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 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake on Dec 29, 12 7:49 AM
I sit here STUNNED! First, I get a poster that I tossed even before I brought my mail into the house. Hey whats up BF. I agree with the other posts . Change your voting criteria. Put the voting into the hands of the ppl who spend a great deal of money thru out the year on Big Fish games. We are the ones that would make a best of list that is for real.
 posted in Syberia - Part 2 on Sep 12, 12 3:47 PM
I have done everything installed reinstalled followed the walkthru alot mor e than once!!! I think I will give this game one more shot to get thru the DOORS!!!! and that is it for me. first time complaining to the Cust serv but I feel I wasted my money on this one.
 posted in Syberia - Part 2 on Sep 12, 12 3:40 PM
Sorry no idea here either. I've done the walkthru 2x already!! Reinstalled as well. Hope we get an answer I am ready to SCREAM!!!Only thing I picked up was a hook.
 posted in Gothic Fiction: Dark Saga Collector's Edition on Sep 1, 12 3:36 PM
WOW! what a let down!!! Same here got to the end and after rereading (10x) the SG I realized the same as you. Usually the pages within a story aren't tied to proceeding to the end. There was no notice. Like with the jars there was a number attached and I could then tell how close I was to completeing it. I don't like having to figure out what a developer should have added to the game to make it enjoyable. I am not sure if there is an administrator to post this important point in the forums but I for one recommend a post about this issue.
 posted in Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom Collector's Edition on Jun 5, 12 2:20 PM
Yeah just got through!!! held the knife in one spot then moved it back and forth real fast in a small place. Good luck.
 posted in Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom Collector's Edition on Jun 5, 12 2:03 PM
Hi, Just letting you know I am in the same spot and STUCK! Gettin really frustrated I posted the same question in the SE forum. I will pass it on if I get a reply
 posted in Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom on Jun 5, 12 6:02 AM
I am stuck at the tree with the tapping knife. I go over and over it and get no results to take off the bark. I have the resin kit. How long do I use the knife on the bark ? is there a pattern i am missing?
terri13p wrote:I was in the middle of the slide puzzle when my demo ended. I purchased the game, now the slide puzzle is asking for another slide with doesn't exist. I see in other parts of this forum others are having the same problem. Can you please create a fix for this?

OMG same thing has happened to me!! Thought I was missing something. [i]aint me!!![b] sure i will start over but i am very disappointed if this happens another time further in the game i'll pull my hair out. let us know any words from developers if it is a system wide game problem
 posted in House of 1000 Doors: Family Secret Collector's Edition on Dec 29, 11 4:04 PM
Excellant game! Long game play w bonus time. This is an all around great game! Surely worth getting the CE. !!!
 posted in Drawn™: Trail of Shadows Collector's Edition on Oct 20, 11 5:21 PM
Too short to be CE, no real bonus worth the extra price BUT it is a really nice game! lovely graphic,music, and story.. I love all of the Drawn games it is a buy in SE only
A MUST to play! I am pretty finicky about games lately so for those of you like me... This is a winner. The Story is great, graphics and artwork are great, Extra bonus in the CE is terrific! Has some creep factor that is sudden but it kept me playing. For HOGs I like when the HOG makes sense not a photoshopped elephant next to a big shoe, if you know what I mean. Going to look for more games by the Dev on big Fish. Thanks Big Fish ooo I got my one year big fish plush and it sits next to my comp like a trophy. Give this game way up!
 posted in Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost on Sep 4, 11 9:01 PM
Thought this game was awful! Save your money
 posted in Deep Blue Sea 2 on May 28, 11 10:23 AM
My Absolute favorite match3 game yet. long game play .... terrific music, graphics, challenges, different modes timed and untimed all around relaxing game and allot of fun
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Feb 2, 11 4:53 PM
Oh YEAH!! Great game allot of fun. the humor and all the mini games were just my speed. Had to work at them but didn't pull my hair out. This is adventure game at it's best! you rule Big Fish!
 posted in Phantasmat Collector's Edition on Jan 9, 11 10:23 AM
Hi! brief remarks.... WOW!!! 10+ My vote for Game of the year! Gorgeous graphics! Great story! Really pulled me in! Buy it!!!
 posted in Enlightenus on Jan 7, 11 9:10 AM
Just finished this little gem. I enjoyed the story and the artwork was gorgeous. A really nice change from the typical HOG. I was nicely challenged by having to relate the items list with the photos. A GREAT buy at 2.99! Get it quick at that price.
Hi Gamers, I bought this game thru reviews here in the forum. I like this game. Not the best game I have played but the extra length was nice and very interesting. Story gets sorta "wierd" even sorta dumb, but I play for the length, challenge and graphics. Puzzles are easy, **** range from easy to NO WAY that is an object! Over all I enjoyed this game I would recommend it for first timers. Peace
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven on Nov 14, 10 6:47 AM
Hey Bel, Thanks for your reply,Yes that was great too. I played the "Drawn.." great adventure without the hidden obj's I would love another like that if you know of any. Tanx again Yelwbkrd
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven on Nov 13, 10 5:38 PM
Just finished "Redemption" terrific game and I am looking for a recommend for other games. My other favorite was "Dire Grove" I've played some sorta poor games and would love to hear your favorites. Thanx gamers
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven on Nov 13, 10 5:30 PM
Double Zowie from me about this terrific game.! I highly recommend this HOG to all. The artwork is beauitful, game time is long with many twists and turns that kept me playing long into the wee hours. Sure hope there will be a "Return to Redemption Cemetery" If you enjoyed "Dire Grove" (my fav) You"ll love this wonderfully put together game. Bravo!!! to ERS!!
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