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 posted in Silent Nights: The Pianist Collector's Edition on Mar 15, 12 12:49 PM
Well darn it, I know better to demo a game before I buy it, but I didnt and wish I would of. Im not so sure I would of boughten it. I love mystery, and dark scenes, however it continues to be dark and taking alot of pleasure out of playing it. I am hoping it lightens up soon. Other than the game being dark, I like it. I love a who-dun-it and where is she type game. Hidden object scenes are ok but again, its so dark I can barely make out any of the items. I'm going to give my eyes a break and will go back later to play, hopefully it will get better.
 posted in Mystery Agency: Visions of Time on Mar 12, 12 10:50 AM
I really thought the game was comical, it just kinda made me laugh at how it was put together. Very simple, easy playing hog scenes, it was enough entertainment for the hour I played. I can't say it kept my interest, if any thing I got sleepy. I'm gonna pass on buying this one.
Its a pretty darn good game if the only gripes are about the SG, I wouldnt let that stop me from buying it.
Excellent and a very colorful game. Lots of drama and suspense. It just amazes me what they can come up with in a game. There are some very talented people to make a game such as this. The artwork and scenes are awesome, puzzles are different and nice.

My sisters keep asking me why I love playing computer games, I tried to explain how much fun they are, and what the games are like; they're a movie a book, puzzles, drama, suspense, places to go, rooms to check out and so forth all wrapped up onto one.

A big thankyou for bringing many hours of pleasure at my finger tips. The game is well done and highly appreciated by me.
 posted in Grim Facade: Mystery of Venice Collector's Edition on Mar 6, 12 11:43 AM
Darn it, now I am having problems with the game. I've been at the castle a while, got as far as being in sophies room and to the garage, adding a solution etc. my problem is strange. It wont let me access my inventory or map. I got out of the game completely thinking that might help. The only way to get out of the game I have to do a control alt delete. It was allowing me to go to different locations, but that has now stopped. what the heck? What should I do, if anything.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Black Isle Collector's Edition on Mar 2, 12 12:20 PM
angelofmusic62 wrote:I was looking forward to this one. For me, it didn't live up to the first 2 mystery trackers games. I especially loved Raincliff. Although I normally love this developer, I think the quality of games has gone down. With a few exceptions. Does anyone else think maybe elephant games is just trying to spit out game after game without really taking the time to make sure the games are quality games? There are some good things, for example, a map to jump from one place to another, and a choice of 3 difficulty levels. I only made ot through half of the demo.

No I don't agree with you, I don't think they are trying to spit out game after game. I've been waiting for a long time for an exciting game to come out and finaly we got one.

I dont' think its that easy to make a game, alot of work goes into making one. As far as quality goes, this one is outstanding. I often wonder how much it takes to make a game, how many people work on them, how many hours are put into it. So many details are included in just one scene that we are not aware of. It's not a boring game by any means.

Sometimes I think if we all really knew how much time and effort went into making a game we would have a different attitude towards them. We only see the end result.

Every developer has the goal of making a game that people will love and enjoy.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Black Isle Collector's Edition on Mar 1, 12 8:01 PM
It's an excellent game! I hope they continue to make more of these, I love everything about it. I can't find one negative about this game. well I suppose I could if looked for them.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Black Isle Collector's Edition on Mar 1, 12 1:31 PM
Oh my gosh! Finaly a game I have been craving and yearning for is here. I love all there is about this game. Suspense, drama, dark and scary. It grabbed my attention from the start and hasn't let up. Prime expample of fun playing. Interactive hog scenes are a plus, looking for the hidden extras they have scattered is fun. I didnt even bother to try the demo, the first two games of this series were excellent. It's challenging, a couple of times I got stuck but I knew if I took my time and thought about it I would figure it out, Love that. the mini games are great, haven't had to skip one yet.

I got into the reviews and have left this a five star game. I would buy every ce edition if they were made like this. Absolutley awesome and a huge big thanks to the devs for making my day.
 posted in Syberia - Part 1 on Feb 29, 12 10:54 PM
I can't beleive all the nasty name calling towards BF, shady, greedy, the list is endless. If you want the original game for $6.99 go get it, its available!

I am one of those who bought the orginal first and second Syberia, and I had a horrible time down loading them, never will I buy that big of a file game again.

but none the less, no one has to buy the three parts, go get the orginal and save yourself some money, but please can you not refrain from such horrible accusations?

