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 posted in Surface: Return to Another World Collector's Edition on Nov 23, 15 8:09 PM
How do I get to the secret room outside the game? (I already finished the game and got all the it even possible to get to the room without creating a new account?)
 posted in Surface: Return to Another World Collector's Edition on Nov 23, 15 5:15 PM
Keep your cursor over the blue dot as it goes down her hair
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Highlight to read

Start at the top with the hair and make sure you keep your cursor over the circle as it goes down

As for the face follow the circles and use everything in order from left to right working down the list
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I'm at the puzzle where you have to use the four things to rotate and move the projected images so they overlap and am totally stuck

Never mind....I got it by luck
Ok I'm going to try an explain what i got from the story line...


Highlight to read

Working from the bonus chapter forward what I got was 15 years prior someone had killed Felix's wife and daughter. One was hung in a tree and the other was stuffed in a bag in the shed. There was also some family picture with the man xed out which i assume was him and the person who blackened his picture was the one who killed his wife and daughter trying to frame him.

I also believe the attacker took Felix's eye which was bandaged and would turn red if you selected Guilty at the end.

Fast forward 15 years and you have the murder of a woman who's body was hung from a tree THE SAME AS FELIX'S WIFE/DAUGHTER (forget who was where). The apple carving was a symbol from their home but I'm not sure about the flour.

The witness who saw the murder said she had gotten a note from someone who sounded "mad"....there was just something about their note and what the witness said about them that made me think something wasn't quite right (they had a disorder or something to put it in other words).

Now Felix clearly saw the witness and followed her but she eluded him that night and was able to make a report to the police.

After you go back to investigating Felix comes in and kills her probably so nobody can accuse him...but he is followed by Paul who sees him kill the witness.

Paul grows suspicious of Felix and follows him the night after the murder. Felix goes to the tree where his loved one was hung and knees down...the tree is surrounded by candles.

Paul then has a nightmare about eyes and apples...which makes me wonder if he wast he one who killed Felix's family 15 years prior and tried to frame him....this would explain the apples and eyes.

Now the mania from this nightmare pushes Paul over the edge...and the fight scene with Felix ends with Paul killing him. Paul confesses to this and utters the line from the original story to pull up the floorboards...he also sees Felix's face when looking at Dupin.

The original story can be heard on YT and only takes about 15 minutes so i can understand the short game...I also caught the references like the focus on an eye and the line from the story. I still like the series and hope to see more installments soon.
You cannot collect the ravens in the can get the morphs by playing the HOPs again but you'll have to play the game again to get all the ravens (I think this is because you don't return to all the locations in the extras like the cars and elevator)
Do you mean the black on the top and bottom of the screen?

It was like that in the Beta and nothing was done...I could still just didn't look like a full screen
Personally I thought it was a fun game...

I haven't read the story but after the second time the game made sense (I recall some bits of the original but again it is just from hearing it).

I have all the EAP games from ERS and while I too miss Dupin's original actor I like how the game went.

Yes it was easier and a shorter game...but 1) There was little challenge int he first two games (Rue Morgue and Black Cat) and no voices at all, and 2) I can finish other games like MCF Huntsville in a short time too...unless you don't read anything and skip the dialogue all games can take a long or short time to finish...My first time through took me about 2 1/2 hours to finish without using any hints or skips...maybe everyone can speed through puzzles and HOPs but it took me some time...and I still enjoyed it

The music and sounds are the typical EAP effects but still done well

I'm still a EAP fan and know there are quite a few Poe mysteries still untouched (like the Pit and the Pendulum) so I'm staying positive...

IMHO Masque of the Red Death was their best work...and though I do like Nightfall it has been a while since I've played...and the last time there were still features I couldn't access...

Anyway to each their own but for me it was worth getting and I will probably go and play a marathon of allt he games one of these days (8 regular and 1 FTP)
OH ok...missed that the name was the raven...thanks

Hmm....I thought Rose the relative...but it could have been Charles' mother...I've gotta go back and play from the start some time (and I don't play EFR so I'll find it on YT)

I've also got a "bug" with the earlier games...from HV to MF the full screen won't go full are cut off and I have to reduce my resolution to even come close to full....

I think BF should create a book or something that explains the story because it is hard to keep all the info straight through all the stories...especially since they come out once a year (roughly...I got hooked in 2012 so no idea how long they were out or what was out up to that point...)

Thanks helps sort a few things out
Ok my memory is fading....who was Tanatos?

What I recall from the games is:

Charles married Emma who became sick and was tended to by Rose. Rose is a descendant of the wife of the pirate from 13 Skulls. She had the three children and all 4 women were killed by Charles. In the second RH Charles tries to become immortal with help from Victor and escapes in a time machine. He builds that underground replica of his childhood in Escape (the only one I don't play...too dark and morbid). I remember his father is shown in one of them talking to Charles and saying it's time for another lesson. And in this one the other secrets are revealed and there is some kind of hint after the credits so I don't think this is the last visit to RHM....

