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 posted in Circus Empire on Feb 25, 14 6:09 AM
I have failed one request with the dogs because no matter which tricks they learned the game wanted 2 four star dog acts and two five, five star acts don't show up. I used 2 of the six star but that didn't work either. Now, I am asked to make a show with Four-Four Star acts which my performers can do, but there still isn't any Five star acts showing up. Only six star and applying those will not win the task. They have learned most of the acts and I still don't have any five star acts to teach them. And even though I mixed four star and six star acts and performed flawlessly the game won't advance because there aren't any five star acts to learn.

The horse and dogs are at level 5, the trainer is at level 4 1/2, and my acrobat and clown or at least three level or more.

Why won't any five star acts show up? they have practically learned all the acts available including six star acts.
 posted in County Fair on Feb 23, 14 5:17 AM
I have been trying to win this level and almost did. I have found if you decrease workers pay after you tell them yes, you will pay what they want, then you won't be fined by the union and you can just go in and decrease the pay after you agree. I have gotten everything except the 25,000. Almost but ran out of time. The more rides you have the more money you make, don't waste your time on the ones that only charge $2.00 and only give one happy face You will have to spend to much to upgrade them to increase the prices.. The better rides that charge at least $4.00 plus and upgrading them so they are worth the price is a better plan. (Only upgrade the ones that are required. Make sure you set the prizes in the stands and look at what it cost to offer those prizes. A teddy bear is like $4.00 or more to offer, but the price they pay is too low to cover your cost, up the price to play the game depending on what prizes you are offering. I noticed if I set the price of the gate too high they won't come in even if I do advertise. So, lower the price for kids and elderly this generates more people when you have a park rating of 70 or more. Advertise but don't allow kids to get in free with one adult, though this does generate more guests. Don't upgrade for every food product unless you are willing to increase the prices for those foods. Some cancel out the cost of the ones already offered. Like taffy is lower than a soda etc. so make sure to make taffy costs more than the other products. The most income comes from the rides not the gate price, and shows is the second higher profit. Then the food stand and then the prize booths so you have to have enough rides to up the overall percentage from like 50% to 70% or above so they will come back and spend more. Adults won't show up that much if you charge them ten dollars even if you do advertise. They like a low gate price.
 posted in Happyville on Apr 14, 13 11:30 AM
I have played this game many times trying to 'make everybody happy' in Happyville after reaching the 200 citizen requirement.

This requirement does seem to be the 'end' of the game. Because the goal before you reach this is worded something like 'Utopia' and that is reached when you gain 200 citizens, if you notice the wording of the goal. I do believe that is the actual 'ending goal' and 'make everyone happy' that comes afterward is more a less, play at will freemode.

With that said IF creating a Utopia by gaining 200 citizens is the actual end goal of the game, then it is no wonder no one can actually obtain the unattainable (make everyone happy) and actually get the game to recognize they are at some point or other after that 200 citizens are reached.

Anyway, if you are running out of room, and see house that has 'issues' and you don't know what they are..just delete it. Wait a few minutes and the 'Sim' will move to another location. I am under the belief it is not always decorations they want..but to be closer to work or closer to where a job is located, and if you watch, they will move in with someone else somewhere, and you now have a clean spot to place a lot for someone else that is homeless. This is especially true when you get to 200 citizens. All lots full but delete one that has an issue that isn't specified and they will find a house on their own..not sure who they move in with, but they do. And probably closer to their jobs or a job opening. (Married with children residents also move if you delete the house they don't like.)
 posted in Happyville on Feb 20, 13 7:37 AM
I raise taxes at City Hall and the more businesses your people run themselves instead of you paying salaries at the civic buildings earns more money.

And I put the game on ultra speed. Higer taxes and unemployment if laid off at the civic jobs makes them unhappy but if I am strapped for cash it's better to have less employed as teachers, policeman etc. and have them working their own buisness so I can gain much more money faster. Once I reach whatever it is I the a price of a new farm and or $100 for a new business lot etc...I put the taxes back down to medium.

