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 posted in Island Tribe 4 on Dec 3, 12 9:01 AM
Great TM/Strategy/Resource Management Game- Pure Fun

Anyone not familiar with this series you’re in for a treat and those that know this series will not be disappointed. These game developers are great and know how to make a fun game.
As with previous series there are four modes of play, the relaxed mode with no time limit will be of interest to players who don’t like to feel rushed or pressured. I, myself played in normal mode and found it to be a good level of challenge but will try out hard mode once I master normal. I enjoy TM/strategy/Resource management games but am not really an advanced player, but unlike other games you have a chance of getting the best time and for that another big thanks to these developers who listen to their customers and give us a choice of mode to play.
Loads of achievements are available and there is an achievement page where you can keep track of all of them. As before you can gain extra points collecting gems that are strewn around the game area. It is optional but another added fun for those who are interested.
Graphics are a delight. Bright and breezy with lots to look at and you never feel bored. As in other series there is humour throughout the game which I appreciate. There are a couple of fun moments with new characters that had me smiling.
I just want to say how much I love TM/Strategy/Builder/Resource management game(I enjoy other types of games too) and appreciate these developers still making these fun games. Anyone who enjoys these kinds of games hope you will support them too as many developers seem to be making less of these games or are abandoning the PC/Mac platforms.
I bought the game and look forward to many hours of fun and wholly recommend this game. I can only add that it put me in a good mood on a cold and grey Monday. Love it.

 posted in Blender Express on Oct 5, 12 9:30 AM
Wow, this game gets challenging very fast. The level of difficulty gets very hard almost immediately to say there was a steep learning curve would be to put it mildly. This game was bright, cheery and colourful and I though it would be fun to do a few levels and test it out. I didn’t last long, five levels and it got too much. Pity, as I like these kind of filler games that you can play to relax or just turn off without thinking.
So, I can only say please try out this game for yourself and see if you have ultra fast reflexes or like to repeat levels. As for me I would have liked to have the option of having different difficulty levels as there was just one. I give a weak recommendation as maybe it was me who was too slow and lacked patience to try level five (unsuccessfully) for the fifth time. I will recommend Peggle and Peggle Nights those are fun games, challenging but not impossibly so.
 posted in Farm Fables on Jul 16, 12 3:00 PM
Hi everyone
I didn't see or notice this section as I first went to the review section, I'm afraid I don't go to the forum section often but I did today as the main page comments were very surprising and in my opinion not very helpful.
I see that many here think that this is game is fun and more of a strategy based game and I enjoyed it. I almost never write reviews as I don't really have time, esp during the week but I had to write one for this game as it is different, engaging and fun.
I wrote/asked that people write constructive/positvie reviews for the main page if they have the time or inclination, as one sentence reviews on the main page are not helpful and most certainly not informative. It just is rather off-putting to see one or two sentence negative reviews on the main page. If you don't like the game that's fine but to just write Big Fish is releasing rubbish games? I wonder if they really played the trial or just played one level? To be honest it took about the 3rd level for me to get the 'feel ' of the game and it began to grow on me and will buy. I have a few games on the go but just couldn't resist,lol.
Anyway good to find the forum section again I usually just read the main page.
Happy Gaming all
 posted in Farm Fables on Jul 16, 12 2:40 PM
Hi Daisy,

I just wanted to say thanks to you here, I wrote in the reviews section, something I rarely do and hadn't seen this post. I agree totally that the one or two star reviews in the main page is very off-putting and not very informative or helpful as they consisted of one sentence saying that this game is rubbish. I disagree, I think it is more of a strategy game and has a unique charm. Pity more people don't write constructive reviews if they don't like the game.....Anyway, I am to blame as well as I don't write reviews mainly due to time constraints but felt I had to put a voice of support for the game as it grew on me as the trial progressed.
Hopefully more people will write more constructive reviews and will try to make time to write more review for strategy,TM, and puzzle games as they are my fav games.
Thanks again Daisy.

