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 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull on Aug 28, 14 12:54 PM
Just do a single quick click on the puzzle piece to turn it. Hold on the mouse button to drag pieces in to place. Have fun! :-)
 posted in Weather Lord: In Pursuit of the Shaman on Aug 25, 14 10:47 PM
TIMER JUMP is unacceptable. Can you imagine if sports fans (doesn't matter which sport) were watching their favourite team and have 2 minutes on the clock left for a possible win, only to see that clock jumps from 2 mins to 0 mins? Some may say, not the same thing...but... I have invested money, time and effort in to a game, and I want a fair chance to "beat the game".

I haven't even gotten to the levels where others have reported that the game freezes. I can't even tolerate the frustrating jump in the timer. I am at level 10 and have had to play all of the levels many times to try to avoid that annoying timer jump. I see that I have at least a quarter to a third left on the gold, and then it hops to silver!

IMHO, those of us who enjoy this genre are offered such slim pickings, and it's such a shame to have so many technical problems in an otherwise beautiful game.

I sincerely hope to see a fix for these problems soon.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull on Aug 11, 14 11:47 PM
In case anyone else is looking, it's level 3.5 :-). Have fun, fishies!
 posted in Northern Tale 4 on Aug 1, 14 8:13 PM
I haven't gotten to warehouse levels yet, but if it's similar to the first 3 Northern Tales games, then the warehouse allows you to store extra resources. If I am recalling correctly, building a warehouse will allow you to store 30 instead of 20 of each resource. I always found it handy as it is so frustrating to watch that you can store no more wood, for example, while waiting for needed food to build a bridge.

ETA: I think that you only need wood to build the warehouse.
 posted in Weather Lord: Hidden Realm on Mar 12, 14 6:44 PM
Also a big thank you to you jw! And I agree, kitty! That information would have been handy in the tutorial.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess IV on Feb 24, 14 8:03 PM
I agree completely. Not only does it take extra resources to dig or pick away at obstacles more than once, but it also takes up valuable worker time.....and they seem soooooo slow. It is maddening to watch the worker slowly tackle the final objective as you watch the clock ticking away, and think that you are just going to make it under the gun....but noooooo...... you have to go back and do the same thing again.
 posted in Moai: Build Your Dream on Feb 6, 14 1:29 AM
I have played this game several times, and found that the easiest way, for me, was to:

Repeat levels 1 through 7 over and over until you achieve this award.

Note: Be sure to press continue for each level to count, then you can just repeat them. It's not as exciting as the further levels, but you can reach the achievement fairly quickly.
 posted in Grim Tales: Bloody Mary on Oct 22, 13 4:11 AM

Puzzles/Minigames: There are 18 puzzles/minigames. There were the typical matching patterns, but some were more unusual. I consider myself a puzzle novice, but I found 14 of the puzzles to be ridiculously easy, involving entering codes or simple trial and error. The rest were simply time consuming and of medium difficulty. Puzzle experts looking for a challenge will most likely be very disappointed.

Skip: Puzzles can be skipped in approximately 1 min in casual mode, 1 min 15 secs in advanced mode and cannot be skipped in expert mode.

Overall, I found that there was a nice balance between HOS and Puzzles. Although puzzles slightly outnumbered HOS, most were too simple, and even I would have welcomed more of a challenge. However, the simple puzzles helped me to move smoothly through the game with a minimum of frustration. I completed the main SE game in a little over 5 hours and enjoyed it immensely. I would highly recommend the SE version.
 posted in Grim Tales: Bloody Mary on Oct 22, 13 4:08 AM
Based upon completed CE game, and SE demo.

Although not my personal favourite in the series, this is a fine, good quality game. The story is engaging, but predictable. The main plot is minimally supported in the dialogue and gameplay. The bonus chapter gives a more in-depth understanding of the villain, and is a prequel to the main story (SE). However, the plot is resolved in the SE version, and you don't need the CE for a conclusion.