Money isn't the problem for me in this game. It's the lack of space considering you need at least twenty huge farms eventually, and the last few people will not take the civic jobs though they live near a school which provides education to them to get the better jobs. All happy, two or three unemployed and lots of jobs ending is more a problem than the money.

Just raise taxes and make sure to spread out your business lots so you will need more (a catch 22) so everyone will work and produce more money.

Also, don't waste your money on helping them when robbed, go on strike or when a neighboring town needs a huge amount. This will only make you not be able to recover your losses fast enough. They will get over it shortly. And if you do help this does't really make them any happier because you are still going to have to replace their homes when they are burned out, and or businesses are removed from game from economy failure. (Only a few) but no need to pay your citizens for those losses it won't make them any happier just replace their buildings they will be happy by the time you need to try to win the unwinable ending.
 posted in Happyville on Feb 20, 13 7:22 AM
Sometimes, if they do have a tree in their 'yard' just deleting it seems to make them happy.

Sometimes, this game doesn't register that you don't have enough farms for food and one or two will get the empty family issues message. Not knowing what to do..just build another farm.

I have learned in this game (though no way to actually win and end the game) that if you don't plant decorations near them until they ask for one it works out better. Because too many also cause the family issue//empty message.

Even deleting something near them and putting it back make the message go away. Not very challenging in if that is all it takes.

I also have thought on a few occasions if the area they live is very busy they get grayed out and I don't know what is wrong with them. I delete their house when all else fails and move it to another area and then they no longer have that message that doesn't tell you what is wrong.
 posted in My Tribe on Feb 17, 13 7:30 AM
The old stump, you will need a very strong person. You can either get the 100/100 strength and brains from one of the crates, and it may be in very bad shape, or from a potion. Or breeding two people that have very high body strength and brains.
 posted in My Tribe on Feb 17, 13 7:25 AM
I was able to do just about everything in this game within a day or two real time. The only award I think I didn't complete was the very old age of over 900 years old. My oldest (given a potion) only made it until she was over one hundred.

Here are a few things that might help. Don't make butterflies close to your farms. They eat all your veggies and very fast.

Once your Tribesman has conquered a skill go ahead and have them start a new one and deselect the one they have mastered. This will help you in the future of the game.

Use potions to produce more rock formations if you think you will need a lot of rock. Or more trees. But actually, unless you are going to build all the buildings on one island you will never need all your wood and rock on one island.

The more people you have researching just like in Virtural Village games the more points you get and the smarter they are the faster. The more people the bigger the paid lode when you do use a moondust on it. Up to 2000 etc. points each moondust depending on how many are researching.

Going to the map view often will show you exactly where your next crate is in the water, no need to search the entire scene of the island. Also, from map view you will learn how to spot any moodust, stardust or gold relics without having to search the ground for them. You can even spot most mushroom if in the sand if you have a good eye.

Don't waste much time searching for guano droppings from Seagulls. This happens more often during rain or a thunderstorm, actually quite a bit. So, flying a tribes kid or adult around searching for it is somewhat tiresome so wait until it is raining or storming!

You do not have to build the buildings in any kind of order therefore you can wait to build your later buildings on a later island after you have built the shipyard which seems a little unnecessary since your ship can be built anywhere it will fit along the shoreline without having to be near a shipyard.

Unless you want to totally change the looks of your people don't use moondust on them. If you like their hairstyle and the color don't use the moondust to change it.

There are two potions that can change the style only and one that will change the color only. Most your potion knowledge comes from collecting and opening the crates. Don't be afraid of those in terrible shape!

Even those in bad shape offer very good rewards. No real harm comes to them or their crops or trees etc. Only gray hair, maybe from one.

 posted in Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens on Feb 13, 13 5:43 AM
If you look at the top of this puzzle (1-7) you will see Zeus and four gold coins covered in ropes. Make a chain that includes the Zeus tile and the four coins covered in ropes. This will break the ropes and open up the gameplay for this puzzle.

Sometimes, through out this game you have to use stragegy of which things to join inorder to get others to drop down to where you need them.

I suggest replaying the tutorial or having tips turned on throughout the game if this is your first time playing the game. You have to create 'chains' in this game and not switch tiles like in other match three games. The more tiles you include (like four red tiles plus a coin etc.) the more coins will be dropped that can be combined with any of the colored tiles to break the near by tiles.

