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 posted in Bilbo: The Four Corners of the World on Jul 26, 09 3:02 AM
Easy game???

Try to finish this game with the gold ... the diner dash serie was easier.
 posted in Bilbo: The Four Corners of the World on Jul 26, 09 2:59 AM
Well I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you.

I have finished this game with all gold.

Yes, the game gets more difficult more you advance, but it is not impossible.
One trick to get the type of customers you need is to serve them as first and very quickly in order to get more.
When you have 3 or 4 of these guests in the restaurant this type of guest will not come in anymore. So what I did was to serve them as first and quickly in order for them to leave and have then more coming in.

When you have a dish to serve that no customer liked what I did was to fulfill quickly other goals (like number of happy customers or not to disappoint a customer within a certain time or money) and then I would serve this dish to all the customer coming in even if that meant to no tips and angry customers.

Anyway what I wanted to say is that this game is no impossible is just difficult, but then it leaves you the possibility to go on even if you fullfilled only one goal which is pretty easy.

I found this as one of the best time management games I played lately.
 posted in Many Years Ago on Jul 16, 09 9:10 PM
krispug23 wrote:The game was fun. I liked how it was not real time but it did make the game short. I was able to beat it within a few hours. I was a little disappointed that there were not more challenges or more challenging.

I defintely agree with krispug23. Fun game, some nice ideas like people taking care of themselves, nice mini games and nice graphic too (babies are really cute! ).

However too short and too easy. Finished it in few hours and when I got the end I was disappointed.

That's my personal opinion.
 posted in Wild Tribe on Apr 21, 09 7:32 PM
And this is exactly what happened to me.

Yesterday night I paused the game from the menu.
Today when I turned the game on it was well paused, but I could not unpause it from the menu, I had to use the spacebar and in few seconds everybody was dead.

This is definetely a bug, you need to finish the game before switching it off or you'll loose and you'll have to star all over again.

 posted in Be a King on Mar 27, 09 2:12 PM
Destroy some of the houses, it will give you gold, so that you can buy wood to build a farm.
 posted in Farm Frenzy 2 on Feb 19, 09 3:59 AM
I played only the demo, so I don't know if this counts, but I did not have any problem at all.

I am on XP if this helps.
 posted in Farm Frenzy 2 on Feb 18, 09 2:20 PM
I just played the demo (not even finished yet) and I really find soooo more difficult than the previous FF ... I can see where this is going ... sleepless nights trying to get the gold on each level !!!

I think I'll wait to see the other players making some posts and see how they get through
 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 5, 09 1:37 PM
I think the file transfer site should be quicker for you than You Tube Video, but that's up to you.

Anyway .... GOOOOOOOD LUCK !!

And thank you for such a big work
 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 2, 09 2:02 AM
I bought it from bigfish games.

The game just started perfectly for me and I had no problems at all till the end.

I believe the problem depens on how much you play and how you play.

My goal is not to just finish the game, but it is to finish it completely including the secrets islands.

I know about the gems issues, and I don't have this issue, I simply probably left some gems around and so I keep going into all the islands looking for these gems.

I go into an island several times, and I keep changing things, like for example destroying all the buildings.
The more you go in a place, the more the game ''writes'' down information, and this is coming out with bugs.

Islands were I have been in several times now crashes, I can't go in any more.

It started with one island ''worship island", then two ''Yeti island", then the witch island and so on.

Soon I will not be able to go in any island and I will have to restart the game, which I am definetely not going to.
So my conclusion is that it is a pity, the game is really good as idea and very catchy, but they left too many bugs in and I regret I bought it.

I play bigfish games since 2007, and this is the first time I have this problem, it's ok it happens, I am not complainign, just giving my opinion
 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 2, 09 1:31 AM
This is just my personal opinion, but I find this game definetely too unstable to play.

It is a very good game, I like it, but I believe that before buying it you should wait for a patch or something, I wish I knew that before.

It is nearly impossible to end this game. The more you play the more it writes down bugs.

After palying a whole week I am finally to the last level, which I am not starting because afterwards you cannot go back to the other islands, WHY?? I don't know, that's just how they did it.

But I haven't found all the gems, I am down to 98% and I am endlessly going back to all the islands to find the missing ones.

But after a while you can't go back to the islands any more because the game crashes.

It's a real pain, I know there are some cheats out there, but if a game does not work without cheats it means it's not ready to be out yet. They should have tested it more.

So I bought the game, but I can't finish it completely because of the bugs ... THIS IS VERY FRUSTATING!

So my advice is, don't buy it, wait for the patches first.
 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 1, 09 1:33 AM

You will find a list of treasures items at the following adress:

BE CAREFULL !!! It's full of spoilers !
 posted in Farm Craft on Dec 13, 08 11:22 PM
This happens to me every single time. I simply cannot go out during one stage I have to finish it otherwise if I save and come back all my countings went back to zero.

Very frustrating especially when you were nearly at the end of the stage.
 posted in Farm Craft on Dec 12, 08 2:50 AM
Hire a worker. Don't buy verything quickly, go slower, spare money and hire a worker.

Hope it helps
 posted in Farm Craft on Dec 11, 08 1:52 AM
Same here!

I have gold on all levels but this one. I keep on trying different strategies but I just can't get gold.

Anybody succeeded? If yes any hint would be welcome !

Thank you all in advance
 posted in My Tribe on Nov 30, 08 1:14 PM
I totally agree with you on that point.

I had an army of scientists and they are totally useless now and I have a huge amount of science points that are useless.

It would have been a good idea to be able to use these science points for buying stuff.
 posted in My Tribe on Nov 29, 08 11:13 PM
Hi everybody,

I cannot find the iron wood.

I can't find any star I can drop anybody on it.

I am on island 2846571312.
I have found the three misteries: fountain, berry bush and moon stump.

I have agriculture and technology maxed to three and construction and art to two.

I have a legendary person.

What am I doint wrong, where can I find the iron wood?

Thank you in adavance for your help!
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