Game graphics are outstanding in their clarity and detail, although I found that the red hue overshadowed the beautiful artistry. After playing the demo, I thought that the red hue was clever, but it became quite tiresome after several hours of gameplay. With so much red, it was difficult to appreciate the beautiful details of clouds passing by, rippling water, moss on trees and the grain in wood.

There are 3 modes of play: Casual, Advanced and Expert. Although there are no sparkles in Advanced and Expert mode, there are still black bar tips, and clues (often animated). For me, those animated clues were amusing, and I wasn't upset as they merely pointed to the obvious. e.g. Stick figure hitting a lock with a sledgehammer.

There are voiceovers, but no lip movements.

There is a diary.

There is a transporter map. Current location and active areas are indicated.

Note: For those who may be sensitive to bright light, there are bright flashes of white light when you try to transport to the mirror world via its own icon in the map. I chose to go to the mirror worlds via the mirrors in the "normal" realm, rather than the icon on the map, as there were no bright lights and movement was seamless.

HOS: There are 13 HOS. There are some interactions in HOS, and scenes were crisp and clear. Scenes were visited only once in the main game.

Hints: Hints provide the next step outside of HOS, but will not give directional, if you don't remember locations, you'll have to peruse the map.

HInts refill in approximately 35 secs in casual mode, 1 min in advanced mode, and are disabled in expert mode.

 posted in Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink on Sep 19, 13 9:06 PM
I purchased the CE on the BOGO free sale, and regretted it. I completed the bonus chapter on expert level in 37 mins. The story was a prequel to the main game, and made no sense to me. When the game ended, I had no idea what the point of the story was, so I went and replayed it to see if I missed something. I still was disappointed with the lack of direction and weak story line.

The gameplay was much too short for a bonus chapter.

There were only 3 new scenes in the bonus chapter. Each is revisited.
There are 2 "silhouette find and use" HOS.
There are 4 "find items on a list" HOS.

There are 5 puzzles in the bonus chapter.

1. Minigames - you can replay 6 minigames.
2. HOS - you can replay 6 HOS.
3. Concept art - There are 6 concept art drawings.
4. Posters - There are 12 colour posters.
5. Music
6. Collectibles: There are 30 total steambugs to collect. Most of them move, so I found those very easy to locate. There were a couple of well blended steambugs.
There are 11 Hochwald steambugs, 8 Castle steambugs and 11 underground steam bugs. If you do not collect all the steambugs in each area, you cannot go back.
7. Achievements - Several of the achievements can be earned by simply progressing in the game, e.g. highlight (possible spoiler) Get to Barber's castle, enter Barber's underground laboratory, get rid of Barber's myriapod.
Other achievements include:
- Watch 5 cutscenes without skipping.
- Solve all minigames without skipping.
- Complete the game on expert mode.
- Collect 8 Castle steambugs.
- Collect 11 Hochwald steambugs.
- Collect 11 underground steambugs.
- Finish 3 minigames without skipping.
- No more than 1 misclick in a HOS.
- Read 10 pop-ups.
- Finish first FROG puzzle.
- Find first steambug.
- Finish bonus chapter.

Overall, I would not recommend the CE version, even at 50% off. I would strongly recommend the SE version as a DD, COTW or BOGO sale.
 posted in Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink on Sep 19, 13 12:25 AM

I found this to be a good game, but was very disappointed with the length. I would recommend the SE version.

There are voiceovers throughout the game.

There are 3 modes of play: Casual, Advanced and Expert. You can change modes mid-game.

There is a transporter map. Current location and areas of interest are circled in casual and advanced mode. Only current location is circled in expert mode.

HOGs: There are 3 types of hidden object puzzles. The hidden object scenes are clear and I found the objects easy to locate. I would have preferred more hidden object scenes. There were only 8 scenes in the main game, and most were revisited.

