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 posted in Farm Up on Aug 16, 13 4:56 PM
He's always hanging around when Jennifer is planting or harvesting, sometimes actually getting in the way!

I think he's looking at her ****.
Think "derriere" but with four letters beginning with B.
 posted in Farm Up on Aug 7, 13 11:49 AM
I'd like them to slow down with the rocks and stumps, already! I swear, if I go away for a few days, I think I'd come back to every inch of space covered.

I realize they're quicker than mining or chopping, but they use the same amount of energy and are just an energy drain and an annoyance. And they're UGLY.

Phew, I feel better now!
 posted in Farm Up on Aug 3, 13 7:14 AM
I read here that it will get you energy, so I built it -- but it seems to cost more and take more time than just using blue bottles (of which I have hundreds).

Does the price get better if you upgrade it? Or am I missing something?

 posted in Farm Up on Jul 30, 13 12:05 PM
And how much are they?

I've gotten the letter and see in previous posts that they have to be paid from income you earned after notification. I'm hoping that means I can just sell all the produce I've stockpiled in the barn.

Thanks for your help. This is a great forum!
 posted in Farm Up on Jul 29, 13 2:10 PM
Forgive me if this is a newbie question -- I just discovered Farm Up yesterday, and I never played Farmville.

I also looked through every page of subject headings in this forum, and I didn't see anything that might be related.

So... when I sign out at night and turn my 'puter off, are they still working? I'm thinking specifically of those hours-long building projects.

Thanks for your help.
 posted in Artist Colony on Jan 23, 13 9:32 AM

Dear lord, once I got to about ten artists, it wasn't fun any more, it was just frantic clicking.

If it doesn't already exist, make the high-ranking artists not leave -- maybe above a certain level with all masterpieces? It's *really* annoying to miss a message that one of them is depressed and potentially lose a high-level player.

OR, if they do leave, *please* don't take them down to zero. Just drop one or two levels.

Otherwise, I love this game.
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