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 posted in The White House on Jan 10, 10 12:53 AM
Well, I better rethink buying this game! Too many problems at this time. Hopefully they will be fixed and we'll get an update!
 posted in Anka on Jan 6, 10 12:25 AM
Ovogame wrote:Hi, I'm the creator of Anka. It's a shame the art is stopping some of you for even testing the game. It's a really nice game as many of you are reporting, and it has a lot to offer, honestly .

Would you mind telling me what is the problem with the art? Is it the characters? The background? Simply because it's not realistic drawing? Is there any hand drawn games that you enjoy the art?



Hi Jean-Claude

I for one am really enjoying this game. I was having so much fun that my DH (dear hubby) came in and joined me. The puzzles are great - hard enough to make you think but not too hard to make you frustrated.

The only problem I had with the art is the fact that Anka mother and father look like they could be his older brother and sister...they look so young. That's not a problem - just seems a little out of place.

I LOVE YOUR GAME and looking forward to finishing it with my DH by my side!
 posted in Anka on Jan 5, 10 12:28 AM
I decided to put my brain to the test and see if I will be able to do all the puzzles in this game - otherwise I think I'll enjoy it a lot. I already demoed it from GH, but waited until BF released it....
 posted in Steve The Sheriff ™ on Jan 4, 10 10:36 PM
Hello RONIVASGIRL and Welcome to the pond!

Happy to hear you found the answers to your questions. Happy Gaming!
 posted in Nora Roberts Vision in White on Jan 4, 10 9:52 PM
Sounds good - hoping it will be a well-made game! Thanks Cathy for the information. Gives us something to look forward to!
 posted in Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise on Jan 1, 10 5:18 AM
It's a same because it could have been a good game. I don't usually have problems with the games I d/l from BF, but this one is right - jerky and of key some how...

The game developer were doing such a fine job on making objects a little bigger for weaker eyes, but the last few games the objects have been small again. Hope this is the trend because I won't be buying any more games if that's the case. I'll just re-play the ones I have.
 posted in Mishap: An Accidental Haunting ™ on Dec 30, 09 10:39 PM
No, I'm not a beta I missed out! But, it sure sounds like an exciting game...hope it's a HOG!
 posted in The Mirror Mysteries on Dec 26, 09 7:59 PM
First game I've truly really enjoyed in a long time....
 posted in Mushroom Age on Dec 26, 09 1:43 AM
Hello Ketorax and Lizkgames

- Welcome to Game Forum...
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 17, 09 5:40 PM
I've been saying all along that I don't like DG....and I'm still alive!
I'm sure leaning that way too Rebeca....looks like it'll be a good game!
 posted in Samantha Swift: Mystery From Atlantis on Dec 16, 09 7:24 PM
Are there BUGS!!??
Good Luck Maggie and Welcome to BF chitchat forum
 posted in Anka on Dec 14, 09 9:36 PM
I checked it out and it looks good....hope BF will be getting it soon!
 posted in Anka on Dec 14, 09 8:04 PM
Thanks Cats for the heads-up.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 14, 09 4:35 PM
Oh No, that's too bad they didn't make a walkthrough for both games and eliminate all the confusion. It's probably very confusing for those who are trying to play the game they bought!
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 14, 09 4:17 PM
There really is quite a few differences between the two games!!! I might have to rethink which one I want to buy!
 posted in Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd Collector`s Edition on Dec 11, 09 1:13 PM
Thanks for the info AMJ....guess we'll have to wait and see about BF getting the game or not....if not I guess we know where to find it
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 11, 09 12:25 AM
I think there will be lots of players this weekend! Thanks BF
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Dec 8, 09 12:25 AM
Hello LydiaMaria - Welcome to the Pond

You will need to describe the level you are on a little more to help us help you.
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