1. There are 2 "Find and Use" Silhouette HOGs. There is only one scene, which is re-visited. Silhouettes of the objects are shown, and once you've located the object, it is added to your inventory to be used in order to progress in the scene. I enjoy these, and was disappointed that there were no more in the SE game once you get past the demo.

2. There are 4 fragmented pictorial HOGs.

3. There are 8 "find items on the list" HOGs.

Hint: The hint refills very quickly and does work outside of HOS. It refills in 10 secs in casual mode, 30 secs in advanced mode and 1 min in expert mode.

Puzzles: There are 25 puzzles, which can be skipped in 1 min in casual mode, 90 secs in advanced mode, and 2 mins in expert mode.

There were 2 puzzles that I would consider "different from/ variation of typical puzzles". I am not a puzzle expert, but still I found 20 of the puzzles to be extremely easy, and the rest were of medium difficulty/time consuming. Puzzles experts looking for a challenge will probably be disappointed. Spoiler - highlight to read. Several of the puzzles would be just considered simple interactions in other games, e.g. entering a code, or moving objects around in a suitcase to find an inventory item.

Overall, this was a decent game, with beautiful graphics and cut scenes. However, it is extremely short. I played most of the game in expert mode and did not skip any puzzles, dialogue or cut scenes, and I completed the SE in 3 hours 45 mins. The story began well, but faded as the game progressed. The ending is abrupt and unsatisfactory for me. The bonus chapter does not clarify any loose ends. I would strongly recommend this as a DD, COTW or BOGO sale.
 posted in Love Chronicles: Salvation on Jul 6, 13 2:03 PM
Hi AuntEileen,
Welcome to the pond.

For me, this game was quite long. It took me approximately 7 hours to complete. I usually finish these types of games in 4 or 5 hours.

I thought that it was great value, especially with the sale this weekend.
 posted in Love Chronicles: Salvation on Jul 5, 13 3:45 AM

There are 3 modes of play: Casual, Advanced and Hard. There are sparkles for HOS and puzzles, as well as glints for areas of interest in Casual and Advanced mode. There are no sparkles in Hard mode.
You can change modes mid-game, via the options.

There are voice overs throughout, and I thought that they were excellent.

There is a journal, with story and clues/codes.

There is a transporter map, showing current location, areas of interest and unsolved tasks.

HOS: There is a wonderful variety of well-drawn HOS, with most requiring interesting and unique interactions to complete.

There are 17 "find items on a list" HOS. Only one of those was not interactive.

There are 8 "silhouette" HOS. Only one was not interactive. In the rest, you use found items to locate the others in the scene.

There are 3 "find x # of y" HOS.

There is 1 pictorial HOS, in which you put items back in place.

There is 1 HO puzzle, in which you find hidden objects to repair an item.

Hint: Refills in 30 secs in casual mode; 60 secs in advanced mode, and 90 secs in hard mode.
The hint button was extremely helpful outside of HOS. It can be used for navigation, and transport.
Note: Although we are told that we can speed up hint refill by catching fireflies, and carrying them to the hint button, I could not manage that at all.

Puzzles: There are 26 puzzles. There were a couple of unique puzzles, and a few interesting variations of "typical" puzzles. For me, the puzzles were a nice selection, ranging from extremely easy to difficult.
Puzzles can be skipped in 1 min in casual mode, 2 mins in advanced mode, and 1 min in hard mode. I was puzzled as to why the hard mode had such a quick refill time, and tested it 3 times.

Overall, this is an outstanding game. It took me 7 hours to complete, playing the intro in advanced mode, 1 chapter in hard mode, and 4 chapters in easy mode. The story was well-done, with a complete ending. The graphics were beautiful, the music soothing, and the cut-scenes entertaining. There was a wonderful balance between puzzles and HOS. I recommend this game, especially if you can get it on sale. As always, do try for yourself.

 posted in Clairvoyant: The Magician Mystery on Jul 4, 13 6:08 AM
Happy 4th of July to U.S. fishies.


