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 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 23, 18 5:17 AM
virginiabreeze wrote:Hello:

I have just downloaded the Spring Event and began to play. I have already achieved the new achievements; however, when I click on the achievement to receive my reward the screen "dulls" and "Please Wait" appears. The screen will then freezes. I have to close the area.

I tried clicking on my avatar to change it and also tried to add a message to my game name bar. Both actions have the same result - the screen "dulls", I receive the message "Please Wait" and then the screen freezes.

I have since re-downloaded the game. The problem has been fixed.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 23, 18 12:10 AM

I have just downloaded the Spring Event and began to play. I have already achieved the new achievements; however, when I click on the achievement to receive my reward the screen "dulls" and "Please Wait" appears. The screen will then freezes. I have to close the area.

I tried clicking on my avatar to change it and also tried to add a message to my game name bar. Both actions have the same result - the screen "dulls", I receive the message "Please Wait" and then the screen freezes.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 20, 18 5:33 AM
While I have been resting, my ghostly protector have been moving around the room, studying everyone and everything. Every few minutes he would check on me and then go back to studying the room.

BFF was also quietly circling the room, but her attention was on the occupants. I noticed every time she went by someone, objects near them would move around. One time PTG reached for his cookie and the cookie disappeared

As for Big Kitty? After being unsuccessful in getting some loving from PTG, she came back to me and was resting at my feet. However, she soon began watching Charlie closely. I could see Charlie had a two small animals in her lap, both of which she was stroking. One appeared to be a ghost cat and the other? I couldn't tell. But I could tell what Big Kitty wanted. And although I thought Charlie wouldn't mind giving Big Kitty some attention, she did not need a tiger in her lap!

Lucky for her and me, Charlie chose that moment to get up. Problem adverted for now.

I was watching PTG. After he had announced he was going outside to think, he instead went to the window and waited.

BFF floated behind him and looked over his shoulders. My protector was close behind.

Then PTG took out a lightening rod and fired. I could hear the screams outside from where I sat. Then I heard splashes.

BFF laughed and then waved to me. Then she shot out the window. I could then hear even more howls and splashes.

My protector cam back to me.

"What was going on?"

"Your friend set up a dummy outside dressed as him. The guards took the bait."

"And PTG just announced he was going outside." I thought for a moment. "There is something in the room communicating with the guards."

"Something, or someone."

"Where did BFF go?"

"Annaliese?" He smiled. "She went after the guards. She is not like the rest of us, she is original to the Castle. She is a poltergeist, a mischievous spirit. Have you ever had problems with your game that no one could explain or fix.?"

"You mean they programmed her to cause problems in the game?"

"No, she just showed up to cause mischief. And now you have given her something to focus her mischief on. I almost feel sorry for the guards. Almost."
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 14, 18 6:39 AM
When Big Kitty makes an entrance, she makes an entrance.

I already felt Roo's fear. It was now multiplied as all eyes saw Big Kitty enter the Tea Room.

I was in luck. Doc Poppet was treating me. And she knew Big Kitty's secret..

She put out he hand to pet Big Kitty. And Big Kitty immediately responded. Soon she was purring and demanding more loving from the doc.

"Overgrown housecat. You're a lover, not a fighter aren't you."

Big Kitty just purred.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 13, 18 6:27 AM
As I was being rolled back to the Tea Room by Roo, I noticed that both my ghostly companions were still with me.

BFF was literally dancing in front of Big Kitty. So, she knew where the Tea Room was. Why hadn't she gone there earlier?

My other companion was following behind us He was constantly scanning the area as we moved, looking for trouble. He had also armed himself as I could see a pistol underneath his jacket and a sword belted around his waist.

"I told you I would protect you" I heard his voice in my head. I saw him pull out a small mirror. "We can always return if we need to."

Since they did not make their presence known to Roo, I kept silent.

But I did feel quite safe.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 12, 18 11:40 PM
I have made it to Level 42 (again).

After finishing the castle challenges (we chose the mermaid) , my ghost friends have decided to continue the game with me and have been busy gathering supplies in the HOS. Some had already been on the higher levels and knew what was needed.

What I needed was a doctor. My knee was still swollen and I was now in constant pain.

I also need to communicate to the other inmates of the special room that I was safe and they need not worry about me. I could read in Glinda's Book that several people were looking for me. Charlie and Anna know where I am, but was leaving it up to me to tell my whereabouts. I did not want anybody to endanger themselves looking for me. I had already read in the book of Roo's and Angel's near miss looking for Grimwald.

