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 posted in Awakening: Moonfell Wood on Jan 6, 11 8:22 AM
This is a fantastic game!! Gorgeous settings beautifully drawn, captivating puzzles, fun characters, and a good story well told.

The story is a continuation of Awakening: The Dreamless Castle. I hadn't played that one before, but I like Moonfell Wood so much that I bought the other one too. Both are lovely, beautifully rendered, very enjoyable games.

A third installment in this series would be really great. (Hint, hint!)

 posted in Pure Hidden on Oct 4, 10 9:54 PM
Just posted this on a different thread - on my computer the game loads in the upper left hand corner only. The menu isn't visible. But I can still see the task bar at the bottom of my screen, and if I right-click on the PH button and maximize the window, it expands to full screen. I have to do this every time it loads.
 posted in Pure Hidden on Oct 4, 10 9:50 PM
I have the same problem, with it opening in the top left part of my screen. Menu options are not visible. But my desktop and task bar are. If I right-click on the task bar thing and maximize the PH game window, it enlarges to full screen. I have to do that every time I start up the game. So far it works ok.
 posted in Pure Hidden on Oct 4, 10 9:35 PM
Mild spoiler alert. Not too much though. No solutions here, just comments
I bought this game about 30 seconds after the demo time expired. It's one of the most creative, original and fresh concepts I've seen. The bathroom? Come on, how many game developers would figure that relaxing game time can include lighting incense or hanging a wind chime? It works. And from there it jumps all over the place, including graffiti-filled walls that are just about indecipherable to me. Yet I find that after staring at them for a while I really do start seeing things. Well you know, the things on the list. But it isn't easy. My eyes and my computer screen are a little old for some of the darker, harder to see puzzles. But so many different kinds! I am very impressed with the artists who thought of, and drew, so many different fascinating styles in one package. The rotating 3-D effect on some of the find-the-difference puzzles is amazing. With cardboard backing on the sheep, no less! Very, very clever and whimsical.

I did have some trouble with the screen resolution at first, but found the Full Screen button on the options menu. Now it seems to spill over the bottom of my screen just a little, but all the object names are visible so I guess it's ok.

This is a great game concept, beautifully done. I really like it. Thanks, BF!
 posted in ZenGems on Sep 28, 10 1:17 AM
erm...replying to me own post. Update - Been playing Zengems on and off for a couple of days, having better luck with level stability now. If I save every single level by exiting to the menu, then it remembers my level and score. So far I'm at level 7.3 in Adventure mode and no problems. Except... I keep expecting this screen to move up one row every sentence I type.
 posted in ZenGems on Sep 24, 10 9:13 PM
Windows XP here, having same problem with saving proper levels. It totally crashed once but my computer does that sometimes for newer games, so I thought it was just me. It's annoying but I really, really, REALLY like this game!! I did manage to play all the way through Adventure Mode last night (don't ask me how, I don't remember!) and it was a hoot. I love the characters, the drawings, the sassy dialogue and all. It's cute. A keeper in spite of issues.

 posted in Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club on Sep 11, 10 11:52 PM
I love this game!! The artwork is colorful, imaginative, bright and whimsical. The story matches the artwork. The puzzles are as cool and imaginative as the art. Overall Totally Fantastic! It's funny, creative, and lots of fun to play. I also love the ragtime soundtrack. It's just a perfect presentation all around.

Very quick load time for a large file game - don't know how they did that but it's MUCH appreciated. Also much appreciated is, you can guess-click on anything without penalty for too much guessing, and there's no time limit. (At least so far, I'm not quite finished the whole game yet.)

I'd recommend this game to anyone. I love the lighthearted tone and the beautiful drawings. As of just a few minutes ago, I came upon what might be my favorite gaming line ever. Mild spoiler? It's not really giving anything away. Can I quote it here? "Some of the pieces are missing. What a surprise." That one made me laugh out loud. This is an over-the-top 5-star game!
I've only just started playing this one but it's really great and I just logged on to buy the full version. It's interesting, non-violent, the puzzles (so far) aren't too hard - and especially important to me is, there are no time limits on each level. I play games for relaxation and entertainment, not to get stressed out. So finding a nicely drawn, interesting adventure puzzle like this one is a treasure. Five stars! --well so far
 posted in Treasures of the Serengeti on Aug 3, 10 1:53 AM
I really like this game! Some of the levels are tricky and the first time through I used the Pause button a lot and made notes, so when I replayed a level I knew which colors to use. It seems that if you pick the right color for a blank section, it's easier to get matching pieces. Sometimes. It's kind of hypnotic when all the pieces fall into place so quickly. Mostly what I like though, that keeps me playing it over and over, is the music. Very enjoyable to listen to. I love finding the instruments and playing the little tune with them. Only... I notice at the end there is still an empty tree stump with no musical instrument on it. Is there a hidden level somewhere?

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