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 posted in Christmas Wonderland 5 on Dec 20, 14 5:37 AM
I don't usually like HO games, but enjoyed the first 4 of this series. I must say that I agree with dancemom1 that some of the scenes are extremely difficult - items crammed together and objects virtually impossible to see. I had to use the hint button quite a bit, but will play it again to see if it is any easier!
 posted in Mystery Riddles on Nov 18, 14 10:15 AM
Most enjoyable.
 posted in Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition on Oct 13, 14 5:11 AM
I bought this game straight from Playrix. Managed to play it a couple of times, but then when I pressed the play button, nothing happened. Obviously some glitch in the game itself - needs to be sorted!
 posted in Arizona Rose and the Pharaohs' Riddles on Oct 11, 14 12:10 PM
4 - 11 ---- no positive entries are working at all. Using a PC - windows 8. Since I posted this I have reinstalled it, got to level 1 - 28, and the same thing happened. BF have given me a free game code.
 posted in Rush Hour! Gas Station on Oct 5, 14 8:34 AM
Agree with the last post - annoyingly slow and not a par on Airport Mania.
 posted in Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition on Sep 7, 14 8:28 AM
Really enjoying this game as I have done with Gardenscapes and Barn Yarn. Agree about the fountain and statue in the middle of the room though!
 posted in My Farm on Sep 5, 14 5:13 AM
Dreadful game - played for all of 5 minutes then deleted it.
 posted in My Exotic Farm on Jul 4, 14 11:55 AM
I agree with the others - a dreadfully boring game with screen movement that makes you seasick. Deleted it virtually immediately.
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 6, 14 5:59 AM
I have enjoyed the other Cooking Academy games, and played them several times, but this one I am afraid I don't like at all. I'll give itto the end of the free hour, but I feel I will be deleting and not buying.
 posted in Style Quest on Mar 27, 14 9:48 AM
I agree with ElizabethR - I was looking forward to this game but found the same issues as Elizabeth. I deleted it after 50 minutes.
 posted in Viking Saga: New World on Mar 25, 14 11:59 AM
Excellent game - no trouble with glitches for me. i did need to consult the forum for help for 3 levels - thank you to those who posted walkthroughs for those levels.
 posted in Viking Saga: New World on Mar 20, 14 12:05 PM
Thank you kitbit!
 posted in Viking Saga: New World on Mar 19, 14 8:33 AM
Thank you also kitbit - I needed that too!
 posted in Monument Builders: Great Wall of China on Mar 18, 14 8:59 AM
I thought I would enjoy this game, but got so frustrated trying to work out what to do with those hearts flashing over the men's heads that I deleted the game. I was puzzled by the lack of information on what to do. Then I read these comments and found I was not the only one.
 posted in A Princess' Tale on Jan 29, 14 10:47 AM
Firstly - the title is not grammatically correct (sorry, but I really think developers should get such things right). It should be Princess's.
Secondly, the controls do not work.
Thirdly, I can't play it, because of above, but I reckon it will not be to my taste at all.
 posted in A Princess' Tale on Jan 29, 14 10:42 AM
Same as others - controls do not work! Could not get out of the game - had to turn my laptop off.
 posted in Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector's Edition on Sep 21, 13 4:28 AM
I am really enjoying this game - however, I couldn't do it without the "hint" button!
 posted in Finders on Aug 16, 13 2:31 AM
I started feeling very frustrated with this game, but like katyshrimp once I became more accustomed to it, am really enjoying it.
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on May 1, 13 9:03 AM
Sadly the wandering cursor hasn't been fixed.
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Apr 13, 13 10:05 AM
Many thanks bfgizara - I'm re installing the game now. I hope the fix has cured the wandering cursor too!
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