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You would think with as much experience on here that I've had I'd know this by now --- but --- do I have to uninstall the previous game BEFORE I install the update?

tobal2 wrote:I am at the near end of game, prob is when I opened the suitcase there is nothing to click on. So I do not have the symbols page in order to unscramble the stones in the ruins. please advise.

I thought the same thing happened to me when I played it the second time (The first time I was deleted and became corrupted, or was I corrupted and then . . . no it can't be that . . . ) ANYWAY ... Check in your book in the lower left corner of the screen. It gets saved straight there!

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tommy66 wrote:i am having alot of trouble with this game. will i ever get into the house to
find hidden objects???? also is the whole game like this? also do you have to use all inventory icons before entering the house?????

Welcome Tommy!

There is an entire forum devoted to Return to Ravenhearst with SO many aids for this game. But, I will tell you that if you have the brick -- do what would come naturally to access the house if you only had a brick to get in. Also, the items that you get in your inventory come before you need them -- but no telling how much before you need them. There will be items that you will carry with you through out much of the game -- but you will use them when the time come for that.

Other than that ... patience works wonders with this game and really ask yourself, with the inventory items you have, how would you do whatever it is you need to do.

Happy Gaming!!

It is a good game and once they figure out this corruption issue it will be a great game. Just be patient all -- having been one of Picmann's fans for far too long, I can assure you he will see that things get handled.

If you remember we had a problem with RTR last year (at the exact same time of year--Thanksgiving) with the video cut scenes not working for many players. It took a few days, but it was eventually resolved.

Be Patient! All will be well!

LizzieK wrote:
Moonshire wrote:Thank you so much LizzieK. Now that answers too what are the potato chips for, but I was afraid to ask too much.
I finished my first game with the potato chips in my inventory too.

I was wondering why I still had that dumb bag of chips at the end of the game. Thanks Lizzie!!
Now don't quote me -- but you find it fairly early in the game and I think it is in the boathouse in one of the HOG scenes.
nbarnesp wrote:OK guys, I have looked at every MOG around the lawnmower and cannot find the wrench, and I can't look inside the drawers in the farmhouse!!!! This makes me feel so stupid, but I still love it!!!!!!!

The wrench to take off the spark plug is in the drawer of a table once you get across the great big hole in the floor of the farmhouse.

Okay all -- I got the same corrupt profile message and lost 4 1/2 hours of work and was pretty peeved to put it politely. HOWEVER -- in the interest of science -- and to give the uber-tech guys a little more info -- I created a second profile and begain again.

I blew past all the games I had already solved on the first attempt (been there, did that -- didn't need the additional aggravation) in an effort to get back to the point where I was "corrupted". Who'd have thunk a BFG game could CORRUPT so many of us -- BUT I DIGRESS . . .

I have now made it all the way through the game without being re-corrupted (computer-wise -- personally it was already to late). Here are some things I did differently:

1. I paid attention to the speed and fluidity of the movement of my cursor. When things got a little jerky -- I immediately quit the game, waited a few minutes and went back in -- back to fluid movement.

2. the first time round I had so much stuff in my inventory that I could have unloaded earlier had I actually taken the time to access the dumb thing and take a close look at it. Second time at bat -- I used the items as soon as I could, keeping my inventory down to pending objects.

3. The final chapter is extremely flashy -- as many of you have experienced-- As soon as the portal opened I not only quit the game, I shut down my system, waited about 5 minutes and brought it back up and started right there and was able to get through the ending. It did get a little sluggish but with everything that is going on in that scene -- it was bound to get that way.

Now I don't know if anything I did actually helped in getting me to the end of the game -- but I'm beginning to be a superstitious woman and at this point -- i'll take no chances.

Happy Gaming y'all!!

Okay . . . I created a new profile, and I have passed where I was when I got the corrupt profile message. However, I am noticing that at this point my system is getting very sluggish. I checked my inventory at the bottom and there were several items I realize that I have been able to use elsewhere -- so I've been running pell mell everywhere using up the inventory items I can.

I was wondering -- if maybe lugging around all that stuff without closing out certain bits and bobs might be the reason for the errors. In that it uses up RAM and I'm sure that can't be good.

Just a random thought -- don't worry, it will pass!!!

Rose427 wrote:[

My profile became corrupt too! Let me know what you find out.
I got the error message right after I turned on the generator on and was about to go in the inn.

That is the EXAAAAAAACT place I got my error message!!
govegril wrote:
bfgErie wrote:
govegril wrote:At near end of game- access violation. On restarting game a message that profile is corrupt and the profile deleted.

I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the game. I would recommend checking out this help page article:

<a href=> Access Violation</a>

If the profile is corrupt, you may need to restart with a new profile. However, I wouldn't recommend doing so until you have gone through the steps in this article.

Thanks for trying to help bfgErie but the game deleted my user profile after declaring it corrupt- and yes I already read the help page and waiting on support to get back to me.
The problem is I sitll get the corrupt profile message everytime I start the game despite the game deleting it.
I don't know if uninstalling and reinstalling wil get rid of messages about profiles and obviously want to avoid doing that.

