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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 6, 14 5:05 PM
I received another email from support. Now I realize that the person was only trying to help but... Here is what he asked me. "Is there anyone else in your home that could be playing your game." I had to laugh. Don't you think that if I thought someone in my house was messing with me, that I would have done something to fix it on my own, and not bothered the support people?

Anyway I have changed my password and will see if that helps.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 5, 14 12:41 PM
@TiramaSue-What about the friend list? Do you recognize the people on it? Is there anybody in the forum who is/was on your list who can check what your social code is?

Unfortunately no. I had not yet placed any one on my friends list. People being there was one of my first clues that something was wrong. There should not have been anyone there, but now there are and I didn't up them there.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 3, 14 10:21 AM
TiramaSue wrote:Has your social code changed?

If so, It sound like the server's data base needs to be rekeyed. Whatever the game puts on your computer to match up with what's on the server to link you to your game info has gone wonky.

It's not that somebody hacked your game and did all sorts of stuff with your inventory, it's a case of you being linked up to somebody else's game.

I never paid attention to the code before all this, wish I had. I think you may be on to something here. When I log in, the player name listed is "H", mine should be "Lady Housen". At this point, I don't know if he's in my game, or if I'm in his. Wish I knew how to fix this.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 2, 14 9:40 AM
Well, I sent in a support ticket, and got a reply that the Midnight Castle team in running way behind replying to individual support tickets. Makes me wonder if there is a larger issue with the game going on that they aren't telling us about.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 27, 14 1:17 PM
I not sure where to post this, but for the last two days when I've logged in to play I have noticed some strange things. I think someone else is accessing my game. Today when I logged in to play, my avatar had been changed as well as my screen name. and a player friend had been added that I did not know. This only started after the last pc update for the game. Is this a glitch with the game? Has anyone else experienced this?
 posted in Hanging Gardens of Babylon on Sep 26, 11 5:05 PM
crowtrobot wrote:Opening graphic of the hanging gardens was stunning, the text was informative. I was able to type in my name although the screen continuously flashed, but couldn't find my mouse pointer and had to hit enter. Image continued to flash, no mouse pointer. If this is a compatability problem, certainly no buy for me. A shame because it looked so promising.

I had absolutely the same problem. If anyone knows a fix, I hope it gets posted.
I'm having the same problem as Val1066. Game starts fine, plays the cut scene, then when it's over instead of going to the game, it reverts back to the game menu. WHAT'S THE DEAL!!!
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