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 posted in Mysteries of the Past: Shadow of the Daemon on Feb 29, 16 2:02 PM
I have the same problem. Can't move on in the game until I wake the Shaman with the radio, but have nothing to use on the radio.

Can anyone help with the solution? Where do we find the part that goes on the radio???
Hear, hear !! I agree.
 posted in Whispered Secrets: Golden Silence on Sep 5, 15 7:44 PM
I played the demo of the CE version and didn't feel strongly about buying it. I decided to wait for the SE and see if I felt the same way. I'm glad I did. I don't know if all the whistles and bells took some of the fun away for me, but I enjoyed the SE so much more. I plan to buy the SE.

I appreciate you posting this on the forum. I've missed reading CE or SE. I definitely enjoy reading others opinions.

 posted in Demon Hunter 2: A New Chapter on Aug 31, 15 9:14 AM
[Removed by Moderator] It's very hard for developers to constantly come up with entirely new material in each game. It seems if they repeat anything at all, it results in a negative review.

I like the fact that the developer logged on to our forum to answer questions and listen to comments. That shows me they care what customers think about their games and want to improve where they can.

Since I didn't play the first Demon Hunter game and therefore don't need to worry about a repeated game. And, since I did enjoy the demo, I will go ahead and purchase the game in hopes that I will agree with those who really enjoyed playing it. [Removed by Moderator] I guess I will have to see if I feel the same.

Thank you to all reviewers for your time and effort. I usually read the reviews before I even download the demo.
 posted in Dracula's Legacy on Aug 10, 15 7:38 AM
Look at it this way, at least you get one punch if using a PCC. That's the only time you do get a punch for it. I save my PCCs for Bonus Punch days. Hey, each punch adds up.

Can't wait to try this game out. Looks to be a good one!
 posted in Phantasmat: The Dread of Oakville on Aug 9, 15 11:13 AM
I have a game coupon to give away. Please PM me if you want it.
 posted in Final Cut: Fame Fatale on Jun 28, 15 8:34 AM
Thank you CiChDa for posting this question. I enjoyed the CE vs SE posting from Catbag and have really missed them. I didn't know if he/she has been told not to post it anymore or not. Things like that happen often I guess.

Since I play the games for the main game itself, I seldom purchase the CE unless I want to play the bonus game to see why the villain is the way he is. If I have too many extras (morphing objects, collectibles, etc.), I find it takes away from my game play or I forget to look for them. I usually just want to play the game.

So, I will probably purchase the SE for the main game itself since I haven't read anything special about the bonus chapter.
 posted in Rite of Passage: The Lost Tides Collector's Edition on May 4, 15 5:17 AM
I read many of the tech issues, but decided to demo to see if I had a problem. I still use Windows Vista and normally don't have the problems so many others have using Windows 7 & 8.

I did encounter several problems with comments not matching the task at hand and lag times. I didn't write down all the issues I had so can't post them.

I didn't make it through the demo before deciding to just wait and try again after there is a fix to this game. It looks like a good game and I'm eager to play it.

I just wanted to post that Windows Vista also is having problems with this game.
 posted in Frankenstein: Master of Death on Mar 1, 15 8:29 AM
I really enjoyed playing this game. I played on easy mode because I play more for enjoyment and relaxation, rather than challenge. I loved that there was no hand holding, but counted on you to use your common sense. It throws you off at first because we are so used to having sparkles and comments telling us exactly what to do, or the opposite and leaves you hanging completely. Once you realized the game counted on you doing what comes naturally, it was so much fun. I actually sat for several hrs. playing and not wanting to stop. That hasn't happened in a long time.

HOS blue items required working mini-puzzles or assembly to obtain the item, which was fun. Sometimes these were challenging because of no sparkle hints. You had to search until you found the area to work.

I loved the inventory. It stored your tools that were needed throughout the game, not use it, loose it, then have to find another one. I would see I needed a screwdriver, crowbar, etc and go to my inventory to get it.

There was very little running back and forth, usually only 2-3 scenes. The map is a jump map, although at times I just went from scene to scene so I could enjoy the eerie atmosphere and keep myself refreshed what was needed in that area. Each scene only had 2-3 items needed, and didn't require a lot of memory or notes. If you got stuck, the hint would guide you.

You actually got to hear your character speak at one point, which startled me at first. I had never experienced that in a game. However, the voice was much to gruff for your character. But, it was unique.

There were some glitches you had to work around, which took some patience. I don't know how new these developers are, so I try to cut them some slack. Especially since the over-all game was a lot of fun and what I've needed for a long time. With more experience they will only get better. I'm looking forward to more from them.

Give this game a try. You might find it refreshing and fun also.
Who is this man?? I would have booted my husband out the door if he stood around like Viggo. I enjoyed playing the demo, but Viggo was so irritating. I also didn't like the way the characters moved front and forward each time they spoke. Made it seem unnatural. If Viggo was a gorgeous head detective, like Duprin (probably sp), then you could tolerate him standing around while you do all the work. Definitely a slap in the male face.

