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 posted in Solitaire Chronicles: Wild Guns on Jun 23, 17 8:51 AM
LordPanteg wrote:On level 97, the last card in the bottom right corner does not turn over so impossible to finish the game with a full three stars

My problem exactly. Further, it's impossible to get rid of the card with a wild card, joker or other powerup choice like the dynamite or arrow.
 posted in Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition on Jun 14, 17 1:07 AM
Since the update, the game freezes at random times - sometimes it's when I'm almost at the end of a level, other times it's when I begin one, and at least once it has refused to load when I tried to start it, just sat there spinning and nothing happened. I had to restart the computer (Windows 10 laptop) since even Task Manager didn't work.
 posted in Happy Clinic Collector's Edition on Jun 10, 17 7:07 AM
The All Star Goals seem to only be earned when you play in Normal mode - Relaxed Mode doesn't do it, even though the stars show up when you play.
asdkid wrote:I have all the puzzle pieces on stage one and yet there is still a piece missing so I can't play the bonus level. There are only 10 levels but 11 pieces to the puzzle.

You only need 10 puzzle pieces to solve the puzzle. You have to solve the puzzle before you can do the additional bonus level - be sure you're clicking the spot with the puzzle piece to do that first.
I can't find a strategy guide (not that you'd need one) - just some "bonus" wallpapers, which is a total waste for me. This game appears to be a variation of the 12 Labours of Hercules ones, with the same kind of puzzle pieces to collect and puzzles to solve between the sections. I can't see why this should be a CE, though. Since I like an easy game now and then, I'd probably buy it as an SE.
 posted in Griddlers: Tropical Delight on May 17, 17 2:08 PM
Part of the reason the colors are so hard to distinguish is, in my opinion, the use of a large, colored X to mark the unused boxes. It's distracting. As other have said, the inability to solve the grids with logic detracts from the game. I also felt the puzzles were extremely basic, with several grids giving you only a few squares to simply click to fill in - no solving involved. If I run out of other games to play, I might spend a coupon on this one, but probably not.
 posted in Fruit Lockers Reborn! 2 on May 17, 17 1:59 PM
A supposedly new game and it's still not Windows 10 compatible? No buy for me - my eyes need the full screen size, not a tiny window, and selecting full screen in options didn't change it. Sorry.
 posted in Fairytale Griddlers: Red Riding Hood Secret on May 14, 17 12:46 AM
I also like the larger grids, dakini, but I'd like them more if they were physically larger, not just more tiny squares. My eyes are weak enough without having to strain them to make out the little bitty spaces. I expect it will take me weeks to finish this game as I can't do more than one or two grids before having to rest my eyes. And I'm using a 19" laptop, so not a tiny screen - I hate to think what it would be like on a smaller one.
 posted in Wedding Salon 2 on May 7, 17 12:18 PM
Well, here we are with yet another update and more odd problems. I haven't gotten to Africa yet, but have run into a problem with decorating the rooms - in the bedroom, the night tables are now invisible! I can select one (without it showing me how it will look), but nothing shows up, and selecting the various clocks/frames/vases results in them floating in midair. This is a very strange effect that wasn't the case before this most recent update.

In Russia, there are still no smileys or gold bars. On the other hand, I'm happy to find that I can now select an additional waiting chair at the beginning of levels, which I couldn't previously. For some reason, the final level of the first location gave me all the upgrades to select jewelry, cakes, etc. - just for that level. I'm eager to find out what other quirks have come with this update.

Update: I got to Africa, and the indicators for which straw/fruit the customer wants with the drink are back. On the whole, I'd rather they didn't update the game again - I can deal with invisible bedside tables better than I can manage without the garnish indicators.

Added: Having gotten to the end, the gift is once again (or still) empty. The bedside tables remain invisible. And there was one of the levels where you have a line of people to serve at one station that automatically gave me the expert rating without letting me play - can't remember where, but I suspect it was the one that did it in the original release. On balance, I'd just as soon keep it the way it is, since the updates from this developer have a record of creating more problems than they fix. There are still a couple mysterious things I haven't seen addressed - choosing the upgrade that claims it will reduce the number of gifts from 5 to 3 didn't do anything that I could see, and the sushi stations in Japan have indicators that imply extra items to be chosen (much like the cocktails with their straws/garnishes) but there's no option to do anything except let the little spinning thing go around as it does if you don't have the jewelry boxes in earlier levels. I enjoy the Wedding Salon games, but I'm afraid these developers need to work on their games a little more.
 posted in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Collector's Edition on May 1, 17 11:18 PM
I've made sure I had everything unlocked and that I've used all possible combinations of the various products, but this trophy is still not unlocked. The progress bar shows just a little sliver, so there must be something I've missed, but I sure can't figure out what it might be. I'm getting tired of playing levels over and over, though, so I may just leave it for a while and try again later.

OK, I went back and really looked at everything and decided it might involve the chocolate banana crepes, since those were the hardest to unlock. Nobody seemed to order them with the ice cream, so I did an order with the ice cream and deleted it from the tray, and that seemed to be the missing element. I finally have all the trophies! I really don't understand why those crepes are so difficult to unlock, though - it seems like you should be able to unlock all the ingredients within the regular course of the game. Having to replay levels over and over to get whatever is required to unlock something, and then having to replay again to use the items to get the trophies, really doesn't add anything to the game.
 posted in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Collector's Edition on May 1, 17 11:15 PM
I don't know how, but I did eventually unlock these. I kept replaying levels until it finally unlocked. Didn't do any deleting crepes, though, so I don't think that's the key.
 posted in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Collector's Edition on Apr 29, 17 12:44 PM
On the Farm Stand level, I got the "secret" message on the right side of the big tree, not really in the flowers, but I didn't see that it did anything else. (I went back and replayed a level, and clicking on the area where I got the "secret" message to the right of the tree and more or less on the flowers, a bee or something flies out of them.)

