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 posted in Puppet Show: Souls of the Innocent Collector's Edition on Aug 13, 10 3:37 PM
I've got the same audio problem as in Elixer of Immortality.

After some time of gameplay the music is still there but the sound effects are gone.
 posted in Elixir of Immortality on Aug 2, 10 4:44 PM
I'm having the sound problems too and reported it to the CS. And they're working on it to get it stable.
And i quote
This is Leia in Seattle. I can see there's been some trouble playing Elixir of Immortality (Mac) and I have great news for you - we are testing the game right now to work on a new build that will fix this issue with the mysterious sound disappearance! I would have you stay tuned to the Elixir of Immortality Game Forum which we will post upon as soon as that new version goes live on our site!

Good news and a little patience from us i guess?
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