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 posted in Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition on Jan 26, 17 2:50 PM
Not a bad game EXCEPT for the silly/tedious/very boring ghost element.

Graphics colorful & for once not the overpowering blue that seems to be prevalent with these types of games.

VO good but the mouth movements leave much to be desired.

HOS interactive but nothing new or exciting. Puzzles lean toward the slide this here or move that there which I find more frustrating than fun. As usual some of the instructions are not as clear as they could be.

Enjoyed collecting the pets but the other stuff was hit or mostly miss. I find trying to play the game & remember to find all of the extraneous dodads a bit much. I'd rather concentrate on the game.

As always, try the demo & see if you want to find out about this hangman and/or care if he returns or not.

 posted in Mystery Tales: The Hangman Returns Collector's Edition on Jan 26, 17 2:30 PM
Open the settings button & pick the custom option. Once there you need too check the hint/puzzle boxes. You can also set how many seconds you want the charge too take. Hope this helps.
 posted in Secret Investigations on Dec 26, 16 3:13 PM
Keep this secret dead & buried!!!

Story line good. You're trying to find you missing daughter. Graphics are brightly colored. That's the ONLY good news.

Only one character. A large man who just stands there with a grin on his face. There are no VO or mouth movements.

There are no mini games only one HOS after another. These are messy, cluttered, teeny weeny & VERY hard to see.

There is a timer which can be turned off but if you run out of time the only penalty is a silver star instead of a gold one. There are only two hint button options. Both take awhile to refresh while your eyes are trying not to cross due to the difficulty of finding the objects.

You gain stars by completing the gain, beating the clock & not using a hint. The gold stars count more than the silver ones.

I was able to get thru a few of the screens when a pop-up told me that I had only 25 stars & needed 30 to progress. I replayed two scenes but didn't gain anymore stars.

At this point my tired eyes said enough is enough & I quit.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Queen of Hearts Collector's Edition on Dec 10, 16 1:49 PM
Dreadful, low quality game.

Horrible graphics that are VERY poorly drawn.

The monster characterization is just plain terrible.

HOS is the usual small, junky, cluttered mess.

The mini puzzle in the police van is unworkable & the SG is of no help. What happened to the skip button? Also, that awful frog is back on the hint button.

There is some kind of gas mask feature that didn't make any sense.

Elf is still his cute self though.

Not too bad. HOS are upgraded from the usual find everything on a list. The mini games are engaging. Some I liked better than others. Mouth movements are still wonky and the graphics are amateurish at best. Story line goes back & forth which can be tedious at times. I just want to get going with the game & move along. Having to go to the same scene over & over before the story moves on is just plain boring.

I might consider buying the SE as I don't need/want too find morphing objects & other things the games says you need to accumulate.
 posted in Adam Wolfe: Flames of Time on Nov 28, 16 4:03 PM
I like the game EXCEPT for the supernatural part. It is just too hokey. It would of been a lot better if it was a regular mortal kidnapping with a little pyromania thrown in.

The graphics were a little better & the characters had much better mouth movements. Didn't really notice any "adult" content.

Story line moves along but again would be better without the aforementioned supernatural component.

No HOS per se but interesting puzzles along with a jump map & some "toys" such as a gun to use throughout the game.

FYI: Adam's "scapel" looked like a box cutter to me. Quite frequently it seems quality control is lacking with regards to using the correct names for objects.

Not sure this is a buy for me but as always try the demo & see if these "burning" flames are for you.
 posted in Surface: Virtual Detective Collector's Edition on Nov 26, 16 8:26 PM
Virtual ICK!!!
 posted in Whispered Secrets: Song of Sorrow Collector's Edition on Nov 12, 16 2:15 PM
Another dreadful, boring game with childish, blue graphics, rehashed story, wonky mouth movements & a character that can retrieve items, dispatch zombies, do tasks & put blinders on a horse all while driving a wagon going at full speed. What a guy!!!
Finally a game worth a positive review!!!

Much better graphics/realism than usual. No otherworldly beings, spirits, ghosts or long dead relatives. How refreshing.

HOS are enjoyable. Puzzles have more variety & play nicely.

Good characterizations & VO.

Found a few of the dollar bills & 1 morphing item.

Now if we could just keep this kind of game play coming more frequently I would be a very happy fish!!!
 posted in Grim Facade: The Red Cat Collector's Edition on Oct 22, 16 2:12 PM
This poor cat is red from embarrassment from having to be involved in this dreadful game.

Rehashed story about another wronged person who must get revenge against everyone. The game is, again, replete with mechanical booby traps & crawly things.

Again, there is the usual amateurish, boring graphics with the ever present dominating blue coloring.

VO were fine but the mouth movements were wonky. This seems to be the current trend. What happened to realism? If I want to see cartoons I'll tune into the Disney channel.

Nothing new or exciting about the HOS. The puzzles ranged from very easy to those lacking enough instructions to make them workable without a lot of frustration. The circle thing that lets you see past images never let me click on any
of the images that came up. One would expect this to work. What happened??

As always, give the demo a try too see whether this cat is one that you want to take home.
Graphics: Overly inked, mainly red & blue, & [Removed by Moderator]. Absolutely no realism.

Story Line: Usual rehashed tripe. Damsel in distress with the usual ancient curses rearing their ugly heads. You are a detective who has sort out this mess while plodding back & forth, endlessly, in the village.

Characters: Bland & wooden. Again no realism.

HOS: Find pictured pieces in the jumbled, murky mess.

Puzzles: I was surprised at how easy they were.

I completed the demo with 13 min left which surprised me as I felt this game would never end & thought I had been at it for hours instead of 77 min.