As to other things you can interact with, the bows near the door in Sophie's restaurant will untie, and the flowers on the table outside the door will change color. One of my favorites is the flowers in pots on either side of the door of Carlos' restaurant. I didn't take notes, but there are a number of things that will react if you click them in the various levels - ceiling fans, lights, etc. You just have to try things out.
 posted in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Collector's Edition on Apr 27, 17 5:09 PM
Although I dislike the Delicious series, I like the spin-offs. I was enjoying this one, which seems easier than the others (possibly because the darn mouse pops up in random places instead of being hidden so I can't see it at all), right up to the last bonus level, right before the final level. I can't figure out how to beat this one. It wants me to do everything right without any upgrades, and I've figured out that I need to clear tables right away so nobody comes in and goes off mad because there's no place for them, but it gets really busy and shuts the level down - I suppose because something was wrong, but I can't tell what because it covers everything up with the message. I'm frustrated!

Update - I did finally finish this level, even though I'm not quite sure what I did different. I do wish the developers would allow time to see what's wrong or make the "retry" message small enough that you could see what was wrong.
 posted in Make it Big in Hollywood on Apr 27, 17 1:12 PM
GloomySunday wrote:Customer service is not replying to my inquiries (they sent the usual "try this and this" mail, I replied that I already tried everything, as I detailed in my initial inquiry. They didn't get back to me. I wrote again, nothing back from them).

I can't play the game. So what to do now if neither forum not customer service are providing a solution?

We can hope it means they're working on getting a working version. They're usually fast to send a coupon for a replacement game if there's no fix in the works. Also, since the trial version on another site doesn't have these issues, it appears there is a working version out there - the question is why Big Fish didn't have that version in the first place. Fingers crossed that they get the right version soon.
 posted in PrettySnails on Apr 25, 17 2:22 PM
I can't seem to find the bottle of lemonade. I've clicked on the only bottle I can find, but it doesn't respond, so I must be missing something.

Never mind, I finally found it. Just had to rest my eyes for a while.
 posted in Spring Mosaics on Apr 24, 17 4:37 PM
As others have said, this game requires a lot of guessing. Different puzzles have different numbers of colors, which is fine (except for the single color level), and there are a lot of interesting aspects to the puzzle. I'm not sure my vision is good enough to detect the subtle color differences in order to spot the ones I need to click on to collect a puzzle piece. The auto-complete feature doesn't always fill in the whole row, which is also annoying. I think this game is by the same people who put out the World's Greatest Cities Mosaics one, which has similar problems. The main problem, though, is the complete lack of logic in solving most of the grids. I think I'll pass on this one.
 posted in Fairytale Griddlers: Red Riding Hood Secret on Apr 21, 17 2:34 PM
Based on the demo, there are some pros and cons with this game. So far, I haven't had to guess where to mark the puzzles, which is good. However, there is still no autocomplete, and the puzzles themselves are just one color. Once you complete one, the colors appear in the image, but there's still no title or explanation of what the picture is supposed to be. Some of them are obvious, but others are a mystery to me. There's now a store where you can use the coins earned by solving puzzles to purchase hints and other things. For some odd reason, the game starts with unlimited mistakes, but the shop offers specific mistake limits for purchase. I admit I skipped the tutorial, since I'm pretty tired of these games trying to tell me which way columns go and so on, so I may have missed an explanation of the shop or the mistakes. I expect I will buy this game, probably with a pcc, just because I like the genre and this doesn't have most of the annoying features in other similar games. I do with the developer would figure out how to use the colors in solving the puzzles as other developers do, though.
 posted in Mary le Chef: Cooking Passion Collector's Edition on Apr 18, 17 1:21 PM
boptab wrote:Level 5. How do you put up the decorations? When you click on the sombrero (hat) all it does is jump up and down! Guess I'll wait until ALL the glitches are worked out before I purchase this game!

You click on the boxes to unpack them and put up decorations.
 posted in Fishing on Apr 17, 17 3:37 PM
I agree - it gets hard very quickly. Maybe I'm blind, but I couldn't find a way to exit, either, and had to end up quitting via task manager. Think I'll pass on this one.
 posted in The Far Kingdoms: Forgotten Relics on Apr 14, 17 1:41 PM
I think I figured out how we're "supposed" to know when we level up - the bar that shows the number you have in a current combo has an arrow at the end, which apparently is the level up indicator. It doesn't tell you how many you need, but I guess you can at least get a clue by seeing how close you are to the arrow. If you're very close to the end of that bar, it would probably be good to use a joker or other booster to add to your combo to get to it. It's frustrating to get to the end and be told you can't play the last bonus game because you have to get to level 18 first. Not the clearest directions I've seen in a game, for sure.

OK, I've been paying attention while replaying with a new profile. The first few levels took fewer cards to make level up combos, but when I went to the original profile and tried replaying those, the combo count was up over 20 again. It appears that the combo necessary to level up increases with each level. That being the case, I decided to work on getting my levels as fast as I could, and managed to get to level 18 right after starting to upgrade the phoenix castle (3rd one, as I recall). In general, the easiest levels to get long combos on are the ones with jokers embedded in the layouts. I still had to use joker bonuses to get really long combos, but it works. Hope this helps someone.
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