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I had this problem as well. I FINALLY figured out I had missed the stick located in the same area as the chain. You use the stick with the hammer head. Sure enough as soon as I picked it up and went back up to the cemetery there was the HOG.
 posted in Vampire Ventures on Oct 10, 13 5:12 PM
This is a cute match three game. I tested it and have been waiting for it to be released. There are different variations like "move the key to the lock", "move items to the bottom", dueling. The story is enough to move it along. You can play timed or relaxed mode. If you like match 3 games this is one worth your time to demo.
 posted in Ghost Town Mysteries: Bodie on Oct 2, 12 11:02 PM
I have been to Bodie and it is indeed a "haunted" place. We spent the whole day waling around and exploring. I would like to go back. I will buy it just to see the town again. The little I have seen of the game does look like the town. For the DD price I am willing to over look a lot
 posted in Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows on Aug 8, 12 10:23 PM
It is better than the first impression it gives. A nice little game even if it isn't on the tech level of a new release. Worth the DD price and the time to play it.
 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Aug 4, 12 1:28 PM
Great game. So great I think I will play it again today. Harris is also a great author and if you have not checked her books out take a chance! Her Sookie books are the bones for the True Blood series on HBO.
 posted in City of Fools on Jun 22, 12 1:31 PM
The hose outside house 55 will clean you up
 posted in Burger Shop 2 on Apr 25, 12 9:34 PM
I am another with this as a "go to" game. The game play is solid and the story is quirky. Same elements as part one with several new twists. Well worth the full price.
 posted in Jack of All Tribes on Dec 10, 11 3:45 PM
I had the same trouble and found the answer a page back listed as level 27(?) As you build the houses each will pop up their own statue that needs building. I did not notice one of them. If you just make sure to build all those statues you will get it no problem
 posted in Love & Death ™: Bitten ™ on Oct 23, 11 12:17 AM
This is a very nice little game. Good length, good puzzles, interesting story. Well worth the DD price. I will cross my fingers that making it a DD means the next one is on the way.
 posted in Burger Bustle on Sep 8, 11 2:22 PM
Add my thanks too I am going to keep this in mind when I go back and try told on the other levels I am missing. I tried putting the guy out on the street, moving people around, keeping two on the counter - NOTHING would get me close. Tried it as suggested, money first, and made it first time, no problem, with time to spare.
 posted in Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper on Sep 2, 11 6:18 PM
Good game. Those that know a lot about the case will enjoy it and those that don't will find it an education. I have been interested in it since I was a kid and I was very pleased at the way they handled the known facts. They did a good job describing things and not getting too graphic. They also referenced the book by Patricia Cornwell, one of the best out there IMHO. I just finished on the easy mode and will go back later and try on the timed. Looking for the fingerprints and badges adds a bit of extra interest. Some things were small, some things are not common in the US like cricket stumps, but all in all a good game and worth the DD
 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Feb 12, 11 12:53 PM
True Blood on HBO is based on her Sookie series. They are a bit different than your normal vamp books, they are FUNNY! They are for adults, blood, sex and cussing but a lot of humor too. I wish the game was with the HBO actors, I want to do Real Bad Things with Eric .
 posted in Fisher's Family Farm on Dec 10, 10 12:34 PM
I did the testing on this game and liked it. I was given the first "land" and was sorry to finish. They took quite a while to get this one released and I have been watching for it. I like FF too (link removed by moderator) play it often and where there is some the same this has a lot of new to offer. If you like time management games at least do the demo on this one.

A buy for me
 posted in The Dracula Files on Nov 21, 10 7:18 PM
I don't post much but wanted to add another vote for Gimme DD threads If a DD is a type I am interested in I head right to the forum and look for it. At times I WILL go back to the original thread discussing it but as a DD it is a whole other product that calls for a different perspective. I look for and use these Post 'em if ya got 'em... threads and if Gimme has not added a review SO WHAT. The point is the start of the thread for them and I appreciate it. THANK YOU GIMME!

And to those that don't like it, do you Admin this site? Did someone make you the Thread Police? Does it cost you time or money? Is there some reason I am missing that makes it impossible for you to IGNORE these threads? It's a great big site, pass on one thread a day. Be happy - party on
 posted in Exorcist on Aug 21, 10 10:43 AM
Once I got past the "last envelope issue" I enjoyed it. Not the best but not the worst by a long shot. You do have to go to multiple locations to complete tasks from time to time but once you figure that out it is no biggie. There is replay value. The list of things to search for does change. I only had problems with one scene, the bedroom at the orphanage. MAJOR junkpile, very annoying. But as it is just the one scene I find it easy to overlook.

Decent length. Worth the credit if this is your kind of game.
 posted in Exorcist on Aug 21, 10 12:34 AM
I too had the "last letter" problem. I am not sure just what got around it. It would be interesting to compare. I have a newish, up to date computer. Run the latest games with no problem. Have never had a problem with a BF game.

1) Rebooted game. Did not help.
2) Rebooted computer. Did not help.
3) Started game over from beginning. Did not help.
4) Uninstalled, started over with new profile. Made sure to get all the letters first, leaving the scrolls for last. WORKED.

I read that others had reinstalled and it did not work. I am curious to see if ending with a scroll will help others.

As you can see, this is my first post. Just want to say how much I appreciate those that contribute on a regular basis. Before I even look at a game I check here
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