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 posted in The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure on Sep 28, 10 5:33 AM
Why would it need to end? You can replay any level you like and upgrade buildings you haven't upgraded yet, that's 'yours forever'.
 posted in The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure on Sep 28, 10 5:32 AM
Tools are made in the Forge after you build one in your city.
 posted in The Enchanted Kingdom: Elisa's Adventure on Sep 28, 10 5:30 AM
You don't change coins into nuggets. Gold nuggets are found in the only gold mine on the map (last level's area, northwest).
 posted in Empire Builder - Ancient Egypt on Sep 23, 10 12:05 PM
To get rid of most hazards once and for all, consider using 'Eye of Horus' amulet as soon as it becomes available. Locust swarms will flee from the cursor, you can push them to edge of screen with it and they'll disappear.
 posted in Ski Resort Mogul on Sep 23, 10 11:52 AM
What poolhouse, where and when? What's the level number?
 posted in Build-a-Lot: The Elizabethan Era on Sep 22, 10 6:06 AM
bimanora wrote:
failte wrote:Any suggestions?
If this is a question, then that level's number would be quite appropriate.
'A mansion' and 'a castle' is the way to get money? Hmm, i usually sell several castles then build many more castles and upgrade some/all of them and sit on them until i've bought the entire map and enough materials and workforce, then i demolish everything and build the requested stuff. There's no way to tell when to do what, it's just, play aggressively and react quickly to whatever happens.

An obvious 'cheat' i always use: i play in windowed mode and click outside the game's window when i need to think and count, it's so fortunate that the game gets paused without annoying messages that would obstruct the view.
 posted in Build It! Miami Beach Resort on Sep 20, 10 9:42 PM
If 1923 seems absolutely impossible, it maybe because you have skipped the tutorial and built the previous years on your own. When they're played with tutorial, time gets paused between actions and it's guaranteed to get as large expert bonus as possible at the end of each tutorial level. So i'd recommend to restart the game and follow Sam's advise exactly, while choosing the shortest possible paths for Claire to run between tasks to save maybe another twenty dollars.
 posted in Ski Resort Mogul on Sep 20, 10 9:52 AM
That's correct, 40 plus a few minigames.
 posted in Inspector Parker on Sep 19, 10 5:35 AM
b00kworm wrote:Unfortunately, I only know of one more game like it, "A Series of Unfortunate Events". I'd love to see more of them.

One of the first games based on the 'Einstein's Puzzle' was a 1991 Everett Kaser's DOS game called Sherlock. It's not so hard to find on the web. I still would prefer it over all modern remakes: i appreciate the idea and graphics in Inspector Parker but the rules in Sherlock are slightly different and better.
 posted in Hidden Magic on Sep 19, 10 2:40 AM
There's also one battle level in Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse, which itself is a HOG really worth trying.
 posted in Club Control 2 on Sep 19, 10 2:03 AM
Compared to Club Control 1, the sequel was a huge disappointment to me. The authors of the sequel have ruined the whole fun and made it unmanageable. Though icons are larger i can't read them anymore. The first one was really cool and everything was in place. Maybe i can't argue this logically, this is irrational, but it's ok to be irrational when that's about gaming and likes and dislikes i guess.
 posted in Build-a-Lot: The Elizabethan Era on Sep 19, 10 1:30 AM
Approximately, this way: you click an empty lot you own --> click 'Construct building' button --> click 'Stone Mason', and if you have enough materials and workers it starts building. Not at all hard

"The Stone Mason allows thee to build stone walls around houses and farms!"
 posted in Build-a-Lot: The Elizabethan Era on Sep 19, 10 1:22 AM
Playing in silence must be much harder since every sound is informative. One day i should try that to challenge myself yet more
 posted in Build-a-Lot: The Elizabethan Era on Sep 19, 10 1:14 AM
Thanks for this information My English knowledge is rather poor, whole my life i actually learn it mostly from games, and as long as for years i was only playing 'large' games (i mean, like Warcraft and Age of Empires) everything was o.k., but since i'm into casual gaming (and into the Internet, lol) i seem to 'learn' from people who know the language even worse than myself That's especially funny to play international versions of games developed in my own country, for some reason they're often horribly translated Well and sorry for this offtopic
 posted in Build-a-Lot: The Elizabethan Era on Sep 19, 10 1:07 AM
lil_chickadee wrote:Having to choose between 2 different upgrades that both get you one star is inane and annoying and slows you down (extra clicks are never good in a TM game).

nelly153 wrote:the upgrade choice is pointless as you cant see the upgrade, all this does is make you have to click the mouse an extra time every time you upgrade a house.