 posted in Farm Fables on Jul 16, 12 2:11 PM
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 posted in Farm Fables on Jul 16, 12 2:02 PM
This is my impression of this game based on the trial that I've just played. Firstly, it is not a click fest TM sort of game, not in the slightest, it is a strategy based game. I think the
category of TM for this game may be misleading as some other reviewer(s) see this as another Farm Frenzy type of game play and it is Not.
I think in order to progress with gold in all levels a fair bit of thinking/strategy is involved and as far as I played during the trail I did not do the normal frantic clicking that Farm Frenzy requires. To obtain gold you do have to finish in the required time but I rather enjoyed the thinking/planning/strategy elements so I only got gold in 3 levels out of the 5 levels I played but I was not perturbed by that as I was seeing how the game play evolved. Secondly, because it is not a click, click, click, based game I didn't feel as stressed and frustrated as I usually do playing those TM games, as I stated earlier strategy is important not how fast you click. I chose to use my time planning and it was refreshing not to have a sore wrist after playing. Graphics are unique and look much better in the game than from the screenshots here. Again, something different from the same old , seen-it-all before sort of graphics.
My observation is that it is a different style of Farm game and I recommend everyone to see for themselves if it suits them. I enjoyed that there was strategy and thinking involved and not just endless clicking. For people who like strategy based game I would say give it a whirl and play the trial with an open mind and for at least 30 min or so as I didn't get the 'feel' of the game until around the 3rd level.
Many players comment on wanting something different and are tired of the same old same old game play. Well, this is a bit different and the graphics are a bit different, quirky as well, I found that aspect refreshing. I would recommend everyone try and see for themselves but I will say that I am pleasantly surprised at a strategy based Farm game that seems to be a long game so am looking forward to playing some more.
 posted in Phenomenon: City of Cyan on Mar 25, 12 9:57 AM
I really enjoyed this game for the 2 hours that I have played so far and can't wait to continue. I rarely review or comment on games but I just left a review and wanted also to leave my comment.
I wonder why so many people in the main(BF) page review section wrote such scathing comments/reviews? It nearly discouraged me from downloading the trial. I am too busy during the week and the weekend is when I catch up on which games to trial and try and I am usually too busy to check this section of the review/comments, I don't know which is a more accurate picture of a game and feel a bit confused.
Sadly, I don't usually have the time to look at both sections and luckily today I had the time and am very happy that I ignored the initial reviews as I enjoyed the trail very much, but that is rare. I just wish people who reviewed the games would think not only of their very specific criteria, like they say that there are too many hidden object scences in a hidden object game!, but also how many other people would see the game. But I suppose it is all very subjective. I do appreciate the reviews and the time people take to write them for us. Anyway the moral for me is to trial and judge for myself even when there are many negative reviews, which I know I should do anyway, lol.
 posted in Phenomenon: City of Cyan on Mar 25, 12 9:42 AM
My overall impression of this game is 'quality'. I will not go into the details as many others have gone over the main points. I must say that this seems like a CE game but is a SE game and much better than some CE games that have come out recently. I don't usually care about the strategy guide but for those people that use them this game has it and with the option to replay the scenes, which to my knowledge is a first, at least for me.
I like the overall style and graphics. The only thing I wasn't mad about was the voiceover but to be fair I usually find the use of voiceovers a bit over the top so I imagine for people that like them it was done relatively well as I didn't mute the volume. So, I would recommend anyone that likes these types of games to give it a trial at least as I was discouraged by the main page reviews and was pleasantly surprised. All in all a very nice game indeed.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Haunted Houdini Deluxe on Jan 28, 12 1:39 AM
This review is based on the trial.

Graphics are lovely, very clear, bright and detailed.


Music is appropriate to the theme of the game.

Three modes of play:
Casual with some sparkles and a steady recharge of the hint and skip option (although skip option seemed very long for me).
Advance with no sparkle and longer hint and skip recharge.
Expert no sparkle, and longer hint recharge with no ravens ( raven for speed refill).

The Strategy guide is accessible whilst playing and maintains the spot where last opened.
A section for different achievements, a total of 16 achievements in total.
A special unlimited hidden object mode, after finding forty clovers.

During my trial (round 40minutes), I found two hidden object scenes with two puzzles and one ‘magic/trick’. I found the hidden object scene clear and easy to see, not too difficult not too easy.. I enjoyed the ‘magic/trick’, it is in keeping of the game theme of the Magic. I don’t know much about Houdini but the mystery seems intriguing and I imagine those who know more about the story of Houdini will be interested too.
Although the SG is included I usually do not use them and only checked to see what it offers. I imagine the SG will be helpful to those who like to use them as it is accessible whilst playing, so guess it is a good option for those people. The SG does not indicate the full length of the game, it only shows the demo, so I have no idea how long the actual game may be.
As I enjoyed the demo and I have a game club credit that can be used on it(I have too many). I will buy the game. Happy gaming everyone.
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collector's Edition on Jan 23, 12 1:29 AM
I played the trial for about 20 minutes or so and it seems to be a nice game. I just wonder if it is more adventure as I did not see hidden object scenes. I do not know if it is BF that makes the catagories but it is confusing for me at time as it seem more like a puzzle/adventure game?
Anyway, just to write my opinion I am not tired of hidden object scenes & when I trial a game that is featured as hidden object/puzzle/ adventure I hope to at least see some hidden object scenes.
I know many hard core players are adventure fans that do not like hidden object scenes but a note to developers from players like me....I like hidden object scenes! I am not adverse to new things but many like me do not want only new, new, new, things/changes. When I see games that are listed as hidden object games I hope to find some hidden object scences and not only adventure and puzzles.

 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collector's Edition on Jan 23, 12 1:21 AM
On a more postive note, many thanks to the reviewers who post describing their likes and dislikes of the game featured it is very much appreciated. I am probably not the average players as I think I am much younger than most people and very very busy with work, studies, and social life. It is (usually) great to read the reviews to decide which game I will trial as I do not have time to trial every day.
A special mention to LovetoMissLisa and CasualGran,texttrekkie. Your posts stand out for me as they as clear and easy to read on all the main points of a new game, many thanks indeed. Of course many others as well, too many to mention but I thought I would give my thanks as I don't know if I will ever post again.
Happy gaming everyone
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collector's Edition on Jan 23, 12 1:08 AM
This is my first post and I don't know where to write this posting but...
Actually, I am very unhappy at how some reviews for new games that have turned out to be attacks or swipes at some game developers and I think I will no longer read the comments section and not sure if I will be reading reviews anymore either.The comments today were far too snide about the 'once great developer but no longer'. Of course everyone is entitiled to their opinion but create a thread for the things you dislike about the said developer and keep to reviewing the game at hand. I wish BF would look more closely as I am unhappy and was irritated. One person replied to the initial critical post and in my opinion everyone seemed to gang up on that person. I too do not speak English as my first language and I feel inappropriate comments were made, 'play nice' indeed, stop the intial comments in reviews for new game and that may lead to hurt feelings. I believe it is very difficult to write clearly in English what is easy for native English language speakers.
I think I am in the silent majority who do not post,I have been a member for more that one year, and it seems clear to me that some regular posters have a big problem with a game developer, but I am tired of reading about it in the reviews and comments . Again, please post your displeasure of that game company in a separate thread.
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