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 posted in Runaway With The Circus on Apr 26, 12 11:59 AM
HELP!!! I can't find thread on a button in the dreams part. I click HINT and there's the thread but wheres the button or what ever else I have to do? Can someone HELP ME PLEASE? I really like this game and the music!!!!!
 posted in Runaway With The Circus on Apr 26, 12 11:52 AM
I'm in memories and can't find thread on a button. I click on hint and it just shows me the thread and not the button. HELP! What am I missing here?
 posted in Ghost Encounters: Deadwood on Mar 28, 12 9:51 AM
Glad to know I am not alone in the last bone glitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! H E L P !!!!!!!
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Dec 6, 11 12:19 PM
I loved playing this game!!!!!!!!! Lots of twists and turns and get to the ending!!!!!!!!!!! BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in XIII - Lost Identity on Nov 28, 11 9:46 AM
can't pick up syringes at the begining.
 posted in XIII - Lost Identity on Nov 28, 11 9:44 AM
Having trouble clicking on syringes at the beginning and had a little trouble with the med. blister pkgs. can anyone help?
 posted in Relics: Dark Hours on Nov 14, 11 5:49 AM
mismo55 wrote:error 126[ e] DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 11 6:56 AM
 posted in Secrets of the Past: Mother's Diary on Oct 24, 11 5:55 AM
Timdorota wrote:The same happens to me. The game downloads Ok but freezes and does not start. Nothing happens. Can anyone help.?
Same for me also "error 126". had the same thing happen on another game last week!! Help us out BF!!!
 posted in In Search of the Lost Temple on Oct 3, 11 6:21 AM
second game in a week that has an error can't read note.
 posted in Fluttabyes on Sep 29, 11 7:25 AM
Down loaded trial- clicked on play- nothing happened? Delete heres another one!
 posted in Hidden Object Movie Studios: I'll Believe You on Aug 2, 11 4:17 AM
 posted in Nightmare Realm on Jul 30, 11 5:56 AM
MagickUnicorns wrote:I tried to play the Collector's Edition of this game and had some technical issues. Screen would go black after the opening scene. I was really hoping that this issue would have been corrected before this version was released. I would really like to play this game!!!!! So disappointed! I know it's not my computer because I've been able to play all other collector editions and other games.

So disappointing!
THATS A BIG "D I T T O" FOR ME ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Foreign Dreams on Jul 9, 11 5:52 AM
Marle1959 wrote:I did get twice a violation error on my first dream! So not a buy for me!
DITTO FOR ME!!!!!!!!! LOTS OF FREEZINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Path To Success on Jul 7, 11 6:13 AM
laeddie wrote:Downloaded twice but game would not play due to application error. Don't have any problem with any others recently.
DITTO FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ERROR126
 posted in Dream Inn: Driftwood on May 30, 11 9:03 AM
BigTfromAV wrote:Just finished finding all the jade in the asian room and making an upgrade and now it takes me to the board with the room keys yet there's no option to click on anything. I don't have enough money to upgrade anything and it won't let me go into any of the rooms. Frustrating.
Having the very same problem!!!!! FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!! And I bought this!!!!!!!!!! Problem didn't come up till after trial was over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BF use your spray and debug this PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BossBrat wrote:Same here, excepting I am missing parts of the puppet and a puppet heart. I shows everything to be 'clear' or that I have to have a fairy to do something but I have the dragon! This is the most worthless 'guide' ever! WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! It makes playing no fun at all since you can't go anywhere or do anything!
I agree whole heartedly. Guide doesn't help. Also stuck finding third heart and last of puppet parts. Can anybody HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really liked the first, but this one????????????????????????????
 posted in Diamon Jones: Devil's Contract on Apr 27, 11 7:38 AM
Ditto for me to!!!!!!!!!! First dud in a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Clutter on Mar 24, 11 12:55 PM
I LOVE this game and am still loving it every time I play it. I did not find it boring or simple. Don't know all the big terms, but it's FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in Relics of Fate: A Penny Macey Mystery on Feb 21, 11 11:25 AM
BEWARE!!! I encountered an error popup at the end and I'm not the only one!!!!!!
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