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1. Black "help" messages at top of screen do not go away, even after clicking on them or the scene. This obscures the top portion of the screen which is frustrating in HOPs and puzzles.

2. In the puzzle where you put pink pieces and switch them around to fit on the dots: I got it correct, but the puzzle wouldn't go on to the 2nd part. Had to skip this puzzle.

3. Bonus game: there is supposed to be a spyglass to pick up in a scene--but there isn't one. The spot where the SG says to use it closes after items are picked up and can't be reopened even if I had the spyglass.

4. Bonus game: map icons (task to do, picture of site, etc.) don't work although selected in the difficulty menu.

5. Can't get the collectible sign in the last scene of bonus game because you get a help message about the foul stench and ugly monster when you click on it (can get it if you access extras, collectibles, and the missing scene). Also had gotten a collectible at the wall base but it wasn't counted and didn't show up as "gotten" in collectibles either.

Windows 7 64-bit, Home Premium.
 posted in Gunpowder on May 2, 16 3:10 AM
The only places for the 2 barrels are by the rock and on the X. I can get the cannon to go off and the line of barrels on the ridge, but the barrels behind the wall fall and do not go off and so I can't get the safe and last piggy. Please help me get this.
I got all the achievements, collectables, and bats, but I'm missing the last fresco piece. Help!

Never-mind! I didn't get the achievement for watching the credits---although I did. Now I have all the pieces.
Like 3662, I have downloaded the "fix" and can play the game fine UNTIL you have to do the marble puzzle to get to the 3rd chapter (2nd bonus game). I have collected all the marbles and each marble area says it has been completed, but unable to do anything but look at the screen---the game doesn't open/start. Also in Achievements I don't get the one for getting all the marbles.

Windows 7 64-bit.
 posted in Ashley Clark: The Secrets of the Ancient Temple on Mar 31, 16 1:18 AM
If you've shown the manager the report, he should be dragged away. If he isn't, try talking to him again and clicking on the "next" button in the dialog box. That did it for me.
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 on Mar 19, 16 2:51 AM
Build gardens, dove-cote, and 3 statues. You may have to build sawmill/market and then tear down to build another house---a cabin will do if type of house isn't specified.
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 on Mar 19, 16 2:47 AM
You get happiness from building gardens for the houses, building on the smiley face plots (flowers, gramophone, fountain, etc.), or later in the game by building dove-cote(s) and buying doves---or a combo of all three.
Aha! Found it---below the gold mine.
I can find 3/4 of mushrooms for "hidden object" bonus, but can't find the 4th one.
1. Above pine trees above the gold mine.
2. Above rock after avalanche.
3. Close to imprisoned worker.
4. ???

Please help me find the 4th one. Thanks!
 posted in Moai 3: Trade Mission Collector's Edition on Jan 12, 16 6:12 AM
The developer says they have sent a game update to BF for this problem, but I haven't seen it yet.
 posted in Moai 3: Trade Mission Collector's Edition on Dec 30, 15 2:41 AM
I'm having the same issue with activating the temple (level 39). I find all the sapphires (4) and get through the first stage, but then it asks for 3 more sapphires---and THERE AREN'T ANY MORE! I have opened all chests and traded with the merchant, dealt with the jeweler, but it asks for 3 more, not 1, sapphire. The game up until now has been running flawlessly on my Windows 7 Home Premium. Can't play any levels after this because they only open when the previous level is played.

What is going on with all the games lately being full of bugs?! Maybe we need to beta test the whole game, not just a portion, to point out these obvious bugs! But then, they don't listen the first time we tell them about errors either. They are just getting sloppier all the time!
 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition on Nov 25, 15 6:24 AM
AkariNBG wrote:You can complete this glitched task by collecting 30 more gold.

I didn't know what this was, but it disappeared and I finished the level.
 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition on Nov 25, 15 6:21 AM
You have to gather sand and lightening first, then use the craft button to make glass, then either the craft/lightening button (I forgot) to make the crystal ball.
 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition on Nov 12, 15 6:48 AM
I really LOL when he uses vacuums for ghosts!
 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition on Nov 12, 15 6:44 AM
Did just as you said (on my own), used bonus every chance I got, played the level I don't know how many times, and I still can't get 3 stars! Same on some other later levels too!
 posted in Gnomes Garden on Oct 20, 15 6:27 AM
I always build the sawmill and/or the food mill first, then the quarry, and then the fireman's house to stave off the merry-makers; crystal mine and sorceress house can come later. It must work because I finally got all the levels!
 posted in Gnomes Garden on Oct 20, 15 6:23 AM
This happened to me too on a few levels, but replaying the level usually took care of it. (Although I hated to replay because a few were tough to get gold for.)
 posted in Brownies on Oct 20, 15 6:12 AM
Can't get rid of the raccoon or the stupid crow, can only use the "no vermin" (flyswatter) bonus when available; they keep coming back so keep whacking them to avoid re-repairing the roads.
 posted in Brownies on Oct 20, 15 6:06 AM
I looked everywhere too, but you don't get the scarecrow until level 5-3. So for 5-2 you just have to keep clicking to free them.
 posted in Moai II: Path to Another World on Sep 2, 15 3:37 AM

I achieved gold on 5 without later backpack items by timing the use of your bonuses. You have to open chests for bonuses and then click on them to use them. I missed the dialogue the first time that explained that. Hope it helps.
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