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 posted in The Tiny Tale on Oct 9, 13 3:07 AM
How do you clean the second water supply, is there supposed to be a second frog? Because I sure as heck can't see it.
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Sep 28, 13 5:16 PM
Thanks , I am looking forward to some next quests and new locations, although at this rate we will be going to Siegvald's son's 21st birthday party by the time they come out!
 posted in Found: A Hidden Object Adventure - Free to Play on Sep 26, 13 5:50 AM
I'm at level 99 and I'm fed up with doing the same quests over and over! If I have to go into the vampire castle or the submarine once more I'm going to scream! Dear Big Fish, when is the next update????
 posted in The Golden Years: Way Out West on Feb 11, 12 4:55 PM
Thank you! I tried the solutions in the other thread and they didn't work for me so maybe I misunderstood something. Was ready to take six-shooter and put hole in PC.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Apr 9, 11 7:06 AM
I often have trouble closing this game down. Even if I close down the game manager completely I still have an icon in my taskbar showing that the game is running. I can't start any other games because I get the message saying another game is still running, but if I click on the icon the game doesn't open. I have to kill it off in the task manager. I run Windows 7.
 posted in My Farm Life on Apr 9, 11 6:50 AM
It really is very similar to Ranch Rush, another game I found difficult to finish. I'm hoping this one may be less frustrating, although reading some of the above posts it would seem not.
Can't developers put in an easy mode in these games for those of us who have enough frustration in our daily lives? I don't mean a brain-dead level, just something a little less challenging than the casual mode as it stands.
 posted in Aztec Tribe: New Land on Mar 24, 11 6:02 AM
I would also like to mention how useless the porter is - he hardly picks up anything, and since you can never tell when he is going to pick up goods you end up collecting it all yourself anyway,
How far did those of you who quit get before you lost patience? Mine ran out on whatever the level is where you have to build six poultry farms. I just found I was buying in wood over and over as everything kept breaking down,
If I had ten thumbs they would all be pointing down.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Mar 24, 11 1:21 AM
If you have their preference set to parenting and there is enough room they will be constantly nursing a baby, but you can turn that preference off. So far the only sexist thing I have noticed is that the Heathen Chief is always a man, probably because there's a conversation with him in the story. Otherwise I don't find the game sexist. Either sex can be a master worker.
 posted in Aztec Tribe: New Land on Mar 24, 11 12:27 AM
Gameslave wrote:This is my first negative post on the BF forum. And it's not totally negative.

But I'm motivated to share my experience.

I loved the first Aztec Tribe (yes, it was kind of clunky with basic graphics and not much story, but I loved) so when I so the sequel, I bought it after 5 minutes of trial. BIG MISTAKE!

The original was fun. This game is just basically annoying!

As others have pointed out so well, things just break down too often (annoying). Plus, on top of the breaks there's well water (annoying). Just too much.

And even on top of that...the developers seem to think that we'll find it fun (on top of all the hits) to not give us the ability to build basic structures so that we have to go to the market to barter for goods. And, I'm here to tell you that were being forced to barter for one item is kind of irksome, to be missing for two is just no fun at all.

And I find it most of all annoying that although there are levels in this version, they don't seem to matter. In the original game, you could opt out after finishing the copper version (or silver) and move on. Here, although there are levels, you are apparently committed until finishing all levels.

Just a heads up here. If you played the original game and absolutely and totally loved the market, you very well may like this version.

Otherwise, be sure and play out the whole hour's trial before buying.

Me, I'm quitting on this game. (And I did go back and play the original before posting this -- original fun .... this annoying!

I'm with you all the way. I bought this game because I enjoyed the first one. This is just plain boring and I'm quitting it.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Mar 9, 11 12:29 AM
That sounds likely - I can't remember when they first appeared. Pamsoso, they are not close to the pools, they sit over to the top right hand side of the screen, have you checked there?
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Mar 9, 11 12:25 AM
I'm surprised at some of the negative reviews. I didn't find it any slower than the previous ones and I thought this one was better than Tree of Life, which bored me after a short while, especially with trying to catch those ridiculous crabs, and I do NOT miss the potions one little bit.(On the one hand we have people complaining it's same-old same-old, and on the other we have people complaining about familiar things not being there, so it's a no-win for LDOW really!) To me the potions WERE a slow, monotonous feature. I also thought the conversion of the heathens added something different - I understand that some people don't like this concept though, but they're just little computer people, not real ones.... The power-ups added a different dimension, too - I think LDOW has made a successful effort to make this one more interesting.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Mar 8, 11 11:52 PM
When you say you've maxed out all points, what do you mean? Have you fully researched learning?
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Mar 8, 11 11:44 PM
If you mean the wooden log thing just south of the food enclosure, I have completed all puzzles but I haven't found any use for it yet.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Mar 8, 11 11:32 PM
Hi, are you saying you never had the pots of dye? The pots of dye are necessary to complete one of the puzzles, so I don't understand how you could have completed all the puzzles if you never had the pots of dye.
 posted in Garden Panic on Jan 7, 11 6:54 PM
I'd just like to say that it really bugs me (or should I say, "rodents" me) that you can't save your game in the middle of a level. Some of the levels have 40-50 waves and you might be up to level 35 and have to log off to do something else, then you lose the whole level progress and have to start off when you come back. Really annoying, especially when the game runs slowly on your computer and it takes you a couple of hours to get through a level in the first place.
 posted in Garden Panic on Jan 2, 11 5:28 AM
ElizabethR1533 wrote:

So far established that the tomatoes seem to be about as useful as a chocolate fire guard, and upgrade slowly - so I die

That's a great expression!
 posted in Garden Panic on Jan 2, 11 5:04 AM
Yes! Finally made it with 3 strawberries to spare, thank you. ( I did weaken and put in a couple of poison plants somewhere around wave 25 though!)
Now onto the dreaded level 23....
 posted in Garden Panic on Jan 1, 11 4:08 AM
Thank you! Now I'm trying hard to conquer my addiction to poison plants, I love those little puffers. I'll keep trying! I could wish they had made this game a little easier, I've replayed earlier levels until I'm blue in the face and I'm starting to get a bit frustrated.
 posted in Roads of Rome II on Dec 29, 10 5:47 PM
Cherubabies wrote:
hannah57 wrote:Are you kidding me... hams, fish, bologna, steak, mac and cheese, who cares about that. The people who developed this game was far from lazy.

You think a Fishermen's hut producing HAMS is not careless graphics??? You obviously don't care much for the game.

Maybe it's a fish cutlet!
 posted in Roads of Rome II on Dec 29, 10 5:30 PM
Have you cleared the small flood between the teleport station and the crystal?
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