Good luck!
 posted in Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens on Feb 10, 13 12:44 PM
Look at the soldier's eye, it's the eye you need.
 posted in Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens on Feb 10, 13 12:42 PM
If it is the right level I'm am thinking about there is something you aren't seeing. And when you can't get rid of something, that is why you use a Hero with their special ablitites to clear the field for you. Some levels in this game require you to use one or more heros or it can't be done.
 posted in Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens on Feb 10, 13 12:39 PM
I had a lot of trouble finding all the treasure, sometimes I play without trying to find it. I often click on the old guy's house so he will go take a nap or something, and get out of my hair or my way so I can hunt for the treasure instead of telling me to get to work. I think the highest I found ever was about 50 of them. But you really have to make him go home so you can find it all.

 posted in Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens on Feb 10, 13 12:32 PM
I really love these games. When playing Match 3 games, I prefer ones that link 'chains' like these do. I have played all the series over and over, I just love them. I really loved #3's little hidden object scenes in this one.

I hope there will be a HOH 4! Looking forward to it. #2 and #3 are my favorite in this genre and hope you will continue to produce more of them!
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Feb 10, 13 12:24 PM
If you delete the ones that have already upgraded to the level you need them to be there will be a few problems. One is the houses will upgrade more slowly again, and may not recognize you have lined the roads around them.
And are slower to recoginize they have the right buidlings near them.

This only causes problems as they are all eating and using all your resources and they are depleting really fast and they aren't even at level fourteen.

I decided it is better (spoiler) to only have a few two to four inorder to gain more taxes and sell whatever you can as you go along, but to wait until you have about 2000 ea. in certain resources before upgrading the houses. And plenty of cash!

Don't upgrade them so fast they use up all your resources. But yes, if you delete the ones that have upgraded ( no matter which level) it will have to be done again. It's kind of boring if you wait though and are waiting on most of your resources to upgrade to around 2000 ea. but it works and by the time they start upgrading you have enough left to win the game without running out.
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Feb 1, 13 5:36 AM
Thanks! I restarted again yesterday after my save went missing.

This time I tried for more weapons and more barracks and didn't connect to the main road. This worked for awhile. But as soon as I get five houses up to about level Ten, the bad guys kill all my soldiers, use up all my weapons and I start having more fires again. Ooh, I can't win this level. This about the sixth time if not more.

Seems the game likes to start fires on the flax, fruit and pig farms as soon as I am getting close to upgrading the houses again. I get more invasions, often as soon as they start upgrading. The bad thing is they must get stronger becasue they wiped out twenty one soldiers everytime. Figured out why my weapons were disappearing I think. The soldiers need them but I think some of them die later shortly after a battle, and the meter starts filling up again.

You would think they would die instantly and you would see how many you have left but it takes a little while and then they go missing. I also figured out the Tax Collector wasn't collecting the taxes soon enough. This time it kept giving zeros for a long time period. I deleted one of the houses and placed a second TAX building right beside them and boom I started get my taxes collected again. It had been a real long time since the first one was still up at the top of map not collecting anything from the factories. More money, faster if your Tax collector is very close to your houses.
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Jan 31, 13 5:57 AM
O.K. I know not to build up the houses too soon, that's not exactly the problem. In this level I have to buy iron, I keep buying but if you connect the road to the main road, my weapons keep disappearing. I think the soldiers walk off with them as they leave the town and go walking down the main highway.

I was able to get 8 house upgraded after sending Rome all the boards, and furniture and paying off $7000, but it was difficult. Normally, I start plopping down the houses and they upgrade quickly and I win the level if that is all there is left to do.

However, even in this new, improved version, fires start up just as rapid as before, my 'firemen' bypass some lots and let them burn, and I have plenty of 'firehouses', also, the weapons start disappearing even when there aren't any bandits.

So, I started over three times, hated too since I just couldn't win after all that and doing everything but getting four more houses to upgrade fast enough before the others lost a level, etc.