[Removed by Moderator]
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Silent Waters Collector's Edition on Sep 17, 16 1:16 PM
Here we go again folks. The ghosties, derelict, filthy dirty, very buggy, abandoned hotel theme is back again. Really!!!

Lots of endless back & forth & to my way of thinking is quite pointless. Lets just get on with the story line.

Same old dark & messy graphics.

HOS/Puzzles are fine & some of them are actually fun.

Found some of the collectibles & morphing objects without too much trouble.

As always, check out the demo BEFORE checking into this nasty hotel.

 posted in Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director on Aug 12, 16 11:33 AM
I have #2 & 3 of the series & when I found the original game I wanted to add it to my collection. Unfortunately, the game freezes when I get to the Promenade & it's only the second scene. I get that annoying message about the memory being wonky.

Despite the messy overly cluttered HOS, that could be a lot cleaner/crisper, I really enjoy the games.

Too bad it has to be ANOTHER game with tech issues. No buy for me.
 posted in Ominous Objects: Lumina Camera Collector's Edition on Aug 11, 16 6:08 PM
Another rehashed story line with an evil spirit stealing people by taking their picture with a camera that traps them in a "negative" world.

Usual amateurishly drawn characters with wobbly mouth movements that do not match the spoken dialogue.

HOS were silhouette & mini-puzzles were entertaining enough.

I found 2 morphing objects quite by accident. There was a spinning ball by the hint button that was suppose to indicate the morphing objects but it was not helpful.

The hint button transports you to the next scene which is always nice.

The game plods along with endless back & forth. The story line is also quite boring.

If it wasn't for Mr Jenkins, the cat, the game would be even duller than it already is.

 posted in Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 3 on Aug 8, 16 5:45 PM
I actually like the Vacation Adventures/Park Ranger series. The story lines are entertaining even though these are strictly HOS games.

Some of the characters look quite realistic while others look frozen without personality.

The puzzles are varied and different from the usual fare we get. While I like them, I prefer doing these type of puzzles in "real" time & not on a computer. They are just to busy/fussy to do on a computer.

The HOS screens are just too cluttered & not clean/crisp. My old eyes would sure appreciate some clarity/differentiation amidst all the mess.

Despite all of the above, I have bought this game & will continue to play it & others like it but unless some clarity is forthcoming will also continue to whine/complain!!!

Sorry, I have to disagree with previous reviewers but this is a dreadful game. Lewis Carroll must be rolling in his grave.

The Alice in Wonderland tale has been massacred & turned into a very boring story line. There were just too many characters, creatures, shadows etc. The graphics are amateurish & murky with that awful blue coloring throughout.

The HOS were surprising good but the puzzles were not challenging at all.

The game just lumbered on & I had to call it quits.

You'll definitely want to preview this game before buying & decide if you really want to follow Alice over bridge.
Same rehashed story line with floating, faceless ghosties. Usual flat graphics but at least they are not endlessly blue toned. Characters are one dimensional with wonky mouth movements but the VO sound decent enough.

If the characters speak English why is the written dialogue not grammatically correct? Example: "Please give ME papers to Sgt. Carter". Though this could be a very poor attempt at using a British/Irish way of speaking.

The first puzzle was a dreadful cluttered mess. The instructions made no sense at all and even though I was able to light the second puzzle, as instructed, it still did not give me a win. The HOGS were mostly silhouettes with a few find the hidden object. Able to fine the picture pieces ok,, stumbled on a couple of morphing objects but never did see any collectibles

All in all the game was the standard fare the seems to be the only thing the devs can come up with.

 posted in The Disappearing Runestones on Jul 20, 16 1:34 PM
Fun game RUINED by those dreadful match 3 games. I sailed through the 1st one but no matter how hard I clicked all over the screen no matches were forthcoming & without a skip button the game was over for me & a definite NO buy.

Caveat: Buy only if you LOVE match 3 games & are ready to click your little heart out.

Just give me a good old PLAIN solitaire game.
 posted in Vermillion Watch: Moorgate Accord Collector's Edition on Jun 23, 16 5:33 PM
What a dreary, boring, tedious game. Rehashed story with mutated creatures doing evil. Ho, Hum. Graphics are dark, muddy, murky & NOT terribly clear. The cut scenes are hideous. They look like they were drawn by a kindergarten class.

The HOS are very simple & the mini-games are tedious & frustrating. I couldn't wait to complete them. Some of them did not have a skip button & the hint button was not always helpful. Never did see any collectibles or morphing objects. They were never mentioned in the game & I thought perhaps there weren't any.

At least Eipix has been consistent lately with the low caliber of their games.

This game definitely hit Grannies "Snooze Button". As always, give the game a try & maybe battling man made creatures will be your thing.
 posted in Grim Facade: Monster in Disguise on Jun 17, 16 12:51 PM
Same old rehashed games show up day after day with ghosts, evil spirits, monsters, other worldly beings, runes etc. ad nauseum.
Unfortunately, my reviews remain constant against these awful, unimaginative games. No realism, wooden characters, wonky mouth movements, dreadful graphics & color schemes, story lines that never change just to name a few things that NEVER get any better.
This game falls right into the above mentioned mold. The only thing I liked about this game was the cat!!
I am never ceased to be amazed at the 4/5 star ratings that these bottom of the barrel games garner but again everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
It makes me chuckle when things are advertised as something everyone likes/loves or clothes that are touted that they fit everyone. While I'm here to tell you that I am NOT everyone.
So, give the game a whirl & see whether you fall in the everyone likes category or not.
I don't recommend this game.
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