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 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 9:25 AM
Look for a walkthrough. Keep exploring. She's at the west. When you enter just keep going north and then go west and then go north when you've given the choice. Then go through the cave and you should find stronghold temple.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 9:22 AM
The fissures holds items. You have to use dynamite to blow them up but the things inside were never good except for the absoult zero spell. But it can only be used once, so I suggest not giving the elf statue to the squirrils. I gave them to the elves. I then helped the haunted village and then I got the ghost for the vamp provided you didnt stake her. And then I got 10,000 coins for the ghost.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 9:19 AM
I never use the amulets because I never uses them and think they're useless. Just use the orb with more attack points because the I never found a use for the goem orb. Sorry I spell bad.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 9:17 AM
You get into the ice place when you're LEVEL 18?!?!?! I'm level 28 and I still have problems!!! Go on because you're not suppose to beat the monsters yet.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 9:15 AM
I have like a cheat but it's in game so it's like a goodie. Don't sleep and get some good armor and fight until you're bored and go to sleep and then you'll gain 5 freebie levels. It's easier to get leveled up when you're low level than high level.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 9:11 AM
I think you'll get the shovel later but if I'm wrong, you turn into the beast and dig up the dirt.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 9:10 AM
Did you get the soul amulet from the first city? Use the soul amulet and then it will suck Galahad's soul and then go to talis and then go to the place where they get married. Te' will have a deal and bite Galahad. Have Te' equip the soul amulet with Galahad's soul and it will double attack and defence. I like Galahad and Priate John because they have good attack power, even though not as much as Te'
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 9:07 AM
READ THE WHOLE GOODIE DESCRIPTION BEFORE USING!!! You have to buy another stone to get back or go to a earlier saved game where you didnt use the stone.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 9:05 AM
The winged boots I think ups her speed in battle but lower her defence, the speed crystal is double speed.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 9:03 AM
I dont really use the gauss shield because I use the vamp to drain the boss which makes him fall asleep. Then I attack but I use the vamp to drain every turn to make sure the boss doesn't wake up because if he does he does massive damage. The gauss shield protects from being wiped out in one turn.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 9:00 AM
The darthop profecy IS the end of the orb of magic.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 8:58 AM
You should explore the little stone cave with the person in front of it. You must answer sure to move on. You are suppose to be captured.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 8:55 AM
If you killed the vamp you cannot have the ghost stay as you'll need to be paid and the vamp must be satisified. And no, the ghost is simply a guest.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 8:53 AM
I never uses the orbs for more attack power on spells because I always uses the orbs to attack. I think the cracked orb is fire but I'm not sure. The gome orb is just for attacks only.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 8:51 AM
You should buy another rune to get back or else you have to restart the whole game. If you have a earlier save use that. You should always check if you have another rune to get back from where you came from.
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Dameon is simply another character you can get. I never uses him because he can't offence. It's not a big deal so I dont think your walkthrough mentions him. I uses gamezebo's walkthrough as it includes everything.
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You get to witch wood by going to the underworld. To go to the underworld you must rescue the first god and then he'll give you the key. Go to wildwood and then explore to find a locked gate with a empty hole at the side. You put the key in there and then the gate's unlocked. You then go through the gate and go EAST. You should then find a single bat and then you'll go to new witchwood. To have the witch follow you, you must get the quest for the boat dealer's wife first.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 8:43 AM
For the trails I just bought a ice scroll and then one hit and he's done for.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 21, 11 8:42 AM
Go find a walkthrough. I cannot explain with only words. You are suppose to fight a demon to get the druid's soul and then you can go to the underworld.
 posted in Aveyond on Apr 20, 11 7:58 PM
You enter the underworld and go east, not west. You should see new witchwood pretty soon after you meet a single bat.
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