That is all I know but other facts from the other games I can't recall....I know Alister kills Fate and says you will never take my Rose...unless that was Charles...which leads me to believe Alister somehow knew Rose....what happened in the other games and how it connects I'm not so sure about...

If anyone can fill in the blanks I'd appreciate it

And I know the first 3 games were simply building a reputation and assisting the Queen....Ravenherst and Fate's Carnival was the "real" start to this story and the pieces are given in each game...I'm just missing a few lol
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on Apr 19, 15 8:13 PM
No game play or progress issues...but the 2 locations are still locked...a future update perhaps?

The 2 I'm referring to are the Feed the Dog and Gem Maker
Ok the "hints" I think refer to using the hint button...the black bar thing might be considered a hint but is a part of the game

The Master Detective difficulty level isn't available probably since it is the can play through on an easier level and then go for the harder level...and since it's an achievement and there are two possible endings to the game it makes sense (I've played other games with locked harder levels unlocked after finishing the first time)
What room was the statue in? (I couldn't see it)
I so didn't see that....I'll have to go back and look (but it would be AWESOME - a personal favorite of mine - if they did Beauty and the Beast)

I also like the game style....reminds me of Sea of Lies

Anyway there are SO man parables and fairytales I could see the series going for a long time (like Dark Tales and MCF) but since I missed the hint (unlike all the Disney and Disney/Pixar stuff in the credits) I got a little nervous
Ok so I saw the post about Blue Tea no longer making the series...but there was no hint to the next one like there usually is...does this mean this was the last one....or does it mean the new group just isn't going to give a hint about the next in the series?

(despite what many say I enjoyed this one...the interactive map was super and the achievements are fun to try for...even after the game is done you can go back and play for the achievements...haven't tried to play a second game on the same account yet...last one - Rapunzel - you had to make a new name to play again....also no issues with playing...just harder to find the parable pieces)
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papa_pahs wrote:Before the update I was able to click on my avatar and read the diary story accompanying the game progress.

Since the update, when I click on my avatar it goes to a screen where I can change my name.

I'm not too sad about missing out on the story line, but the scrolling white line over the avatar is distracting, and the only way to make the scrolling white line go away is to read the story.

Please fix the access to the diary story. Thanks

I'm having the same problem...I have been reading every entry and like being able to look back for the interview...but I have to go to my office EVERY TIME to do that now...please fix this annoying glitch BFG
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I'm only on level 30 something and am just over 50% done

The way I see it this is still a newish game and I think there is still more to be added in future updates (like sublocations) so wait and see what happens
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This was surprisingly a fun game for being a F2P...I'm actually hooked.

The game is still a beta so this is solely based on that and what I have gotten through so far...glitches and other changes may be/will be brought out by the time some of you read this review.

I gave this game 4/5 for the fun factor: This game launches you back into the Murder at Rue Morgue but from the perspective of a detective trying to get a start with Dupin and slowly building their way up. To do this you have to do hidden object games to complete tasks for different characters. This takes energy, and while it does recharge over time, and you can gain powerups to help speed this up or renew your energy, after so long you have to spend the coins and/or the crystals you have earned to get enough energy to play. This factor can get rather annoying, as can the fact that if you exit the game your time continues. While this is a good thing when it comes to recharging your energy, if you have an active powerup you will ultimately lose it since the time on how long you have it also continues to go down (a big waste unless you can manage to keep going for as long as your powerups are active).

I gave this game 5/5 on visual and sound quality: The HOS are the places you went in the original game, only now they are HOS rather than places you simply pass through. The characters were drawn well, more like the original game, and the details are stunning. The music is the original track so if you enjoyed it before you'll love it now.

I gave the game 4/5 for level of challenge: Like the DT series the HOS are rather simple. That said, there are challenges that pop up as you play, and the number of items you have to find also increases. When you start you have a short list of 6 items and no hazards. As you progress and increase your rank the number of items increases to 8 and then to 12 (this is as high as my game has gotten so far...but I wouldn't be surprised to find 18 or 24 items in the future). The HOS style is either a list of items, silhouettes, or a spot the difference that requires you to slid the screen to find all the objects (basically a zoom in of the room but the entire room). For the most part the items are easy to see, but I have had to use hints a few times...The objects constantly change locations so that adds to the intrigue since you have to look for them rather than just clicking. The hazards I have gotten so far are a hurricane (gives you a limited time to complete HOS), n
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Installing update now...can't wait to go get those zombies (though I don't recall any in Poe's works lol)

I'm so hooked...when will this be officially released?
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Phew...glad to hear the update is on the way...gotta say I'm totally hooked

Quick question...if I wanted to reinstall this game do I have to search for it? It's not in my purchase history (since it's a free to play) and I know I have some other game but forget what it is...

Thanks to the one to mentioned not clicking zombie task while in the office

On that there was another glitch...though I got past it...when you first see the flying machine I was in the office trying to look at the closet and when that "look there's a flying machine" message came up the game around it by not going back to the office until the message was given but you might want to look into messages working in or out of the office rather than crashing the game

Thanks for the game and all the help
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