However, my new friends did not want me to leave. They were totally engrossed with my game and wanted to continue.

Only my ghostly BFF wanted me to go back. But only if I took her with me. She was already raiding the HOS to bling out the outrageous outfit she would be wearing.

"You need to go to take care of yourself. Leave your game here and let the others play for you while you're gone. Just promise to come back."

I looked up from the book. I recognized the ghost who was now beside me also reading the book's entries. He had never told me his game name, but he had always been kind and was quite helpful with my game, having made it through the levels until he was deleted during the last update.

"You can go the Dark Tower to meet Roo. It is close to here and she can be trusted to protect you."

"You know Roo?"

He smiled. "Perhaps"

"I will accompany you." He looked at BFF. "We will use the mirror."

I looked at Alice's Mirror. "So, no Wonderland ?"

"No, unless you consider Midnight Castle Wonderland. The mirror, like Glinda's Book is now tuned to Midnight Castle. The mirror connects the various areas of the castle, but will only take you to areas you have reached in your own game. If I accompany you, we can travel to the Dark Tower."

I said goodbye to my ghost friends, promising to come back soon. I left the computer on and admonished them not to get me kicked out of the game a fourth time. I then became "Diaphanous Diane" and (since he would not leave me) turned Big Kitty into "Ghost Big Kitty," The four of us then walked over to the mirror and walked through.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 3, 18 5:34 PM
I am living in a room full of ghosts. Literally.

They have now helped me catch up the Castle Challenges and between the ghost and the kittens I have almost collected enough from the HOS to level up to 42.

Meanwhile I have been studying Glinda's Book. Yes, It is THAT book, the one that belonged to Glinda the Good of the Land of OZ. The Book of Records, that instantly shows all that happens in the world.

How the developers got hold of it I do not know.

At the moment it seems to be set, not to OZ, but to Midnight Castle. And it is informing me of the progress of my fellow inmates.

So Anne and Charlie know where I am. Charlie can read minds!!!

Grimwald is (Spoilers)!?!

PTG is ill and the Captain is not well? Perhaps I should float back and check on them. (Float as my knee is still swollen) I became "Diaphanous Diane" and floated back to the Tea Room. I could hear the Captain from the outside. I had just became solid and "whump." A flying carpet landed almost on top of me.

“Oops! Sorry about that I’m still trying to get the hang of landing this thing”

“Hi. I’m virginiabreeze but you can call be breeze. I guess as you are not hopping around you must be Roo.”

The petite lady nodded her head as she got up from the carpet.

"I wouldn’t go in there if I were you. The Captain isn’t very happy"

She giggled.”Oh don’t worry about Randy, he’s a pussycat really. He just worries about us.....Well here goes, lets get this over with!”

She entered the Tea Room Since she seems to know what she was doing, I decided to head back to my room in the Secret Library.

As I entered, my ghostly BFF was smiling at me. "Your army awaits your command."

As I read out the next challenge, I glanced at "Alice's Mirror."

"Wonderland. . .?"
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 3, 18 4:39 PM
Dear Randy

I wish you good luck with your operation and a speedy recovery.

May God give you…
For every storm a rainbow ,
for every tear a smile,
for every care a promise and a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share,
for every sigh a sweet song and an answer for each prayer.

I will be thinking of you

virginiabreeze aka Kat
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 26, 18 6:54 AM
I awoke and found that my ghost BFF had been busy. I believe she had dropped off the entire contents of the Midnight Castle Pharmacy

I fed Big Kitty and the kittens, ate breakfast and set up my computer. What do you know, the Castle has Wi Fi. . I brought up the game to begin to play when I noticed Big Kitty walking back and forth near the entrance of the room.

Tigers do not use litter boxes.

My knee was still painful although less so as "Diaphanous Diane." I though for a moment and had an idea. I picked up my carpetbag and pulled out an avartar. Then I called Big Kitty over.

I placed the avartar on him. He turned into "Ghost Cat" (or in his case, "Big Ghost Cat").

"Go." He floated through the walls then came back a few minutes later and I felt him settle at my feet. I turned him back to normal .

Then I went back to my computer.

"You can still play?"

I turned around in my chair and found several ghosts standing behind me looking at my screen.

"Who are you?"