For me, this was a surprisingly enjoyable game and well worth $2.99.

There are voice overs throughout, and I found them quite enjoyable. Interaction with the characters was very helpful in progression in the game.

There are 2 modes of play: Casual: No misclick penalty; sparkles for HOS and puzzles; glints for interactive areas; quicker refill on skip and hint buttons.
Expert: Misclick penalty after 5/6 misclicks; sparkles for HOS; slower refill on skip and hint button.

There is a journal. It held the story, and I found it useless.

There is a map. It does not transport. It does not show your current location or objectives. It was also useless, to me.

Collectibles: There are 26 cards to collect, in order to speed up the hint recharge. However, by the end of the game, I had collected 25 cards, and my hint recharge time remained the same. The skip charge button did decrease in time to 45 secs by the last puzzle.

HOS: There are approximately 35 HOS. There are simple interactions in each scene. Most scenes are visited twice. I found the graphics clear and the objects easy to locate, for the most part. I thought that a few scenes were cluttered.

There are 5 Acts (Chapters). Once an Act is completed, you move on to the next.

Hints: The hint button takes approximately 2 mins and 30 secs to refill in Casual mode. It takes approx. 6 mins to fill in Expert mode. The hint button is minimally helpful outside of HOS. However, it is not helpful in directing you to the next location - it simply states "there is nothing to do here".

Puzzles: There are approximately 12 puzzles. Most were simple, and there wasn't much variety.
They can be skipped in 90 secs in Casual mode and 2 mins in Expert mode.

Overall, this was a very entertaining game. The story line was clear and the ending complete. The game flowed very smoothly, and the 3 hours and 30 mins that it took for me to complete in casual mode went by very quickly. There was some "light" adventure, and it was not difficult to figure out the next step. I played the first Act again in expert mode, and all of the items appeared to be the same in the HOS. However, I will replay this game in the future. A good deal at $2.99.
 posted in Dark Parables: The Final Cinderella on Jul 3, 13 1:14 AM

3. There are 16 total clothing items to collect. Highlight for details.
1. European Clothing Collection - 4 clothing pieces to collect. This unlocks the first Cinderella, Ella Blom.
2. Royal Clothing Collection - 4 pieces of clothing to collect. This unlocks The Princess and the Frog Story about the second Cinderella, Agnes Koch.
3. Oriental Clothing Collection - 4 pieces of clothing to unlock The Cursed Princess Story about the third Cinderella, Shan Mao.
4. Floral Clothing Collection - 4 pieces of clothing to unlock The Girl in the Tower story about the fourth Cinderella, Bianca Pace.

HOS: There are 31 fragmented HOS.

Hints: Refill in approximately 30 secs in Casual mode. As you collect morphing objects, the refill time decreases. By the time that I had collected 18 morphing objects, the hint button was available instantly after using.
Hint refills in approximately 1 min in Normal mode, and the time decreased to 5 secs by the time that I collected all morphing objects.
I found the hint to be extremely helpful outside of HOS, and you did not lose a hint when the hint offered directional arrows.

Puzzles: There are 9 very simple puzzles. One of them is repeated. Four have 2 parts to them. I consider myself weak with puzzles, and these were extremely easy. Puzzles can be skipped in 1 min in Casual mode, and 3 mins in Normal mode.

Overall, I enjoyed 5 hours of gameplay, switching between all modes. The story was captivating, and the ending was wonderfully complete. The graphics were colourful, but sometimes a little blurry, to me. There were at least 10 beautiful cut-scenes. I would have preferred more puzzles interspersed between the many HOS in the game. However, there was plenty of game interaction, to space between the HOS. I did not like that once you completed Chapter 9 that you could not go back to collect any missed items. However, you are warned in the game that you could not return. At that point, I stopped to check the walkthrough to be sure that I had everything possible.