My questions, for this level, does anyone know how many farms, furniture, olive oil, meat etc. it takes to sustain 12 houses to level thirteen long enough so I can finish this level? Does anyone know the math?

I ran out of space I had so many factories and farms etc. before, but restarted and didn't connect the road to the main road this time so my soldiers would quit walking off with my weapons.

I just had 21 weapons (selling most of them) sat there and watched it go down to seventeen in a few seconds without any bandits in the town.
So it is taking all the money I have left to buy more ore for more weapons to keep them safe until I can get enough farms etc. to level up the houses. Has anyone done the math on this level to know how many it will take and how fast (houses are the last thing I do) to win?

Also, why do they stop producing things needed most? I turn off all the others and have plenty of flax or olives or ore but they don't start producing those that are empty? This is a very difficult level if it isn't bugged. It has way too many fires, though I do have several wells, and my weapons disappear and they won't produce anymore bread, olive oil or weapons even though they have plenty of material and plenty of factories even upgraded roads to make it faster.
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Jan 26, 13 4:55 AM
Try to build your warehouses in a central area so your workers won't have to haul so far away. If you have one way over at a woodcutter's building and have to build one near a farm on the other side this takes to long too haul. They may go to the other one half way across the town.

The message does take a few seconds to disappear. That is correct. But it is important to make them accessible to all your resource buildings so you don't have to build another too soon if low on cash. The process of hauling is sped up when you do road improvements, too and won't have to have so many as you sell some of your extra supplies that aren't needed right away.

Oh, try to make sure the road is in front of the 'doorway' to all your buildings. Sometimes you see those messsages if the 'doorways' are blocked by other buildings. You can see which way all buildings are going to face in the small icon before placing them. This is very important for the 'firehouses', too.
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Jan 26, 13 4:44 AM
If the buidling is just smoking and you have the right building near by, you can watch as he/she starts toward the fire. They will put it out. If it does a 'poof' sound and becomes inflamed and he/she has already past you will have to put it out. With the new version released on Jan. 24 with improvements, you can get an army right away. Don't forget to mine ore, for armour and weapons for them. They will handle the bad guys that come into town to start the fires. The more army you have the better. The more firehouses you have placed in the correct areas works wonders to stop the fires and gives you time to do other things. But in the new version, if the army all dies, you may have to run around and put out fires to help the 'fireman' a little more. They don't stay within their mapped area, so it is important to have enough of them.
 posted in Happyville on Jan 24, 13 7:36 AM
I really didn't mean to give this game a scathing review however, that's the way it turned out. I have played this game several times and there isn't any way to 'win' the last challenge. I have several times not had any people sad, or unemployed or homeless. Nothing works. By the time you get to the last election (after reaching 200 people) someone will have an issue.
Also, even with an abundant amount of schools so people would take the better jobs, they don't, even with available home lots and no one jobless sometimes they don't move into vacant lots, and many homes are unoccupied at times. I found it odd there aren't any fire depts., or multi family homes. It seemed kinda of crazy to have only one person or two living in many homes.
I was going to see if anyone else has actually won this game, I guess not.

To answer one question, if the family issues is blank but the house is a 'sad' color, give them a tree it works fast. This would have been a great game with a patch to fix the ending, or to allow more than one family to live in homes. And for the farms to hire more people.
 posted in Settlement: Colossus on Jul 19, 12 7:34 AM
Click on the map. You will see 'upgrades' that need to be made at your buildings. You will have to spend some resources to get the upgrades for each building. Just remember as soon as the upgrade is purchased the building will produce more of those than the other things you needed originally.

Good to get everything you need of the other stuff before buying an upgrade to a building and adding it.

Like in veggies, if you notice you upgrade to include thread for wool or grapes for wine..your HO scenes will have more thread or wine later after that, etc and not so much food etc.
 posted in Settlement: Colossus on Jul 19, 12 7:28 AM
I really enjoyed the Settlement Colossus. I was just wondering if there would ever be a sequel? A great little game to pass the time, and I hope a sequel is coming? and adds a little more chaos if you don't build the buildings right away.

I see it as having so much potiential if expanded a little to add a little more hardships if you don't have enough resources or 'when' you choose to add the things the peeps need.

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