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 posted in Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child on Feb 8, 09 8:59 AM
I loved the Dream Chronicals... but I can't find this new one over at that other place.. I"m simply dying for another good game..

Can someone pm me with the download link....... in the mean time I'll keep looking..

Many thanks... I need this today to calm me down.. after my "mug" disappointment.. !!
 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 7, 09 4:56 AM
Hi everyone... I just got a nice PM from the developers... and they will give us our relaxed mode and lots of hints.. right now they are also working on the lanugage and music....

They are listening... kudo's to them... !! I quite like the "find the differences" and if I have enough hints... it's okay that they are hard to find... I can either CHOOSE to spend time looking for them.. or say "enough is enough" and use a hint without being punished...

We have to compromise somewhere...LOL
 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 2, 09 5:22 PM
Thanks again everybody...glad you enjoyed my little poem.

My purpose was not to demean the developers in anyway. I understand there is a language barrier so I avoided being too critical of that... but the basic game features that we all seem to want ( need I repeat them again ? ) seem to go unheard and unfurled... into the depths of the universe...scattering in cyberspace.... and fragmenting into tiny mutilated pieces....never to be seen or heard by human ears again....!!

I have a great respect for the makers of these games as I have a small idea of what it takes to make them. All we ask is that you make the game 'playable" and enjoyable for us... and heed our wishes. It's to your advantage in the results of sales you guys and dolls.

Give us the choice of whether we want the passive ( no timer ) version or if we want the stress me right out - refill my valium prescription mode ( timed version)

Instead of having bubbles or smoke or some other rediculous thing start floating or the screen going out of focus.. when we have clicked too much... give us more hints , unpunished... ! I 'd think it would take less effort to do that than all the smoke and whistles you produce when we click too much. Oh mercy, I don't want to get into all this again.. you should know what we want by now.

Please listen to us okay...? We would be very grateful and you would be richer.

For this we thank you...Amen...

 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 2, 09 8:28 AM
Poodlebear...... well I had to use your "saying" cause I love little lines like that.. I"m sure theres a word for them but it eludes me at the moment... I understood what you meant though... "Every lid has a pot" .. or every pot has a lid..which ever it was.. too cute not to use..

I do hope the poem hits home though and it will be the last I have to write... cause they will get increasingly nasty as I"m forced to write them..JUST TO MAKE A POINT....and I"m such a good natured soul....LOL. I much prefer to laugh..

Beats me why the message hasn't hit home yet though... I think someones asleep at the wheel.. !
If a store is only selling green dresses and everybody wants blue dresses... how mush business do you think they'll do..? Come on guys.. this isn't rocket science.. !
It's plain logic and good business.. give the customer what they want.. ! Duh.. !!

I can over look a lot of things.. like bad music...awful dialog..mis spelled words.. wrong names.. like a recorder for a flute.. ( well, it's wrong to me )... but when you tie my hands and make me play your mini games, force me to perform in a time frame, punish me for clicking, hide things so thoroughly that they may as well not exist.... then I just can't play with you anymore... !! Too many games like that and I'd need a psychiatrist... !

I"m getting tired of hearing myself complain... I just hope you are too and are going to do something about it... ( please )

 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 6:11 PM
Thanks everybody.. glad you liked my poem.. and tasha47... glad you enjoyed my website..

I"m hoping if we all ban together even BF will get the hint ... take a stand.... and totally refuse to post a game that doesn't meet the basic criteria... no timer.. plenty of hints ( especially if the objects are nearly invisible) and skips on mini games.

Customer satisfaction is important to BF.... so maybe if we can't convince the developers then BF can.
Oh woe is me.. this gets to tedious to be complaining like's like banging my head against the wall.. !
Enough said I guess.. now we wait and see.. !!
 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 2:05 PM
I especially agree with the anti penalization line. If I want to jackhammer every square centimeter of the screen with my eyes closed surely that should be up to me.[/quote wrote:

LOL... my sentiments exactly.....!! Too funny !!
 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 11:54 AM
Dixie, Dixie.. are you telling on me...? Well, I suppose there are a few who would get a kick out of my website..

Oh Lord It's Hard To Be Humble.. when you give me reviews like that.. which is also the name of my most popular movie I made. By all means check it out if you like.

You know giggy.. I never once in my life wore green until a couple years ago.. I had a real aversion toward that color for some reason... Go figure.. ! I passed that idiosyncrasy on to my daughter and she nearly flipped when she saw me in green. Stupid eh..?

I think you shouted that out pretty loud ... but just in case.. here it is again..

NO TIMERS.... !!

 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 10:47 AM
LK.... good point.. I didn't notice that myself... I was too busy being sarcastic..
Shame on me... !!

