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 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Mar 1, 11 9:14 AM
Pat_ric_ia wrote:Thanks for all your explanations and comments Michael but (like most of my fellow 'fishes) I won't be buying this game. I have read through all their reviews, after playing for the trial hour, and could only find one or two who actually liked the game. Like myself the majority found it hard to follow and although I usually thoroughly enjoy M3 games I found Akhara confusing and a bit disheartening (especially as I was playing the easy mode and was timed out!)
I can see that you have taken the constructive comments of the reviewers 'on board' and will work on improving the game. Good for you.
Thanks for all you hard work and efforts.
All good wishes for the future.
Pat_ric_ia x

Thank you, Pat_ric_ia.
Yes perhaps this game is hard to enter. But when you'll figure out some things i'm sure you'll find this game interesting.
It's not a traditional mach3 game. You'll find here:
- 4 game modes: Sliding, Chain, Rotation and traditional swap match-3.
- The upgrading of bonuses and devices. All game objects are used and improved!
- Additional devices and artifacts.
- 100 storyline levels (+nine levels of increased complexity), 9 mini-games(including mahjong).
- Advanced economic model.
- The system of ranks and ratings, 5 skills.
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Mar 1, 11 8:41 AM
Dialogue wrote:
Michael_Pukalo quote wrote:

Hello, Dialogue!
I hope you'll wait a little till we'll make it completly untimed! We are working on it atm.

I am looking forward to the untimed version. From what some reviewers are saying it looks like a game I would like to play.

Thank you for being a good developer who pays attention to what the customers have to say.

Dialogue, I really appreciate your waiting. We're working on this untimed version. Thank you
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sunidayz wrote:This M3 was a little confusing at times. I played the demo all the way through...had it on easy mode where it said you wouldn't run out of time but in one case I did? huh? Then it said I had enough resources to build the hammer and to go to the workshop to build it and it wouldn't let me. So I just gave up and went back to the game. It was a "4" in a 1-10 in my book.

Hello, sunidayz!
Perhaps you don't have required skill(or you just didn't find the hammer in workshop?). The skill "Smith" allows to build the hammer, when you have enough resources.
Best regards, Michael!
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jozkitten wrote:well after reading the reviews I"m sorry I bought it. Not to mention I have installed / uninstalled 3 times now and can't even get it to come up with anything but the screen that asks if I want to play again. I haven't even played 10 seconds yet. REFUND or trade Big FIsh ? All of the other games work on trial or purchase but there is a problem with this one. HELP !

Hi, jozkitten!
I'm really sorry that you have such problem. The game was tested on lots of cofigurations and no bugs were found. Anyway, I have sent your message to BFG and waiting for their answer.
Best regards, Michael!
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Leemo wrote:This game could be really good, the mechanics behind it have potential but it really needs MAJOR surgery and an excellent English proof reader. I created the hammer but couldn't find 3 of the map pieces before demo time ran out.

I'd try it again if the devs fixed a few things.

The game has already been proofread by an american proofreader(sorry for the tautology). We're working on fixes. Thanks for patience. A new build will be ready as far as possible.
Best regards!
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ember89 wrote:nutshell: chuzzle stops being cute and goes without a pop-up blocker

was hoping for a more traditional M3 but... paradise quest here i come!

after only having one bonus area opened and finding that i could go back there and lose as much as i wanted, i went on with the "map" finding... until the gears started raining down on me whoa... then i got to the end of the path and the game says - sorry, you don't have all the map pieces, you have to keep playing - ???

actually, no, i don't... that's what that little trash icon is for

Hi, ember89!
Well, we are currently working on adding an automatic finding of all parts of the map. So you won't be bothered about searching them in easy mode. Thank you for playing this game even if you're not going to replay!
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lordkalvan wrote:Cave Quest is great - I already played through twice.

Eagerly waiting for the new build for Akhra, even if it won't be as much fun as some other games. I get bored wayyyyy too easily.

Thank you for your patience! I hope you wont be disappointed
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Mar 1, 11 7:22 AM
gpj53 wrote:No buy for me - way too confusing though I think I may have sorted some bits out. I could click anywhere on the map already played and replay to add to my score and had just done enough to assemble hammer when time ran out. I had made the error (by accident, must have clicked on it without realising - too busy looking at bottom of screen to see whether I had acquired enough stones) of assembling the lightning first and was able to "add" it to the screen in the workshop but that appeared the only place I could see it so I never found out what it was supposed to do. I couldn't "continue" until I'd assembled the radar and can only presume the icon for that would have appeared once I'd done both hammer and lightning. I didn't run out of time in easy mode and never saw any chains, just as well as I find slider M3's irritating enough as it is. My husband loved Gardenscapes and is looking forward to Farmscapes and I really enjoyed Cave Quest trial so they'll be what I purchase tomorrow instead.