Did you get any answer from tech support? I'm having the exact same problem. Four hours and 75% through I lost everything. Everything is updated and it is going to drive me crazy if I can't figure this out.

Okay ... I'm already half-way to crazy -- but it will push me right over that limit!!!
 posted in Hidden Magic on Nov 2, 09 4:37 PM
Okay, I finished the game without the acorn and I did it in relaxed mode which meant I had more time and no dying. I then went back in under a different ID and replayed to the level I remembered having to find my first acorn--which was level 4 or 5 I had played the game all the way through -- so I now knew what each item looked like and could spot them immediately -- with ONE exception . . .


I am now 75% through the game for the second time and I have intentionally let myself get whacked by some dumb elemental, or sooty skeleton just to find that one little item . . . I can honestly say -- this game is full of coffee beans, hazlenuts, that asperic thingie and multicolored insects, but it is guaranteed, absotively -- positutely ACORN FREE!!!

The Sierra Club can now stand-down!!

 posted in Hidden Magic on Nov 2, 09 4:18 PM
MissAbby wrote:Hi Fishies!

This is the weirdest thing...I too searched for that dang acorn (and could never find it) throughout the entire game until just tonight...when I fought the final battle with the big bad guy. I got so frustrated I just started clicking all over the screen, and from somewhere in the upper left quadrant an ACORN popped out and into my potion!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell outta my chair! So there is at least ONE acorn..even if only in my game LOL!!! Has anyone else found this out? I know it wasn't there in any other battle scene...I just KNOW it!! Who else has finished the game? Just curious...but I swear..It WAS AN ACORN!!! Really, honest, just popped out!!! Let me know if anyone else had this happen. It really did help me finish the game btw!
Love and hugs...Abs

The EXACT same thing happened to me. There was nothing there -- NOTHING!!! But suddenly the sparkles came up in the cauldron and the only thing left to find was that #$%^@*!!!!!! ACORN. We have an invisible acorn running amok from computer to computer -- the phantom acorn!!

I also had the same thing happen to me that happened to dlindab! I had to do a cold reboot as well and then everyone of those items were there -- I just about went blind searching for yellow pollen -- and we all know what the pollen looks like now -- and it wasn't there -- nor were other things that I had clicked on time and time again for other spells. I'm not sure what kinda glitch the game has going -- but it is the most original game to come across in a LONG time!!!

Look into it Picman!!! Please!!! The game has story, it has interest, it has an 0angle we haven't had much if any before -- fix the game!!
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Hey -- has anyone mentioned the fact that according to the HE-DT game page, the game requires 1280 mb of ram.? I am pretty sure that's a typo -- I hope that's a typo because I just purchased it!

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Okay all -- I haven't weighed in on a new game in quite some time -- but I gotta tell ya . . . I really enjoyed this game. I have now played it front to back 3 times and I still enjoy it. There are some choppy video issues once you get to some of the higher levels, but I found that no where near as distracting as it could have been -- i.e. Wandering Willows!!

I found it amusing and still challenging. HATED Zorm and that level where he is throwing everything at you but the kitchen sink (you know the one -- in the volcano where you have to build the jewellers and the gold shops). The graphics were great -- but i'm a colorful kinda gal!!

The storyline was amusing -- to a point -- and I found myself really having to concentrate to figure out just how to get all of the required buildings in the limited space available!! (For me the secret was the "restart" button).

Being the Queen of all things "Build-A-Lot" I found this a refreshing and amusing change and I'm interested enough to wonder if the creators are planning sequels. If so -- look me up!! I'll Beta anything you have!!!

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I checked all my drivers -- all are current, active x is up and running perfectly, and I can't get through the front door without my entire system crashing. I've checked out the help topics and to no avail. I need a Justin from Tech Services fix!!!


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Okay . . . I can't get past the front door and into the foyer -- having been part of the big fish family for as long as I have I know that the type of blue screen error message I am getting usually means that I need to update my video card driver --

that being said ...

I can't remember how to do the dumb thing!!!!!

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DonnyDJ wrote:I really enjoyed this game for numerous reasons and I highly recommend it if you have enjoyed playing any of the following games:

Wonderburg (this game is made by the same people as My Kingdom for the Princess)
Build a Lot 1-3
Be Rich
Plan it Green
Create a Mall
Forgotten Lands:First Colony
Hotel Mogul
Janes Realty

I agree with you -- I am enjoying it too! I think the best description would be a cross between Wonderburg and Forgotten Lands: First Colony. For those of us who have arthritis and mouse issues, it hasn't been a problem for me on this one.

 posted in Many Years Ago on Jul 16, 09 11:11 AM
Is anyone else having issues with blue screen errors when trying to start this game??? I have had my entire computer rebooted twice after hitting the "play" button at the beginning. Is this going to be another tech problem?!?!
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BinLA wrote:Click on one glass. You'll see an up arrow. Then, click on the glass you want to pour the liquid into.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! I was getting just as frustrated as I had been in the infamous Ravenhearst "whack-a-mole" game.

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