OMG...... I"m a Herring...!!! When did I morph.... ??

Love those sexy "come hither" eyes...LOL
 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 10:21 AM
suzangh... thanks for trying.. You notice that address is to USSALES... they probably shut it down cause they weren't getting any US sales.... Wonder why..?

Someone from BF needs to come to our rescue I think...

Your review was bang on.. ! I'm usually pretty good at spot the differences too but even with my clicking and using the 3 lousy hints.. I still blew it. Dang.. ! I got it on the second try cause I memorized where all the differences were and used the few hints I may need...... rediculous.. !!

Hope your tylenol has kicked in... it took me an hour just to calm down long enough to open the bottle...

 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 10:01 AM
Thanks everyone and I know I"m not alone in my frustration.. !

Developers... Now none of us are trying to be mean......... honestly we are trying to help guide you to what we want so you can make money and we can have fun. Please take heed ..... I would think that you'd pay attention. But we dont' seem to be getting our message across.

If language is a problem then get someone to translate. Often I find in games things named something wrong. The last one I can remember is calling a trophy a cup.. here I am clicking on cups to no avail. I finally used a hint and could see that it was a trophy they wanted....
A retort threw me too.. it is a flute to me... thats one of the reasons I need unlimited hints because I can use them up pretty quickly searching for very small, wrongly named things. Then when you penalize me on top of that because I"m clicking around... I just throw up my hands and say, "BITE ME" !! DELETE...your game is history... !!!

I hate using hints and store them up like a squirrel does nuts....and will spend lots of time trying to find something.. but when my tolerance level has peaked.. I need a hint.......plain and simple. !!!

This goes for all Developers !! Please listen.. !

 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 8:08 AM
dtouchton........ yes I know what you mean... I don't mind the spot the difference games either but making the differences so obscure is rediculous... but in order not to be too much of a whiner... I figured that if we had unlimited hints...and time.... I could afford not to mention that...

If I can hit home on just these three points ... I can deal with a lot of other annoyances..

SKIPS on mini puzzles
HINTS a plenty............. those are my main beefs. Does that sound unreasonable..?

 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 7:39 AM
The Broken Clues – DEVELOPERS

Oh boy, I have to say it and
This time it won’t be nice.
Cause it may be – the only way
You listen to advise.

Your game was simply awful
You don’t give me any time
To find those ghostly hidden objects

To complete a scene I play it,
Not once or twice – but three
One scene said “find the dumbbell”
And I wondered - YOU OR ME “

You put so much in the making
I’d think you’d give your best
Why do you put a TIMER in ?
Who does your final test ?

And those teeny weeny objects
That I’m suppose to find
Do you think you’re being clever?
Do you want me to go blind ?

And just three hints…and deducting time
For wrong clicks that I do !!!
That’s simply unacceptable
And from me you get a BOO !!

Read thru the posts and you will see
Your game is just a joke
If you choose not to listen
Theres a good chance you’ll go broke.

Poodlebear may be right, and says
“Theres a lid for every pot”
But even there you have a choice
You may use it or you may not.

Why don't all of you listen?
Do I have to spell it out?
Okay I will - you asked for it.
Excuse me if I shout.

NO TIMERS please
What does it take to get it thru your head ?
I don’t need the stress timers put on me
I’d rather just be dead.

And give me HINTS, lots of HINTS
What difference is it to you ?
If you’re going to make the objects small
That’s the least that you can do.

And oh for heaven sakes you guys
Penalize me not… !
I’m not misbehaving !
I’m not a little tot.

So it’s up to you.. it is your game
I wish you all the best.
But again.. read thru the posts
It didn’t pass the test.

And BIG FISH.. to you I say
This game is a disgrace
I hope you’ll find another
To quickly take it’s place.

 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 4:35 AM
Oh no.... I"ve downloaded the game but after reading all these posts I don't know if I want to even try it... I'm so looking forward to a GOOD game.. !

I feel another poem in the making.. this one may not be as gentle... !! I guess I better try the game for myself before I open my big mouth... but with a timer there I feel a "nasty" coming on.. ! Sometimes thats the only way to get a point across.. sigh.. !!

 posted in Coyote`s Tale: Fire and Water on Jan 29, 09 9:29 AM
Oh yes... I couldn't get my jugs to move either..( did that sound right..?? so I had to skip the game too..

Also I think BF must have had some server problems this morning cause I couldn't even get on the website for quite awhile.. so it's probably not the games fault.. I had no cursor problems though.