"I am @@@Amy. This is PackdRat and Player." We used to play the game, until our systems crashed and our games lost. Since we did not remember to write down our player IDs our games could not be revived and as a result we were . . ."

". . .DELETED ," all three said at once.

The room was being to fill up. As I am a shy person and feel uncomfortable in large groups I was getting nervous.

"We will be happy to help you with your game. What Level are you on?"

"Level 41. At this moment I am doing the Castle Challenges."

There was a discussion in the group as some of the older ghosts did not know what a CC was.

" What do you need?"

"Five hundred morphing flowers."

A loud groan filled the room. . .
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 24, 18 9:39 PM
I fell.

Not on purpose, of course. I had been floating through the Castle as “Diaphanous Diane” for several days, gathering food, supplies and looking for a secure place to stay. Being invisible, the guards did not notice me. The Castle ghosts did notice. I was at first quite surprised at the number of them haunting the Castle, since they were hunted and trapped during each Halloween event. But I learned that these were artificial ghosts created especially for hunting.

The ghosts knew I was a disguised mortal. They did not seem to care. In fact one particular ghost decided to be my new friend. She accompanied me on my wanderings, singing nonsensical ditties off-key and telling me fantastical stories of her former life.

However, I could not stay as "Diaphanous Diane" forever. I needed to eat and rest and Big Kitty and the kittens needed to get out of my bag. So I would search for isolated rooms or corridors where I could switch back for a few hours each day.

It was in one of these corridors that I fell and twisted my right knee. I had injured the same knee in the past and knew I would be in pain for days.

As I was trying to get up, my new ghost BFF appeared and helped me back on my feet.

“Follow me.”

I turned back in to “Diaphanous Diane” and packed the cats. I could now move, but I was still in pain. I floated behind her up and down various passages until we reached a rock fall. She passed through it and I followed.

Behind it was a large room filled with books. The room appeared to have been abandoned some time ago as there was a least an inch of dust on everything. Off to the side was a connecting bedroom. As I headed towards to bed I noticed a large mirror and a large book chained to a pedestal. The mirror had on it a plaque that read “Alice’s Mirror,” and the pedestal had a plaque that read “Glinda’s Book.”

I did not care; I needed to get to bed. I needed to finish the Castle Challenges. I needed to get to Level 41. I let out Big Kitty and the kittens and went to sleep.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 20, 18 8:47 PM
I did not say a word at first, I was too upset. .

"I was just trying to protect everyone. Sorry."

I then became Diaphanous Diane again, placed Big Kitty in my bag (as he was about to protect me from the Captain) and left.

I do not understand the Captain, Either he ignores you or threatens you.

I do not think I will be missed.

As Diane, I could pass through the castle walls. I floated back to my rooms, passed through the doors and collected everything from my rooms and from the weapon room below. I placed everything neatly in my bag and floated out. I am on my own now.

I pulled out my copy of the map of the castle and the surrounding vicinity and decided where I was going to go.

Sometimes what appears to be the most dangerous place can be the safest place of all.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 19, 18 5:59 AM
Dear Ada,

I offer you my sincere condolences for your loss

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 17, 18 9:49 AM
Thank you all for your birthday wishes.

Amethyst, I hope we meet again in the Special Room. And yes, dandydog, I do enjoy cake. And I do trust Roo with the candles.

Your fellow inmate

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 16, 18 1:12 AM
Happy Birthday Amethyst

I should have known from your name you were a February baby.

My birthday is tomorrow, February 17th.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 15, 18 8:29 PM
You know, I thought I came here to relax and catch back up on my game levels.

That has apparently "gone up in smoke."

We are out of the Tea Room and "safe" but that will not last. At least while those amulets are still broadcasting our whereabouts and our plans.

I looked in my carpetbag. Big Kitty stared up at me, wanting out.

I found what I was looking for, the scissors from the well.

Still disguised as "Diaphanous Diane" I walked up to each of my fellow inmates and cut the ribbon attaching it to their person. Then I turned each amulet off and destroyed it.

"The Guards have been listening in." I said quietly.

I then let Big Kitty out of the bag and changed back to "The Lady." Sitting down on the knoll with Big Kitty at my feet I rested my head on my knees.

It has been a tiring day.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 15, 18 7:30 AM
If the enemy has found a way to receive the amulet's broadcasts, then they know that the inmates are back in the Tea Room. I better be prepared.