I would highly recommend this game. As always, do try the demo for yourself, as we all have such different tastes.
 posted in Dark Parables: The Final Cinderella on Jul 3, 13 12:34 AM


This latest installment in the Dark Parables series is very reminiscent of its predecessors, which may be tiresome to some. However, the addition of several collectibles in the SE game, the excellent gameplay, excellent options menu and enjoyable storyline made this game a "must buy", for me.

There are 3 modes of play:
Casual, Normal and Hard. You can change modes mid-game via the options menu. There are no hints, no skips and no map in Hard Mode.

Options: I was very impressed with the options, as I felt that I had the control over how much help I wanted, how I viewed and heard the game. There are slide bars to control music, ambience, sound and gamma. Navigation glow, puzzle sparkles and HOS sparkles can be disabled - even in casual mode. I just loved that! I could explore all by myself, and I still didn't have to give up my fast hint refill if I wanted it.

There are voiceovers throughout, and I thoroughly enjoyed them all.

There is a map available immediately in Casual and Normal modes. The map did not transport. It indicated current location and the area with an immediate objective to complete. I found the hint button to be more helpful in navigating.

There is a diary, with tabs for Parables and Four Cinderellas. There are 5 Parables to be unlocked by finding 4 parable pieces for each. The Cinderella stories are unlocked by finding 4 clothing pieces for each Cinderella. Parables and the Four Cinderellas provide additional background information to the main story.

1. There are 20 morphing objects. They are not always available until you revisit areas, so keep an eye out for them, even if you've already checked an area. As you find morphing objects, the hint refill time decreases.

2. There are 20 total parable pieces to collect. Highlight for details of parables:
1. The Forbidden Grove - 4 parable pieces.
2. The Final Cinderella - 4 parable pieces.
3. The Evil Godmother - 4 parable pieces.
4. Handmaidens of the Maiden Goddess - 4 parable pieces.
5. Pinocchio and Geppetto - 4 parable pieces.

The pieces are not available in order, but once you collect all 4 pieces for a parable, it is available to play in your diary.
 posted in Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows on Jun 6, 13 1:01 AM

Puzzles: There are 47 puzzles. They can be skipped in 2 mins in casual mode and 4 mins in advanced mode. There is a count-down timer on the skip button. There is no skip in expert mode, but you can easily switch modes if you get stuck, as I did several times.

There were some unique puzzles and some interesting variations on the classical puzzles. There were several (5 or 6) arcade type puzzles, requiring speed and/or accuracy.

I counted anything with an info button and a skip button as a puzzle, but many were extremely easy. In some other games they would be just simple in-game interactions, such as entering a code in a lock.

I consider myself to be weak in puzzles, but I found 22 to be extremely easy, I had to skip 5 puzzles, and the rest were of medium difficulty for me.

Overall, I was very pleased with this game. The story was uninspired and meandered around to come full circle, ending with a satisfactory, albeit abrupt conclusion. Highlight for spoiler: The story begins with the main character asking if this is real, or a dream..... we go through the usual fare of someone needing to be rescued, the familiar evil character draining the life force through some contraption, rescue complete (I think )....and it ends with the main character asking the same question "Was that real or just a dream?" Cue twilight zone theme. Much of the dialogue was redundant, but it didn't interrupt game flow too much for me. I think that the skip button is much too long, and there didn't appear to be a reset button on puzzles. I really detested that the game ended with a puzzle that required speed and accuracy. After a very enjoyable 6 hours of playing, I didn't want to end the game by using the skip button. Highlight for spoiler/details of final puzzle: In the final puzzle, you had to fight 2 warriors. Areas of their bodies were highlighted in green and red. You had to click on the green to attack the warriors. Each had a bar above and you had to deplete their "health" while maintaining your own. If you clicked on red areas of their bodies, your "health" depleted. As I didn't want to end such an otherwise wonderful game with a skip, I had to go back to the previous chamber to reset the puzzle until I beat it.
Despite these annoyances, I would recommend this game. For me, it was 4 out of 5 . As always, do try for yourself, as we all have such different tastes.
 posted in Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows on Jun 6, 13 12:51 AM

Although I found the story to be all too familiar and predictable, the game play was smooth, interesting and highly interactive. For me, it was worth $6.99, and an absolute bargain if you can get it on a sale.

