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 posted in Buried in Time on Jun 17, 10 12:32 PM
I like this game, but then I looked at the photos first, and noted it was similar to Artist's Colony. (Also BFG has it labeled as a Strategy Game now) And I am grateful for any game that is not a HOG. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy an good adventure HOG, but that seems to be all that gets released anymore.

I did run into one issue, where I couldn't proceed with the game and had to restart, because none of my people could analyze the artifacts (they weren't high enough of a level) and there weren't anymore upgrades to buy, so I couldn't proceed to the next puzzle.

Other than that, fun, if short game. Especially if you are just looking to occupy an rainy afternoon, as I am.
 posted in Puzzle Bots on Jun 6, 10 10:26 PM
I loved this game!

I had so much fun playing the demo, that I promptly used up one of my credits when I finished the demo, and I rarely do that.

It's a simple game, but fun to play. Using 5 different actions (each robot gets one), you have to figure your way off of the board. The puzzles weren't too hard, but a couple of them made me think for a good few minutes...then I was able to figure it out.

My one and only complaint (I don't mind low level graphics if there is good game play...which this game has) is that the game is too short. Would have loved a longer game, which would have made this a perfect game for me.
 posted in Gemini Lost on Apr 27, 10 3:28 PM
I didn't have any problem getting my people to stay on the wheel.

Once I picked one up, I just put him/her in the center (the blue crystal) and a zodiac sign lit up, and they automatically went to it (I noticed it wasn't the zodiac sign they were, it just selected a random sign). I did have everything else completed that I could possibly complete before trying to get people on the zodiac wheel (like Polly was saying) so perhaps that's what you're missing?
 posted in Slingo Mystery: Who's Gold on Mar 22, 10 10:26 PM
I downloaded this game and played it straight through to the end. It was fun, and having the option to replay all of the Slingo Machines made the game worth it. It is different from the other Hidden Object games, which is a nice which I thoroughly enjoyed.
 posted in Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate on Aug 20, 09 7:03 PM
Other than to get a feel for large file games, is there a reason I should buy the first game, or can I just jump right into the second? I am also wondering whether to buy.

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