As "Diaphanous Diane" I was invisible. I checked my bag; Big Kitty was at the ready.

Since there was a dragon in the sky, there was only one way the Guards could enter. And Charlise had mentioned a tunnel under the Tea Room...

I quietly watched Charlise's chair.

But how do I warn the others so that they do not broadcast the warnings?

They need to cut off those amulets.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 15, 18 7:19 AM
While chaos surrounds me, I have been sitting quietly in a corner, thinking.

When I arrived at the Tea Room, upon Captain Randy's request, I had found the Captain sitting at the table looking confused and PTG and Roo staring at each other. Since no one had acknowledged my presence and Mrs Fletcher had needed some assistance; I went to the kitchen and made Mrs. Fletcher and myself some sandwiches and tea

When I came back out, that is when all hell broke loose.

The Tea Room was in flames, Captain Randy left with a dragon and PTG, Roo and a third party left in a charabanc.

Leaving me and Mrs. Fletcher alone in a smoldering Tea Room.

Since Big Kitty offers no protection against fire and explosives, I placed him back in my carpetbag and changed from "The Lady " to "Diaphanous Diane".

Now that I was invisible, my first thought was to go back to my room and await further instructions.

That was when my amulet broadcasted that the Guards had captured Amethyst and my fellow newbies. I was safer where I was.

I sat down with my sandwich and tea and thought. This place and the inmates seems to be under attack several times since I got here. On my first day, PTG was captured by the Guards...

Wait a minute ... Didn't the Guards mention when they burst in that they were informed several inmates were in the Tea Room?

Informed how?

And on my second visit to the Tea Room when the two Guards entered, didn't they say that an inmate just arrived?

And now, when we were requested by Captain Randy to gather in the Tea Room, the Tea Room explodes. Again, how did they know we were there

Of course, since I was present all three time, Norman would see me as the prime suspect. But I was not present at Grimwald's kidnapping or when the Guards captured the inmates in the Hospital Wing.

Hmmm. Didn't PTG mention that the Guards Big Kitty attacked were robots? And that they had communication devices embedded in them?

So where are they receiving their communications?

The whole time I had been sitting there, my amulet had been broadcasting the Captain's, PTG's, Amethyst and Charlie's thoughts. I had left it on receive...

Everyone has now returned to the Tea Room. But my amulet is still broadcasting, no one has turned their amulet off.

I immediately cut my amulet off and threw it into the fireplace.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 6, 18 5:01 AM
I arrive at the Tea Room as requested only to find Mrs Fletcher injured with a cast on her ankle, Captain Randy appearing somewhat confused at a side table and PTG and a lady holding a stick of dynamite starting at each other.

I wonder why I have been called over. Do they need someone to help Mrs Fletcher? Or do they need my new weapons? Maybe they need Big Kitty?

They do not seem to notice me, so I go out to the kitchen and prepare some sandwiches and hot tea for me and Mrs. Fletcher. Big Kitty settles in at our feet as I await further instructions.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 29, 18 5:17 AM
Doc Poppet had just finished chipping my cats when I received the message from Captain Randy to meet him back in the Tea Room.

Doc Poppet was quite surprised that Big Kitty did not mind being micro-chipped, In fact, Big Kitty took quite a liking to Doc Poppet, asking for numerous head scratches and belly rubs.

I had to stop him from jumping into Doc Poppet's lap however.

"See," I said over some rather load purring, "He thinks he is just a large house cat. Just like my other cats."

"You do know he's only going to get bigger. Adult tigers usually weigh about 600 pounds."

I let Doc Poppet out. Big Kitty still wanted some loving, purring and rubbing against my legs.

"We have to go see the Captain now." I placed the harness back on Big Kitty, and loaded some grenades and dynamite into my bag and set out for the Tea Room.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 26, 18 6:12 PM
As we go back towards our rooms, Big Kitty is sticking close to me in full protective mode. I have yet to tell anyone Big Kitty is quite tame, except for where I am concerned. And although Big Kitty has been well fed the last few days, I have not . So the noon and evening meals are not being delivered, at least not to my room.

The Captain has mentioned tunnels and I certainly know of an entrance...

I touch my new amulet and think: "Captain? PTG? This is Breeze. I know where there is a tunnel entrance. I also know where there is a lovely room full of explosives and weapons. No meals however."

"That is, If you are interested."
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