Thanks Coyote for jumping into the discussion........ I"m sure none of us mean to be critical.. and you are right.. it's the harsh , honest criticism that is effective and beneficial in the long run for all of us. I love southwest scenes so that was pleasant for me.

 posted in Coyote`s Tale: Fire and Water on Jan 29, 09 6:24 AM
I won't be buying it either.. One thing I did[/u] like about it is the option to choose list or sillouette mode....... that came in handy.

And whats with the flowers...?? I collected all 5 several times and nothing happened.. I thought it was suppose to give me another heart. Well, it didn't.

I did not like you showing me where an item was....thanks for the help... BUT.. the whole purpose of the game is to let me [u]find them in my own sweet time. So lets keep it simple.... you provide the hints and let me use them as I see fit. Deal...??

Sometimes I have the time and patience to keep on looking and sometimes I just want to find it and move on.. Please let me decide..ok ?
The graphics were okay.. I never read the chats anyway... so the dialog is irrelevant to me. Needless to say the SKIPS were greatly appreciated.
I realize that you can't please everybody..but there are some basic things we are looking for in a game... ( should I just speak for myself..? )

To name a few.[u].
1.Skips on mini puzzles please..actually it would be nice if you had a "show me" option where you solved the puzzle and we could see how you did it.
2.lots of hints that don't take forever to recharge
3.full screen option punishments for clicking about like idiots....trying to find something
5. items that are not so teeny weeny or hidden in a black spot on the screen.. Sheesh give us a snowballs chance ok..course if we have plenty of hints I guess it doesn't really matter.
6. The option to choose which item we want you to give us the hint for. Sometimes there are items that I haven't a clue what they are ( the oriental ones for sure ) and if I can select that item and have you give me the clue ... it would be appreciated and I would learn something. Again.. this is not a crutial one if I have plenty of hints.

I"m sure there are other things but I have to get ready for work. Bottom line is guys... we want your games and you want the money.. so lets work together here ok...?

 posted in Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom on Jan 28, 09 7:18 AM
I have just finished this game for the second time and over all it is a pretty good game. I had no trouble finding was about the right level of difficulty for me... AND... ..there was no timer.. ( yippee ) no penalties for extra clicking around... ( yipeee ) and the hints were fine.... and WOW.. it let me skip the puzzles that confused me.. !! Thank you for that.

My one beef about it is having to click, click, click to get thru the conversations and also from one chapter to another.. whew.. there are so many pictures to have to click thru.... I realize you have to tell the story ... but is there a way you can condense some of it..? It can get extremely annoying..and I see this story is going to continue and hopefully the next one will have "less clicks" to go thru.

Also the credits at the end take a long time to go thru before I can exit the game.. Instead of having them all in a single roll.. maybe you could put 2 credits side by side to cut the time in half....there is certainaly room to do that... . or put a skip altogether on that..although I realize you deserve the "drum roll" of credits...

Looking forward to the next game.. and keep up the good work.. !

 posted in Venice Mystery on Jan 24, 09 6:47 PM
This isn't fun anymore... I"m on level 46... and I"ve had to restart that level at least 20 times... I run out of stones that match and I have no helps.. like swap, shuffle etc... So whats a person suppose to do...If I can't match anything... I"m toast.. !

I just got fed up and quit the game.. but I was enjoying it till then.. I"ve read the rules.. but if I can't shuffle the stones and am stuck .. then what..??

Come on gamers .. give us a chance ok...? Oh ya.. don't be so darn chinzy on the hints... those pictures where we have to match to are nearly impossible.. and 3 lousy hints is rediculous... whats the point in make us frustrated...???? We won't buy your games and you don't make money.. How smart is that..?

I never did understand them taking a life away.. I really don't care.. I just want to be able to finish the level and go on to the next one...

Very frustrating guys... !!

 posted in Adventures of Robinson Crusoe on Jan 24, 09 3:09 PM
OH bees do not want to follow the melon piece down to the one on the ground... now what..? How do I get them to follow it... they go a short distance and then head back to the hive.... Also what is the nail for... I still have that too...

I really like this game... worth every penny... !! But I need help..

NEVER MIND...I got it.. I was moving the piece of melon too fast... and the bees couldn't keep up.. move it slow and they follow.
 posted in Adventures of Robinson Crusoe on Jan 24, 09 7:50 AM
Excellent game... ! Thanks gamers..
 posted in NightShift Legacy: The Jaguar`s Eye on Jan 19, 09 5:35 AM
Horrible game as far as I'm concerned... I ran out of time on the first round.. and if they think I"m going back for a second... well think again. I detest timers... and games I can't skip... DELETE.. !!
There hasn't been a decent game out since RTR.... and I"m hungry for a good HO plus game...
Very disappointed... !!
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