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I figure it out. You need to free dwarf first before you get coal. Hope this help you.
 posted in Odysseus: Long Way Home on Oct 9, 12 5:50 PM
It will not let me buy the game. The buy game button keep coming up. I will like get for 3.99 price. I have new iPad.
 posted in Family Vacation California on Sep 19, 12 11:09 AM
My game keep crashing when I want view album. So far that only problem I'm having.
I have new IPad.
 posted in Hidden Wonders of the Depths 3: Atlantis Adventures on Sep 3, 12 7:23 AM
I'm having same problem too. I just use the skip button. Some how I might of missed something or it bug.
 posted in Awakening: The Skyward Castle Collector's Edition on Aug 24, 12 9:28 AM
How long does it take to come to iPad? I'm looking forward to it.
 posted in Rhianna Ford & The Da Vinci Letter on Jul 9, 12 6:27 PM
I'm stuck on the map page.( I'm close to end of the game) There is no place to click on. I don't want to start all over.
This problem been going since year 2011 and still not fix. I'm disappoint that I can't finish this game. Are you going to fix this problem?
I have the new iPad.
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