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You know how the mill and sawmill increase the amount of food and wood? The Druid's Temple does that for the Mana.
You can build and upgrade the worker house in the bottom left and the giant will not attack that. That will give you an extra 2 workers.

Work towards opening the invisibility altar first , that allows you to harvest more trees.
Build the barracks and with any gold at all you can attack the green giant and stop him from destroying the mill after it is rebuilt. You can also build and upgrade the other worker house and get another two workers.
Upgrade the foundry and have two men there. Mill has one man .
So long as you can keep some positive amount of gold there the soldier will stop the giant. Even when the soldier runs out of gold and walks away as soon as the next lot of gold is produced he can attack again.

Then work towards freeing up the sharp sword altar as that helps to speed up the attacks on the giant.
Finished in gold time at 4.37.
I did not bother with the mill or the stones and acceleration spell at the top.

1. Obtained food, harvested wood at top of path and , built Druids temple.
2. Harvested tree opening up left and harvested food and built hut. (3 workers)
3. Put one worker in temple harvested mana, then more food.
4. Released worker from temple Killed skeleton at left and started harvesting 3 trees from bottom .
5 Built workers hut (4 workers), placed one worker in temple harvested manna and food to get to at least 160 manna.
6. Used invisibility build and placed worker in Sawmill , harvested wood to get 250 wood, may need to harvest some food. Then released worker from Sawmill harvested food and then used the Invisibility a second timne to build wagon using 4 workers. Finished in 3.05 but possible to do better.

 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Feb 12, 18 6:31 AM
Managed this one with a little time to spare. Build up the Sawmills and Quarries and Gold mine to full levels and started building road fairly early when some materials spare. Upgraded workers to 4 as soon as possible. Built run faster (boots) and used that when a couple of workers were building town and that allowed the faster 2 workers to collect materials quickly.
Also collected food from bushes regularly when a worker was free for a moment.
 posted in Gnomes Garden: Halloween on Feb 3, 18 10:05 PM
I have managed it a number of times with a variation on Hellibobs suggestions.

1. Collect food , rock and 2 wood piles to allow you to upgrade to two workers.
2. Clear all the rest of the stone and food and then build both the Sawmill and the quarry at the same time. Hellibobs suggested you only build the Quarry after you have three workers, but you need an extra 5 stone to get the third worker so you need the quarry early as well. You should be using the Speed up at this stage and as you finish the buildings the Work faster which also enables you to harvest the fields quickly.
3. Keep harvesting foods, stone and wood and using powerups as they become available. Upgrade the Sawmill and get your third worker . Then do not spend any more food - keep harvesting until you make the food goal.

