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 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 24, 15 4:32 PM
You gotta give backpack items to get backpack items. Make sure you have at least 2 of an item. But at that point you should really share if the person you are gifting is a sharing person...Before accepting your daily gifts, go thru and look who is gifting you. If you find them to be worthy by all means send them something special. Be aware of folks who never update their list, asks for impossible items, items from expired quests etc....If the person seems to be an active player of the game help them with a back pack item....In ROM we help each is what we do.
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I have a dapper tuxedo cat named Felix.
He lost one ear in a brawl.
My dad likes to tell folks my mother talked his ear off.

Fascinating thread, Jelleyanddogs....

How do you "contain" a hedgehog, JL?

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Yeah forum streams are slow as molasses. Thanks for the managerial tone, inspires confidence. Guess they are workin' on it!
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I always accept my gifts before I gift so I will know if I have extras of things folks want but I didn't know I should visit then gift...gosh, learn something everyday! Thanks for the info PonyPack and SunfFlash ....good thread DraperLady
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Do you let your black runes run out or get to like only one for this to work???
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 24, 15 9:15 AM
Lisa, you will find all sorts of wondrous creatures where the rainbow ends. If you take a right at the cafe in Paris and follow the Seine you will come to a large Looking Glass.

Jugglers, mimes and yes, trumpeters congregate there.Step through it if you dare and lo and behold you will be in a magical dimension where Real Life and Rooms of Memory merge. Suspend your disbelief and no telling what may happen! Bon Voyage
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 23, 15 4:20 PM
oh no I apologized to her and NO I am not at all embarrassed by this thread or anything I have written in it. She was curt. She apologized. I apologized and that is that which is why I re-titled and sorta closed off the thread. You are right. I do totally own it. I changed the titled because circumstances changed.

Then as life and chance would have it, SunFlash, just as I was thinking of making these edits this a little guy appeared at my door with a fancy envelope. He was wearing purple leotards and accompanied by a trumpeter who blasted out a rift from Born on the Bayou...Opening the envelope, the little leotard wearing guy said: " Aim4Stars, you are hereby informed some of us believe that you have gone far enough with this bit and considering the offender has apologized you need to bring this thread to a close."

Well, I couldn't think of a good come back and considering they went to all the trouble with the formal announcement and beautiful garments and all I figured: what the hey... I'll end it
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 23, 15 2:36 PM
Starmagicgreen I have 100 perfect neighbors.
Everyone else, here come the golden grain, the dragons and the goofy gifts. Incoming! All my neighbors know, I am generous with back pack items. If I've got 'em you've got 'em!

Thanks to all for your kind input and excellent feedback.

The person in question did just let me know no offense was meant and that all she wanted was for me to cease and desist with the peacock feathers because she didn't need them and didn't want me spending my money on her for things she had no use for. A very cordial note and I appreciate it very much. I believe I deleted her unjustly. For that I apologize.

As for taking a PM to the forums, I did not mention the person's name. I wanted to discuss it because I have heard many others mention this as an issue for them. I thought the forum was a great place to discuss such a matter. This is our forum and as long as we aren't hurting anyone and just discussing things I think it is a proper forum for issues that arise.

Happy hunting everyone..see ya around the manor!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 22, 15 8:45 AM
I know, ClashFan, I am gonna be sooo ready for that haunted hospital!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 22, 15 8:21 AM
LOL, no I don't need peacock feathers...I appreciate them as a gesture, though!
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 22, 15 7:54 AM
You are one of the winners!
Now if we could just get your computer to cooperate you can complete that quest!'
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Here here, I agree...i paid for food and 4 of the last 6 quests I participated in failed.

Fishies, please play those maya runes and level up often to get 70 crystals and buy enough food to insure your expedition does not fail. Gotta tell ya we keep track and when your expeditions fail people are skittish to help you in future, ya know??
Good luck to everyone.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 22, 15 6:44 AM
a kooky work around to the in-game reply glitch (that sometimes but doesn't always works) is to view the letter you received in your own manor mail box. Then go to Elvira's pad and open her mail box. It should be empty. Then find the letter writer and reply from there. As I say, it works about half the time. that way your game doesn't freeze.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 21, 15 9:00 AM
Marjasinstar: I am sending warm thoughts your way with a prayer that great people are placed in your life and wonderful things are coming your way.
kisses and hugs - aim4stars
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Ttaravision...I am sending toasty thoughts your way. Same to all my great pals in frosty places.
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clovers. zebras, cowboy boots and a slew of other items that never drop....One of the main issues new players have is not enough energy...that problem is completely resolved as you play Maya runes regularly, visit neighbors for gold and experience and assemble artifacts and relics to level up. Your energy level climbs as you level up.

That is the beauty of leveling you gain experience you get more energy and it ceases to be a problem.

I tried to tell a newbie a few days ago that if they would put some items on their list that I could give them, they could assemble artifacts, gain experience and level up. But alas, the poor fishy wrote back and said:"Thanks but I don't think about experience or leveling up, my only issue is energy"

Oh well I tried
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 15, 15 1:54 PM

Thanks everyone for the Valentine's Cards.
Really appreciated them.
Save your coins for others in need.
I am on to the next quest.
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 15, 15 1:45 PM
Here's a shout out to all my super pals that have centuries including MaddyMartina and WebbleandWobble for passing the 1000 mile marker a bit ago. Sorry so belated, friends.
Also peggy8538 just past 600
ttaravision way to go 500
Vrc111 300
Crow12000 300 (I know these congrats are late in coming but most sincere nevertheless!) Skyrider, SebringSu, Lillybells (early by just a little )

 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 10, 15 9:11 AM
piecemeal or piece meal is dismantled image someone else's post say it was shadow mode but that isn't correct...piecemeal out
 posted in Rooms of Memory on Feb 6, 15 9:23 AM
Hey Cincy, I have had this problem occasionally when I get more than one desirable gift and darn it, it usually happens with rare items like stuff for the nautilus. I will know for sure that I got 5 of an item but when I finish accepting all my gifts I only get one or two assembly pop ups. I look and sure enough instead of being credited with 5 I am only being credited with 2. This game has a bunch of crazy glitches and I have to say I do the one at a time accept and close method to make sure I get what I am supposed to. I did write to BF maybe need to write to playme8 support about it. Wish I could help more. Frustamagatin' ain't it?
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