advanced--)Troubleshoot and make sure your Hardware Acceleration button is set all the way to the right (Full). Hope this helps a few of you out!
Having the same problem as some of y'all. I click "Play" and it automatically boots me back out. Have disabled everything on my Kaspersky protection, including firewall, made sure the bfg files were trusted, reinstalled game manager, nothing. Please help, it looks like a good game :- (
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