The game is put into three parts, its not the end of the world. to me this is still the best site to buy games from and I am thankful. I cannot bring myself back to read anymore comments.
 posted in Natural Threat: Ominous Shores on Feb 28, 12 2:05 PM
I just became to bored with the game, yes it does have really nice scenes, I liked the hidden objects, the scientist and plants etc, just did nothing for me. I am craving the ghoulish, scary, bloody, ghostly games, they have always been number one for me. Sparkles never bother me, wide screen, short screen, truthfuly I've never paid any attention to that, when a game starts thats all I see, I block other details. The game was just ok, I am assuming those who are tired of the games I crave and love, this is probably something you would enjoy.
 posted in Fantastic Creations: House of Brass Collector's Edition on Feb 26, 12 10:25 AM
This game is ok, it gives me something to do. However, I miss the car crashes, scary houses with lots of creep to them, sicko doctors, and so on, the games lately have become the same ole to me lately.
I am begging for a good scary game! Like i said this one is ok, doubt I will buy it as a CE and down the road I will probably buy it as a SE if nothing spooky comes out.

I do like finding the different objects and I like the mini games. Over all in my opinion it's not a bad game.
 posted in Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive on Feb 22, 12 10:09 AM
I truly hope that this game brings pleasure to those who ask for something different. This is very different, I started off wondering if I would like it at all, actualy I quit once and then decided to go back and give it an honest try. I wound up buying just before I completed the demo. No complaints about it at all. You just have to take your time, use logic, think, and play. Its just a nice change and i'm grateful for it.
 posted in Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive on Feb 22, 12 10:01 AM
I surprised myself by really liking this game. The more I played and had to think, and by using logic I was able to move forward. Its a sorta strange game, the scenes and music and just the way you have to figure things out, its rather nice to be playing something real different. Sometimes I have to put the game away and go do a few things and then find myself excited to get back and play. I like it, its quiet, smooth playing, had to check out the forums a few times for extra help but overall, this is great.
 posted in Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive on Feb 21, 12 4:24 PM
XtreemNorth wrote:Possible Spoiler?
Geesh I can't even get past the very beginning, I have two and the other one needs to be dug up according to hints. Any hints for me on this? Without giving the game away. if I do give anything away beleive me, its just the beginning.

Well I will answer myself, I just found the answer on the forums and cant wait for the walkthrough
 posted in Aaron Crane: Paintings Come Alive on Feb 21, 12 4:20 PM
Possible Spoiler?
Geesh I can't even get past the very beginning, I have two and the other one needs to be dug up according to hints. Any hints for me on this? Without giving the game away. if I do give anything away beleive me, its just the beginning.
 posted in Surface: Mystery of Another World Collector's Edition on Feb 20, 12 4:46 PM
I just finished the game and had to give my ultimate review. This is a fantastic game. The more you play the better it becomes. There aren't so many areas where you feel lost. Hidden objects are nice size and pretty easy to find, and there aren't to many of them, it's just right. The scenes, are beautiful, games are really enjoyable, I'm even able to solve most of them. When you need a hint, your given a good one. Really love this game, nice to play one that keeps my interest all the way through. Devs, you did a great job, and gave me several hours of true fun.
 posted in The Scruffs: Return of the Duke on Feb 20, 12 9:52 AM
When will the dark and spooky games return? I'm having withdrawals this week.
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows on Feb 18, 12 8:17 AM
I did not care for this game at all. Most of the scenes were nice to look at, however I am not a fan of fairies and fairytale creatures. I honestly tried to like this game but became very bored with it. It did not hold my attention and I wound up deleting. A few of the mini games were enjoyable but thats about it, definitly a no buy here.
 posted in White Haven Mysteries on Feb 17, 12 7:42 AM
I've had plenty of time on my hands lately, can't wait for winter to be over with, so having plenty of hog scenes is no problem for me. Spooky, insane, on the dark side, thats for me and my kind of games. I demo'ed the last game and enjoyed but at the last minuted decided not to buy it, started to get bored, but this game, I love scary games, I dont' get bored at all with them. I like this one alot.
 posted in Amulet of Time: Shadow of la Rochelle on Feb 14, 12 12:40 PM
OLDBAY wrote:Sorry but the cursor took the J out of Joy for me anyway !!!!

It was like that for me to, I had to go into options and de-select it, works great now.
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