There are 3 modes of play:
Casual: There are large sparkles indicating HOS and glints for other areas of interest.
Advanced: There are large sparkles indicating HOS, but no glints for other interactive areas.
Expert: There are no sparkles at all, no hints and no skip.
Note: You can change mode mid-game, by accessing "settings" in the menu.

There are voice overs. I found some of the dialogue in the beginning to be mildly annoying and unnecessary as the heroine repeated requests or objectives that had just been revealed. e.g. She tells us that " He needs a glass of water" immediately after he just stated that he needed a glass of water. However, I didn't notice this as much as the game progressed.

There is a map. It cannot be used to transport. However, the hint button is extremely helpful in navigating. The map shows your current location and locations where you have already visited. If you hover over the grey dots that indicate locations visited, a picture of the location and tasks to be completed at that location appears.

There is a diary containing story and important clues/codes.

HOS: There are approximately 12 interactive HOS. I thought that the graphics were crisp and clear. In the first chapter, there are 2 highly interactive HOS requiring you to find objects to set off chain reactions (like dominoes). I was very disappointed to find that there were no more of this type of HOS past the demo.

Hints: Hints recharge in 1 min in casual mode and 2 mins in advanced mode. There are no hints in expert mode. There is a count-down timer if you hover over the hint button. Hint is extremely helpful outside of HOS in casual and advanced mode. If you click on the hint button outside of HOS, the arrow directs you to the location, then an object in inventory is circled as is it's place of use. I would have preferred if I was just pointed in the right direction. Then, if I needed further help, I could click on hint again.
 posted in Enigma Agency: The Case of Shadows on Jun 5, 13 10:09 AM
Hi mj,
Nice to "meet" you. If you have the funnel, you can dump that fuel in to the lawn mower. Highlight for more details and locations: Put the fleur-de-lis key in the lock on the chest in the Guest house to activate the HOS. You will earn the funnel. Back out and on the right side of the guest house, you'll see the lawn mower.

Hope this works for you. Enjoy the game.
 posted in Inspector Magnusson: Murder on the Titanic on May 20, 13 9:33 AM
This is a mediocre game, but at $2.99 and an extra punch on my card, it was well worth it to me.

There are no voice overs.

There is a map. This is used to get you from scene to scene, as there are no arrows allowing you to move about. When you are to go to a new scene, the map on the lower right corner sparkles. Once you open the map, you then click on an available scene (photo) to transport there.

There is a diary, which holds the story and clues/codes.

HOS: There are
26 "find items on a list" HOS. They are beautifully drawn and objects are very clear.
2 "find x # of y" HOS, e.g. find 20 pieces of paper.
2 "replace items" in a HOS.

Hints: The hint button refills in 30 secs and works outside of HOS. I found it helpful.

Puzzles: There are 27 puzzles. There were a few that I don't see often, such as word puzzles. However, most were the typical slider, pipes, piecing together torn notes etc. These puzzles were repeated several times. I found the puzzles to be very easy, and they can be skipped in 30 secs.

Overall, this offered basic, decent game play. The cut scenes are comic strip, and there is a lot of unnecessary dialogue, but all that can be quickly skipped. The story is a mildly interesting murder mystery/conspiracy theory, with a satisfactory conclusion. The game graphics are beautiful and clear, although the cut scenes are dreadful. I enjoyed 3hrs playing this game, but probably won't play it again. It just doesn't offer enough, but it was certainly worth $2.99 and the bonus punch, for me. As always, try for yourself.
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