Hi, gpj53!
Akhra is not only a slider M3 game. Frendly speaking slider mode is only 20% of all levels. There are 4 gameplay types and 9 mini-games(you can find even a mahjong). We added slider mode to the top of the game because it is easier to enter the game with this mode.
Best regards!
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 6:19 PM
MEnr56 wrote:
cherbtoo wrote:
WolfenRaindancer wrote:I played until I got a pop up that said, "Even in the easy modes, if you don't finish in time, you lose." I wasn't enjoying it much anyway. No buy for this hogger.

Thank you WolfenRaindancer now I know that I definitely won't even bother to download it.

This sort of restriction makes you wonder if some developers are actually aware that the majority of people who buy games are not fit healthy 20 year olds with lightning reflexes.

AMEN to that feeling; I've learned after spending a few dollars that I'm not in that majority as well and since when did Easy Mode mean that it's still a timed game?


Hi, MEnr56!
As mentioned before these levels are optional, and you can skip them. Anyway we'll untime them in easy mode asap. I hope you'll download this game when it will be untimed
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Dialogue wrote:I was going to try this game until I read that the game is timed. I like match three games but I can only play the untimed ones. I'm too slow to play with a timer and I get too frustrated to keep playing the same level without getting anywhere. A no buy for me, even as a Daily Deal.

Hello, Dialogue!
I hope you'll wait a little till we'll make it completly untimed! We are working on it atm.
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 6:10 PM
mcurty wrote:Thanks, Michael, for stopping by and "listening". I like the graphics and music for the game. The story is OK for the game -- really enjoy humor regarding the Dead Sea. I don't expect an epic novel in this type of game.

One part that was confusing for me was the workshop and building things. I got pop-ups saying that I had acquired skills, and that I can go to the workshop and build instead of completing the level. But when I go to the workshop, it says that I do not have the resources to build the hammer. I also got the "lightening" -- not sure what that was -- something to do with smith - can't remember. This part is really confusing at this point. Directions for what is needed to build extra items, use extra items, needs to be clearer somehow.

Liked the sliders once I got used to it. Concept of game seems good, just confusion with directions for me. Thanks for clarifying that the red circle timed level is optional. This game looks really promising, just needs some refinement.

Thanks for the game

Hi, mcurty!
Thank you for this comment.
I appreciate all the comments here(even "omg worst game ever!"). But i realy like that most comments here are constructive. I can find things that need to be fixed, or something that annoys players. I'm glad that you like the graphics and music and even the humor!=)
About building things. You will need a required skill and resources to build a bonus. But to get a skill you'll need to perform some tasks that you'll find in the workshop(check purple tab). For example. To get a "smith" skill you need to make x-3 combo and collect 100 scores. Also you can get a skill only when you have a required rank. You'll get the next rank as the game progresses.
When you've built the bonus, you can add it to the cell on the right(by clicking "Add" button), and then use it on the game field.
Best regards, Michael!
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gmac1007 wrote:This is a very different type of Match 3 and you really have to think sometimes. However I really like the game so I purchased it and it's really fun once you get use to how things work and it can be confusing but it's one of these games you learn as you go and then you have that aha moment when you've figured it out. I think this is a unique type of Match 3 and a refreshing change you don't just match the pretty gems but you need to gather enough nuts, bolts,and screws to build your way through. You literally have to build everything and I think that is really cool you have to work for your power ups and other things so for me I think it's really nice and just a fresh and nice change from the normal Match 3 games. I'm glad I made this purchase and the longer I play it the more I love it. Thanks Big Fish and developer's for a great game.

Hi, gmac1007!
I'm very happy, that you found this game fun! Thank you for your comment.
Best regards, Michael!
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WolfenRaindancer wrote:I am sorry, Michael, but I don't believe I will try a rebuild. I do appreciate you coming into the forum and giving explanations, and I do think you had a good concept, but work is needed on the delivery. Perhaps you would be willing to try again with an entirely new game. I am done with this one.