I have the other Nightfall Mysteries and would like to buy this one to go with the collection, but not sure if I can get past Viggo and characters in my face. I'll probably finish the demo (only 30 min. left) to see if I change my mind. If not, then I will wait for the SE to see if I still feel this way.

If this type of complaint doesn't bother you, then definitely give it a try. I think it will probably be a good game. We all have our quirks.
 posted in Dead Reckoning: Silvermoon Isle on Aug 21, 14 6:57 PM
I purchased and really enjoyed the SE. I sometimes purchase a CE version of a game, but many times feel all the extra activity takes away from the story and game. I never play a game at one sitting, so I need all the help in trying to remember where I was and what was happening. I find myself so caught up in the story that I forget to look for morphing objects and collectibles. So I prefer a game where I can concentrate on the story and not a lot of distractions.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Nemesis Collector's Edition on Jul 20, 14 8:23 AM
The SE has come out and if I have not already purchased the CE, I usually check reviews on both CE and SE before deciding if I want to even demo it or not. I don't like spending even an hour on a demo if I can spend it playing a game I like.

I also look at how many tech problems have been reported (don't always read the problems) and if there are A LOT of tech problems I next look to see if there has been a fix. If I don't see an update, then I don't bother to even demo the game.

It's fine if CS wants to notify those who have already purchased the game that there is an updated fix, but that should be in addition to posting it on site, not instead of.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Vengeance on Jun 13, 14 7:19 AM
I too enjoy seeing this thread. It's a question I look for with every CE that comes out. My funds and time to play are limited, so knowing if the CE is necessary to complete the story is something I want to know. Yes, often a reviewer will put it in their review, but most of them don't. You do have to wait for reviewers to complete the game to tell you this. Plus, you usually have to read through a lot of reviews in hopes of finding out.

So, thank you Catbag for posting this question. Keep it up.
 posted in Final Cut: Homage Collector's Edition on Mar 23, 14 6:42 AM
I've read comments like these from Beta testers regarding different games that have come out lately. Makes me wonder if the reason we are having so many games come out lately with technical problems is due to Devs not waiting and reading the Beta testing surveys? This could be the answer to why so many games are coming out with so many glitches...more profitable to put the game out there now and take their chances on the need for an update.

Just my thought.
shorenuf wrote:BF has a special relationship with certain developers, EG being one. I think that is why they are mentioned in the game page description.

I agree with shorenuf. I've been with BFG for several years and it has only been in the last couple that they will allow developers names to even be mentioned in the reviews column. They will delete it out. This happened to me as recent as a couple weeks ago. I too was surprised to see them state it is an Elephant game on the game page. You usually have to read the reviews (or go online and google the game) in hopes someone mentions it and it doesn't get "bleeped" out.

BFG, this would be a wonderful touch to your website. Many of us have our favorite developers, and many of us also like to support new developers to financially help them in making better games. This would also keep us from having to go to other game sites trying to see who the developer is. A few of the other sites do post it. I would like to stay on the BFG site for all my game information.
[Removed by Moderator]
 posted in Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood on Dec 12, 13 5:22 PM
I did the same as angelofmusic62. By the time it came out on DD I figured it surely had been fixed, so I purchased it. It is sporatic, I've actually had the sound come on a couple of times when I would close out of the game and go back into it. Other times, nothing. I have just now tried to open the game to finish playing and have open and closed it five times and still no sound. It is very irritating. I expected much more from **** Games. I've purchased several of their games and haven't had this problem before. A year since it came out and still no fix. Maybe there hasn't been enough complaints to cause them to want to fix it.
 posted in Myths of the World: Stolen Spring on Dec 1, 13 7:00 AM
I completely agree with prchalpn. Loved reading JustTheFacts reviews and appreciate them so much. This review definitely makes me want to buy this game. The thought actually went through my head, "I wonder if the game is half as good as this review"? I'm downloading to give it a try now.

Plus, it always helps when the game has snow and ice. I always love playing those. I live in Florida and never get to see any. Am looking forward to playing the demo.

 posted in Shadows: Price for Our Sins on Oct 24, 13 7:01 AM
I agree with you kittidid. I downloaded it again yesterday because it is Halloween and I thought for sure the issues we had 6 mos. ago would have been fixed. If they are not going to bother to fix the game, BFG should at least stop selling it and give a game credit to all who have purchased it. There aren't many Halloween themed games to pick from and I'm sure many are still purchasing this one, just to have so many problems they can't enjoy the game. I've looked for a "PC update" posting, but found none. What a disappointment in BFG.
 posted in Enlightenus on Jan 7, 11 6:40 PM
I played the game once. My grandson joined me for the second half and was quite good at it. Now I would like to play it again by myself, but when trying to go on it I continue to get the ending. I've waited through the ending, but when I try to hit play to start a new game, I'm back at the end again. I've even tried to change names, but still it won't start a new game. Can anyone help with this problem?
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