4. By the time you get your food goal you should have 24 wood, 18 stone and 41 food and be getting another two food and have 2 stone to pick up. This gives you enough to upgrade the quarry (10 stone and build the stone bridge 8 stone) and also the wooden bridge on the right. The work faster should be available to complete the bridges and then the couple of stone piles on the left and wood pile on the right.
5. Start with the cable way on the right aiming to get the two lots of wood and build the bridge and Firemans house while you are starting to build the cable way on the left and then fireman clears the barricade and start building the Merry makers house - all the while collecting food , wood and stone when you can. You should have enough materials that the workere building the merrymakers house stays there and continues to build. Do not build the Sorcerers house nor try and scare ghost and build Bakery as they are not needed as you already have the food goal. You should finish with some time to spare.
 posted in Gnomes Garden: Halloween on Jan 6, 18 2:00 AM
Have to agree with jcballar. Some of the levels are far too difficult so possibly released quickly before a thorough checking.
Level 24 have tried many different strategies but far too difficult. Even tried not building and just collecting the food to get the 40 food before doing anything else - you don't have to have the 40 food at the end, just get there and then you can use it
This means that you don't need to build the mill or chase the ghost but it takes too long with the only food sources being tw fields each giving 2 food. Just a slight tweak for one of the fields giving 3 food would be sufficient..
Also finding 36, 37, 38 too difficult as well. Yet some others are quite easy so something is wrong.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Dec 19, 17 1:20 PM
False detection of Moai as a virus is also happening with AVG. So that is Malware bytes, McAfee and a couple of other AV programs, so perhaps BF needs to send the program file to all the AV programs and get them to update with exception for Moai V.
Was able to manage to play by using Manage Exceptions in AVG.
 posted in Abigail and the Kingdom of Fairs on Nov 26, 17 12:02 PM
I go back and replay older games nd this is one of the ones I have enjoyed. However Level 27 was a really hard one as you could not rely upon getting the 15 monsters to appear in the required time. Not even Sipason on the video play throughs was able to get it.
After much playing and replaying I was able to note that the first dragon a red one appeared lower right about 24 seconds after you pressed Start. But very occasionally I got a green dragon in the center bottom after 15 seconds.
I worked out how to start and get a lot more of these starting green dragons.
1. Press Start , Immediately repair the Candy Shop and if fast enough it provides an attraction for the green dragon to appear. Destroy the Elephant and buy 500 magic.
2. Build a Jewellers shop and put it on sale and once you get an offer accept and cancel the sale so that you still get the money yet do not actually sell (sounds like a con job, but seems to be a glitch that is needed to get through some levels. Keep doing this until you eventually have 2 other jeweller shops.
3. Destroy the Candyshop and build a Juggler and try and surround the workshop with Jugglers . Upgrade that first juggler to 3 stars so that it can support both the Workshop and the School of Magic.
Eventually you will have the Workshop upgraded to 2 or 3 stars to stop later breakdowns that will take time you on't have.
Keep the middle top position for a delivery service as well as you will need fast delivery at the end. Upgrade it to 2 stars.
Buy up magicians and magic quickly as well. Eventually I got just within the green.
 posted in Rescue Team 7 Collector's Edition on Sep 29, 17 4:58 AM
You will notice this when you click on some of the symbols on the pathways. the $ symbol will make the houses (cost 60 wood and produce money) produce money at a faster rate for a short period of time.
There is one for the food, bones, sawmill, and fuel stations. Different ones on different levels.
 posted in Weather Lord: Graduation on Jun 23, 17 2:14 AM
Yes. No building spots. But you have available eventually 2 berry bushes, 2 carts with stone, 2 carts with wood, 2 carts with gold. That should be enough to get the gold time award.
 posted in Weather Lord: Graduation on Jun 23, 17 1:52 AM
Just to right of the home caravan is Store. You need one of the Decorative Stones from top left - made from 30 Food and 50 Stone.
Then With Decorative stone and from 60 Wood + Decorative stone
THis then gives 50 Gold at regular intervals, more than enough to finish the level in Gold time.
 posted in World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder ™ on Jun 4, 17 6:45 AM
Agree 3. This is not really a TM game as you have no rush to finish in a given time, It involves more strategy and is pleasureable to play.
I hate the serve em up type TM games as you just have to repetitively have to serve food to customers in a given time with very little strategy or choice about which to do first and also a number of ways to complete the game, some more efficiently than others.
So yes I want more games of this type.
 posted in Youda Fisherman on Apr 19, 17 10:18 AM
You should not need any power plants. Just continue selling direct what is dropped . No need to build any plants that use power.
 posted in Weather Lord on Mar 30, 17 3:14 AM
You will see a sad face over the city and a weather system. Youn need to apply weather systems to the city to get it happy and then the plantations will be freed up to work them.
 posted in Weather Lord on Mar 30, 17 3:12 AM
You start with 600 and 250 energy. You can buy cloudy sun and apply to coffee, then recycle, buy wind , apply and recycle, buy sun, apply and recycle , then make coffee and that adds 300.

Repeat but after buying the sun buy wind and rain to produce storm and use that to generate more energy and then recycle, upgrade the coffee plantation once . This produces 2 coffee beans and you should have enough energy (100) to process those to get two coffee and (600).

That will give you a good start.

Try upgrading a plantation just before you apply the last weather system.
 posted in 100% Hidden Objects on Mar 26, 17 2:07 PM
As well it is probably easier to program HOG games as you just need the objects colored to be close to the background and then place them in the suitable location and then map an area around them where clicking will discover that "hidden" object.

It is easier to use the same template mechanism and just change the backgrounds and objects.

In the case of TM games and arcade games there may be a different set of rules for each game depending on how the games are set up.
 posted in War Chariots: Royal Legion on Mar 12, 17 3:32 PM
Thank you for that. However as others have pointed out the difficulty and the number of people that have gotten as far as you have can be counted on one hand. It still suggests that this game in its present state is meant for hard core gamers and that many of us oldies / slow clickers have no chance of completing the game.

On another tack it is difficult to decide what the bonuses should be used on (emerald purchases) as this would obviously make a difference?
Do I concentrate all my purchases on Attack only , Defence only , population increase, or spread evenly over all.

On one computer I just did Attack and Defense and reached level 17 , on another computer I spread purchases evenly but because it takes so long , have given up testing any further.
 posted in War Chariots: Royal Legion on Feb 3, 17 5:13 AM
Totally agree. Bigfish should withdraw this game, send back to developer and tell them to make it a bit easier to get 1 star at least
Perhaps they should also play some other TM games as well to get some idea of what the successful game types do. eg Weather Lord, Royal Envoy, Build a Lot, Farm Frenzy etc.
Each of these games have been successful enough to build up a following and at least you can continue to advance through the game even if only getting the equivalent of 1 star, a little more difficult to get 2 stars and difficult, but not impossible to get 3 stars.

I gave struggled and finally gotten to level 19 but am stumped here.
 posted in Gnomes Garden 3 on Feb 1, 17 5:55 AM
Use one worker to start with and repair the beehive which then frees up the entrance to the sawmill and you can then get as much wood as you like.
 posted in War Chariots: Royal Legion on Jan 25, 17 4:21 PM
Well finally got past this level and with 3 stars no less. Surprised myself, but still may levels are too difficult to get the right method and one star.
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