Well, i want to believe that someday i'll create a game that you will give a 5. Some day.. But now, thank you for you comments, anyway!
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 5:22 PM
Eisteepfirsich wrote:I think this is an good match 3 game. I like also the fact, that I can take my time and can play untimed, until I have finished the level. A buy for me

Hi, Eisteepfirsich!
I'm realy glad that you like the game. Happy gaming!
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 5:18 PM
gentleone236 wrote:I'm with do you get the other 3 map pieces??? it says i can build the radar in the workshop but it is no where to be found...i'm sorry i wasted my money!!!
JammyKat wrote:I liked the graphics and thought the music was soothing. I was finally able to buy the hammer, but came to the end of the first map with only 3 of the 6 map pieces. When I tried to go on, as message said I need radar to find the other map pieces, and that I could assemble it in the workshop. But I couldn't find any way to do that. I tried replaying some of the levels to see if that would get me the missing pieces, but no such luck. So I basically wasted 45 minutes on a game that I couldn't continue. How annoying!

Hello, gentleone236!
There are 4 tabs in the workshop(have a look to the left side of the workshop). The radar is located in the blue tab.
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 5:13 PM
BearKat wrote:After reading all these reviews and all the posted tech problems (btw, thanks to all who posted ) this is something of a first for me! A no TRY ! Confusion and crashes are not on my agenda today! Happier Gaming All

Hi, BearKat.
As i see not all the fishies are confused(but many), and looks like game crashes only on some computers(we're currently trying to sort out the problem). I hope you'll at least download it when we'll do some fixes.
Best regards!
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Leanda1 wrote:Once Again CasualGran - I agree one hundred percent! And the "interruption" of the game with the stupid "Hints" was enough to drive you crazy! 5 minutes I managed to last! Terrible Game, Terrible Grammer, can't comment on the sound as I keep mine turned down! NO BUY here!


CasualGran wrote:Downloaded the trial because I sometimes like to play a good M3. But... I surely won't be playing this one.

It opens with some nonsensical story in which you, as some kind of professor, have to look for things in some house, don't ask me the reason, and then all of a sudden you have to create a map to be able to start some yourney, again don't ask me why, and after that you start to match gears. But not in the usual way, no, in this game you have to make pairs of 3 gears or more by dragging the rows they're in in whatever direction.
There's a timer, but if you choose for easy mode, you'll still be able to finish the board.
Not that I've finished even 1 board. Man, was I bored within seconds.

This M3, clumsyly made by devs that seem to imitate the artwork of Dream Chronicles isn't worth my money, time and effort.


Hi, Leanda1!
Well, we'll do something with these "hints" in next build. Maybe will cut them completely. But i think we will add the ability to turn em off. I'm sorry you're dissapointed. About terrible grammer. Text was proofread by a native speaker. As i remember he lives in Detroit. But looks like the problem is not in proofread but in translation.
Any way i'm glad you played at least 5 minutes. Best regards, Michael!
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NormaNorman wrote:This game is a mess. On top of all the complaints listed above - including terrible English grammar, awkward gameplay, and indecipherable directions, the whole thing shut down on me after a short period of gameplay. I'd put the shutdown problem in the tech issues thread, but I don't think the game is even worth doing that. It's too bad because I love a good M3 game, and was looking forward to this.

Well ya win some and ya lose some, eh fishies!?

Hello, NormaNorman!
I'm really sorry for this shutdown problem. I'll check the technical issues thread and will see what we can do with this.
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jojo_the_joyful wrote:I think I like the game, but I just don't get it.

I feel like I did when I was a child playing Kerplunk & thought the aim was to win all the marbles.

I have failed the timed section 3 times already & don't have time in an hour demo to restart & reread the instructions.

An extremely confused & baffled & bamboozled Jojo

Hi, Jojo!
We will untime those timed sections as far as possible . So i hope you won't be confused again
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gimmegames wrote:I think the timed board is optional to do. It's not on the main map path.

I played the demo hour. The game atmosphere and boards are nice. The main thing I thought should be changed in that respect is the sound you get when you collect the needed little pieces that are in the centers of the game pieces. The music is insipid, but not to the point of being annoying in the demo hour.

The game looks like it needs a lot of tweaking. The mechanics are there, just needs to focus on the player experience - the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. The flow of it needs work for the demo hour to be a good showcase for the game. I was unable to complete the timed board even after several tries, I had just finished building the hammer at the end of the demo hour and did not even get a chance to try it, and the radar mentioned as needed to find the other 3 map pieces wasn't even showing up as an option in the workshop, as far as I had seen. And in the demo hour, we were just shown 2 gameplay types - if there's more, we should be given some clue as to what more there is.

The English needs work, and the instructions need to be placed better in the game - introduced when needed, and not so many boxes one after another.

Makes me think the funds or other resources for this game ran out before any more could be accomplished on it.

Hi, gimmegames!
As i understood those "little pieces" are little bolts that you need to collect to complete the task of the level. I'll think about changing this sound. There are 4 gameplay types and 9 mini-games(green cross in the main menu).
We are currently working on these "annoying" instructions.
Best regards!
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