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 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 9, 17 9:00 AM
Considering that the vast majority of my friends have the same items on their wish list (airship items, pet food, in-demand HOS items, and stamps) and I am not doing the rounds anymore, I would be happy to gift something different like eggs, ZZ items, and crafted items.

My thoughts on wish lists in general:
I do not think there is anything wrong with putting something you really want on your wish list. It doesn't matter if it is stamps, pet food, airship items, HOS items, ZZ items, crafted items, or eggs. Sometimes what you want at the moment and what your friends are willing to gift are not the same, but that is okay.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 6, 17 8:46 PM
I hope the tournaments return soon. It was the main thing that I enjoyed. I have stopped playing the game for now.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 14, 17 9:34 AM
Food Frenzy

Magic Miser

Stamp Collector, 1st Class

Amulet Archduke

Three's a crowd!

Five Stars!

You're a 10!


The other achievements...

Key Master

Ace Assistant
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 3, 17 7:58 PM
TiramaSue wrote:
So if we get a repeat of last year's mini-event (complete 300 HO's), I take it you'll be sitting it out?

No. I would do a very sloooow pace. I would do a few scenes, take a break , do a few more scenes, take another break ...
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 3, 17 7:41 PM
PeggyScrougham wrote:I am playing on a Fire and got the upload installed just fine. However I have a question, when I clicked on a room I had already done there was a little "tag" beneath the time box with a minus 1 on it. Does anyone know what this is?????

Android and iOS players with the option to watch videos will receive the following rewards by watching advertisements:

- Speed up a HO scene's cool down period by 60 seconds
- Speed up the airship's cool down period by 30 minutes
- Speed up the dice game's cool down period by 30 minutes
- Speed up the Fortune Wheel's cool down period by 30 minutes
- Speed up the pet cool down period by 20 minutes
- Receive 10 coins for viewing a video in the Coin Bank
- Receive 1 diamond for viewing a video in the Diamond Bank

If you watch a video at the airship tower, 30 minutes will be subtracted from the cool down timer. If you watch an advertisement in the Diamond Bank, one diamond will be added to your diamonds. Where the reward appears depends on where you watch the advertisement and what is earned.

Not all iOS and Android players will have the option to watch videos in exchange for rewards. There are also cool down periods between watching the videos, and only a certain number of videos can be watched in a 24 hour period.

It has been discussed in the following threads:
Countdown timers

Minus minutes?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 3, 17 7:28 PM
TiramaSue wrote:
Task 27 is just a fancy way of saying "Play 200 hidden object scenes", which we'll all need to do to restock those airship supplies.

I know. I just don't feel like doing any scenes at all. LOL
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 3, 17 6:59 PM

3 Pack 12 crates for airships
6 Complete a 5 part Daily Quest
8 Send 3 packed airships
23 Receive 300 wheels for sending airships
24 Complete 5 parts of daily quests
27 Collect 200 airship items

So many airship items to get..ugh..I am so not in the mood for it, but I cannot resist trying to complete a challenge.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jul 3, 17 6:47 PM
dogpenny wrote:How many HOS's do you have to do to get the destony key? I have done at least 10 so far for the Iron Knight and he just keeps promising that i will get it . the job just goes on and on.

Destiny keys are earned from completing character quests that shows it as a reward. They are not obtained from HOS. You can also put it on your wish list or try to get it by selecting it as a potential reward from the pick-a-hand game.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 20, 17 8:55 AM
Food Frenzy

Magic Miser

Stamp Collector, 1st Class

Amulet Archduke

Three's a crowd!

Five Stars!

You're a 10!

I am no longer doing daily quests that require multiple airships. I have not done the rounds to build up my airship inventory. Just the thought of doing the rounds makes me cringe.

Not really working on these achievements...

Key Master

Ace Assistant
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 19, 17 6:05 PM
gerald16351 wrote:Hi all had to get new computer so started a new game with new id so add me all please!!!!

Customer support can transfer your progress from your old id to your new id, if you want them to.

Since you are a PC player, you can get more friends by posting your new id in the PC Friend Codes thread.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 19, 17 5:48 PM
Kenny007 wrote:How many levels are in the game .
There are 76 levels.
The developers are working on an update.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 17, 17 9:04 PM
50MAD wrote:Does anyone realize that if we finish this mini event to quickly that the next time it will be a lot harder and does anyone think about all those players that don't play daily that once we finish this event they won't get a chance on even finishing the first part and they can't get those stamps in the end?

I would not be surprised if the PC goal is set higher for the next mini-event. Since the PC global goal was completed so quickly, it is unfortunate that there will be some players who will not get the global reward if they did not complete their 1st personal goal before the global goal was completed.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 16, 17 9:21 PM
tahitianpearl wrote:I have one more question.
Do the butterflies in the special rooms count ? Or, is it only the morphing flowers ?

Only the morphing flowers.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 11, 17 4:46 PM
gtminer wrote:Have no more than 1 trip of the airship on any DQ
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jun 8, 17 11:24 AM
WrongAgain wrote:I am now at level 32 but I seem to end up frustrated with low coins, low diamonds, low stamps, low pet food and every time I "do the rounds", I end up spending more on the crafting for the people in the castle than I got on my rounds. Is this the way it keeps going? Or does it get better with time? .

I would not say that it gets better. There will be new locations for you to open that will cost a lot of coins. There will be character quests that requires you to craft things that can cost a lost of coins and inventory items.

You can take a break from the quests and just do the rounds to build up your inventory. Some players do not allow their inventory to fall below a certain number because it can be harder to obtain those things.

You can try different playing strategies to see what works best for you.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 28, 17 7:15 PM
scrab wrote:How do I add friends?

Click on the 'Social' icon in the game.
Click on the 'Add a friend' button (a big circular button with a '+' in the middle).
Enter a player id or name into the search field.
Then you can invite a player.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 27, 17 5:48 AM
playingthegame wrote:
c0c0_nuts wrote:Food Frenzy .....................

Has she charmed you into submission then?

Can you now see a "little light at the end of the tunnel"?

She is perhaps the most dangerous of all the MC characters, particularly for our newcomers

~~~~~~~~~~~~~BEWARE Trina!

Food Frenzy is not a Trina related achievement......but, I think I might start opening up her tasks since I am doing the daily quests.

I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel for the Key Master and Ace Assistant achievements. I could possibly reach 500 for level 2 of Key Master, but not 5,000 for level 3.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 26, 17 8:20 PM
Food Frenzy

Magic Miser

Stamp Collector, 1st Class

Amulet Archduke

Three's a crowd!

Five Stars!

You're a 10!


Not working on these achievements...

Key Master

Ace Assistant
243/3,000 LOL
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 18, 17 8:28 PM
I am definitely looking forward to the spring event ending. I stopped playing on my main game a while ago.
 posted in Midnight Castle on May 13, 17 6:12 PM
The developers could create a castle challenge with options.

With a new castle challenge, they could offer players a chance to win the current avatar and a past avatar.

For example, for the first 10 days of a challenge, if a player completes double of each task, they would earn the first current avatar and a first past avatar of their choice.

For the next set of 10 days (11-20), if a player completes double of each task, they would earn the 2nd current avatar and a 2nd past avatar of their choice, etc.

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