I'll have to notice they're not just some annoying decoration. There's actual difference between the three available upgrades in requirements: the one that needs less materials requires more workers and vice versa. They're always in their places so it's easy to learn to quickly click the needed one, depending on what you're currently better supplied with, materials or workforce.
 posted in Build-a-Lot: The Elizabethan Era on Sep 19, 10 12:44 AM
Many people have. Me also, all the 5 games. (Just wanted to confirm that is in human possibilities and there's no 'bugs' or 'impossible tasks' preventing from that. I don't realize how that's possible to exchange walkthroughs to certain levels, i can't even try to read such walkthroughs as they instantly get me dizzy with lists and enumerations. Is it humanly possible to remember a walkthrough when playing? Is it easier than just learn how to play? I see it this way: either you FEEL how to play BAL fast and effectively, or you do not. No offence pls.)
 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Sep 19, 10 12:35 AM
Oh, that's a useful thread, thanks everyone. I'd also mention games Royal Envoy, Hotel Mogul, Vacation Mogul and Ski Resort Mogul that are similar too, a less similar The Palace Builder, and the games i've been advised to try but haven't tried yet -- Aquapolis, Romopolis & Townopolis
 posted in Empire Builder - Ancient Egypt on Sep 18, 10 11:45 PM
I replayed this level to check what's up and got maximum happiness of 220. That would be so easy to show it with a screenshot -- but for some funny reason links to screenshots are not allowed in this forum, so pm me if you still need a picture.

There are 11 separate building lots, a group of two lots in top middle, and a group of three lots on bottom left. Have a garden on one of the separate lots and houses on remaining 10, have a brewery+house where there's two slots nearby and a brewery between two houses where there are three lots. Buy a gardener (to do so, click your garden and then Workers tab, and use the rightmost button to train him) and keep upgrading your houses to level four until you get total happiness of at least 195 and at least 8 lv4 houses, them demolish the garden and build the required Courthouse in its place, voila -- you've met the goals to be allowed to a monument.

Just curious: if that helped, what exactly was the problem?
 posted in Build It! Miami Beach Resort on Sep 18, 10 11:03 PM
Thanks for interesting reading, Vanadvindun, funny but my strategy was very very different. But i guess that just depends on what you're personally aiming for when playing, even 'home rules' maybe. The highest score and the largest amount of cash on level completion is given for finishing a year as quickly as possible, every single day costs, that's why i never have time to build an extra building 'for later'. But maybe someday i'll try replaying it aiming eg to 'spend all available permits every year and take all free space asap', or vv: 'to take the least possible space and use upgrades and repaints instead of building', anything like that would be fun

A hint i wish the tutorial had paid attention to: there's a couple of very useful buttons under minimap, one shows exact summary of lodging/recreation resources and leisure requirements from existing buildings, the other saves a screenshot of the entire map, so when eg i had to search the large city for the single oldstyle diner to upgrade i could do it off the realtime.

Seems that never ever before got i so addicted to a casual game as with this one (except maybe for Zuma when it was new), that's why i just have to up these old threads
 posted in Build It! Miami Beach Resort on Sep 17, 10 11:17 PM
OMG, so many bad reviews on such a wonderful game -- what's up? Maybe i have a different version of it (got mine from another site), but it worked flawlessly (no mouse issues), the tutorial was thorough, the tasks were balanced enough (sometimes challenging but always solvable from a second try in the worst case), the gameplay was original, fun and replayable again (to majority of games, i instantly lose interest after completion but in this one, there's not much of 'deja vu' in replaying, every time it's a very different city to play with). I liked the music and style a lot, too.

All these bad reviews mean, there'll be less of such original games. That's a shame. I want many more of such, this one's really really cool.
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